Monday, September 7, 2020

Crossing Over - One Over Two

It wasn't until recently
 that I discovered what a comeback
 cross stitching has made.

There are all kinds of wonderful
designs and designers,
antique sampler repros,
smalls,  folk art,
and contemporary.
I did do some cross stitching 
back in the day, but not for many years.

It was in the late spring that
I caught wind of a Mayflower and
Pilgrim 400 year commemoration design 
by Brenda Garvais.

It was only last year that
I discovered my ancestral link to
Francis Cooke, 
my 12th great Grandfather,
a member of the Separatist 
group from Leiden, Netherlands, 
that boarded the Mayflower and set sail 
from England heading to the New World.

After 66 grueling days at sea
this small group of 102 along with about 30 crew
dropped anchor near the tip of Cape Cod on
November 11, 1620.

Francis and his oldest son, John (13)
came on the Mayflower in 1620 leaving behind his wife, Hester
and their other 4 children.  After the Colony was better
established he sent for them
and they came to Plymouth in 1623 onboard the ship, Anne.

I can't even imagine.


Brenda Garvais's cross stitch design
honors the Women of the Mayflower.
Of the 18 married women that
came, only 5 survived the first winter and
only 4 were still living for the first
Thanksgiving the autumn of 1621.

For the next 66 days
I will be stitching on this cross stitch design
on a 40 count linen, one over two.

I imagine I might be as slow as 
the original trip, but
I'm looking forward to this journey
to commemorate these brave women who
courageously boarded that ship crossing 
over that expansive ocean
looking to a new future.
Until Next Time-


  1. Awesome genealogy!! I used to cross stitch too...then quilting took over my little world and I have not looked back!!

  2. Wow, I just read this post twice. That is some serious geneology, reaching so far back. What a beautiful cross stitch pattern and sentiment, very timely too this year. What a meaningful exercise to commemorate the women of the Mayflower and your own heritage! (I've been noticing a lot of cross stitch on IG, embroidery too... so cool to see it coming "back" so strongly). Maybe it never went away, but like you, I've only recently noticed. Looks like you have some beautiful threads to work with too.

  3. My sister did a lot of beautiful cross stitch before her death. I treasure the pieces I have! I'd say by undertaking that project, you are exhibiting as much bravery as those ladies who boarded the Mayflower! It will be fun to watch your progress. ---"Love"

  4. I remember doing cross stitch with bare eyes. Oh, my eyes were so sharp 40 years ago! Like Julie, I gave it up for quilting. Your piece is beautiful. I love the ship! Have you read the book, “The Mayflower”? I have not (yet) but mean to, as I’ve been told it’s excellent.

  5. Cross stitch used to be my obsessive hobby decades ago, but I haven't touched it in so very long.
    I love the history you have uncovered of your ancestor. And what a wonderful connection to her to do this piece that commemorates and honors those woman who came via the Mayflower--and I think you can extend that to include your 12th great-grandmother.

  6. No jumping in to something easy for you! This looks lovely. I wish you all the best and look forward tot he finish.
    It was great reading about your family history.

  7. I love genealogy too and made it, but I don't have an illustrious ancestor in mine !!
    The history of America is fabulous.....
    Ohhh that's amazing Kyle !!
    Beautiful embroidery too !! :)

  8. Wonderful project - I will enjoy watching your progress! I did lots of cross-stitch back in the day, but have no desire to pick it up again. Have fun!

  9. What a great project and amazing family history! Have fun.

  10. Kyle que gran historia familiar, gracias por compartir.
    Tu trabajo sera un gran homenaje a las valientes mujeres del pasado.

  11. Such interesting family heritage! This is a beautiful and meaningful cross-stitch pattern. I haven’t done any cross stitching for years - like others I took up quilting instead.

  12. I have family that came early and had a similar name, but after lots of research, apparently not on the Mayflower. This is quite a tribute to your ancestors. I haven't done cross stitch and embroidery for a while, and I almost was about to give up my supplies during the last cleanup, but am glad that I kept them. I probably won't do a big project, but I am enjoying adding some stitching here and there on my pieced quilts.

  13. What a great story Kyle. Leiden is the town I was born and lived the first year's after. There is still so much to see and experience in Leiden about the time of the Pilgrim Fathers. Hope you will be able to visit Leiden one day.

  14. What a wonderful project, Kyle! I so admire your family connection--and research :) Looking forward to seeing your progress over the next 66 days!

  15. A very pretty project and so appropriate for you to stitch! Evidently, your ancestor made a wise decision to send for his wife at a later date. Enjoy your cross stitching!

  16. What a meaningful cross stitch project. Incredible family history. As you say, I can not imagine what family went through when separated and so many were during the migration to the new land.
    the linen and thread look beautiful.

  17. This is such a lovely design and so meaningful to your family heritage! I used to do so much cross stitch but it got too difficult for my old eyes--lol! I gave away most of my supplies, but still have a few projects that I had hoped to finish someday. It's fun to see it making such a big come-back!