Thursday, September 17, 2020

Phew! A Finish

 The only thing for certain
is there will be plenty of curve balls
for the remainder of 2020,
so when you have a quilt finish
 it's reason to celebrate.

"Social Distancing"

"The Lewis Coverlet", 
pattern by Susan Smith

I started this quilt over a year ago 
as a BOM from 
Homestead Hearth quilt shop.
I thought it would be fun to receive 
a bundle of fabric each month to
make this delightful medallion.  

It is the perfect size to be a topper.
73" x 73"

The applique was done the 
needle turn method and the
stripe fabric made fun stems.

Even these squares were appliqued 
rather than constructed as a pieced border.

I had my LMQ, Kathy, 
quilt a variation of a clam shell design overall.

 The quilting needed to be as light
as the quilt design. 

is also working on this quilt.
Take a look at how she's putting 
her fabrics together.  

Running Man and I left home for a few days.

We went to Manitou Springs 
to the west of Colorado Springs.
It was nice to escape the smoke and ash
of the fire still burning west of Fort Collins.

We stayed at the lovely historic hotel
The Cliff House.

tucked in the mountains
at the base of Pikes Peak.

Enjoying the change of scenery
and having a quilt finish

was just what I needed.
Hopefully,  you've recently had a
 reason to celebrate too.

Until Next Time-


  1. What a beauty! And the choice of quilting was perfect. A getaway sounds good right now. Glad you had fun.

  2. Oh my - so light a airy. Just beautiful. And those stripey stems are just too much fun. Congrats on a gorgeous finish.

  3. Wow, just gorgeous! A good name too. Most applique quilts are so labor intensive, this design uses spacing to give a more airy look and I like it a lot. Also, good for you getting away for a few days. I'd like to do that but my husband is not so keen so we haven't gone much of anywhere yet.

  4. What a stunning quilt. I so love it. Wish we could get away. Hugs

  5. It's just beautiful--the quilt and the scenery! I have this one on my (endless) to-do list. My favorite part is the circle of little birds--so cute!

  6. Oh how I love this beautiful coverlet! So light and airy, and perfect on your.bed. Definitely a reason to celebrate!

  7. Beautiful quilt! I love the topper size too, perfect for so many uses and bed sizes. Your photos especially the first one are gorgeous, the quilt reflecting the shades of nature found in the background. so good that you were able to get away for a few days; we haven't traveled more than 25 miles from home (nearest Walmart and large supermarket) in over six months.

  8. Your quilt is absolutely awesome! I can't even imagine doing so much applique, but yours is beautiful! Wish I could go back to Manitou Springs again, but that's out for this old crippled lady. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures; what a wonderful place to finish a wonderful quilt! ---"Love"

  9. I have really been enjoying watching you and Karen work on this quilt. As Karen put it in a reply to my comment, it has a feminine look to it. I would also add "light and airy". Definitely something to celebrate!
    Cliff House looks like a nice getaway. Makes me think of the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings--maybe that is what it is supposed to do, or is that completely off the mark?

  10. A beautiful finish! There are some gorgeous fabrics in it! Love the striped stems :0) I’m glad you could get away for a break from the smoke!!

  11. So lovely! A light and airy quilt to enjoy!

  12. What a delight? I love the way you put the swallows around the center. Glad you could get away for a while.

  13. Your newly finished quilt is absolutely lovely in every way!! I love that you appliquéd the squares :). It's restorative to the soul to get away for a few days and so nice you had a chance to do it.

  14. How did you ever sneak this quilt in without us knowing it? Such a beautiful finish! I love the airy look and your name for it is perfect :) Beautiful applique, too, and the striped fabric stems made me smile. Wow! What a wonderful place to photograph your lovely quilt. So glad you got a way for a bit :)

  15. Your quilt finish is beautiful. Love all the gorgeous applique. Your LAQ has done a wonderful job with the quilting. It looks lovely spread on the bed.
    Loved the pics of your holiday. We spent time in that area a few years ago and your photos brought back many memories.

  16. Fantastic and it only took a year! That’s pretty quick in my book especially with all that appliqué. My friend and I are taking a trip next month—hope the fires are dimming by then as we’re headed toward them. ☹️

  17. You are such a talented quilter, I love watching the pretty things you make. This one is another beauty.
    Colorado of our favorite destinations, we vacationed there twice and visited again last year. Such a pretty area! I am sure you had a wonderful break!

  18. Ohhh your quilt is beautiful Kyle ! Soooo romantic like the quilts of Susan !
    Thank you for sharing the pictures !

  19. Kyle tu nueva colcha es impresiónate
    solo puedo decir ¡¡Felicidades!!
    visitare el blog de Karen

  20. Gorgeous finish! Much respect for doing needle turn appliqué! I'm too addicted to freezer paper and starch to attempt to change, although I think it would be good to try. I know of several appliqué quilt designers who prefer to appliqué shapes that would normally be pieced; it makes me scratch my head, but I guess whatever technique works is what works!

  21. What a spectacular finish it is! So sweet and summery. I have been following Karen's progress as well and I love them both! So glad you were able to get away from the terrible smoke and relax for a bit. My heart goes out to all the fire victims. Such a tragedy.

  22. The Lewis Coverlet is charming and makes for a lovely topper. I prefer a lighter machine quilting design especially on a quilt that has a lighter look. Manitou Springs is a lovely, interesting, historic town. We visited it many years ago enroute to Pikes Peak. If I recall correctly, Garden of the Gods is in the general vicinity.

  23. Oh Kyle it is so beautiful - love it! I love everything about it. I bought the book months ago, with the Lewis Coverlet in mind, and seeing yours is really inspiring. Your quilter did a nice job keeping things light too. Glad you had some time away!

  24. What a beautiful finish, Kyle!! And a stunning place for the photography.

  25. A truly beautiful quilt! Lots of exquisite needlework in the appliqué! Congratulations on a masterpiece!

  26. Wow, this quilt is beyond beautiful! I just love everything about it. I might have to check out the BOM and see what needs to come play at my house. LOL
    Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs were one of my favorite teaching trip bonus visits back in the day when we still traveled for quilting. I'm so glad you had a chance to spend some time in an amazing place. Happy travels!

  27. Yes, a very beautiful quilt, I love it! The 'light' quilting is perfect, nothing to detract from all your amazing piecing.

  28. Such a beautiful quilt finish. Love the colourway you chose.