Tuesday, August 4, 2020

It's All About Sharing

When I look back on last week
I realize it was all about people sharing 

their time and talent with me.

I finished putting together a pillow
made with the wool circles
and stitching ideas and instruction that Sue Spargo
shared for 90 days on Instagram.


18" square

Thank you Sue, for sharing your embroidery talent
with so many during an unprecedented quarantine.

A Kaffe Fasset backing

This project kept many of us uplifted as we 
played with color, threads and stitched.

One of my favorite circles
was this beehive.

Maybe because  of our own beehive in the backyard.

Our 50,000 little bee friends have been very busy 
this summer.  Flying from flower to flower, pollinating
and bringing back nectar and pollen to the hive.

That nectar becomes honey.

Thank you to our bees

for sharing with us your delicious honey.


I have been working on a 
free wool Christmas sampler pattern
designed by Kathi Campbell of

These 4" finished blocks are so cute
and Kathi has incorporated lots of different
embroidery stitches into the designs.
Check out Kathi's website, Heart to Hand, if
you're interested.  The pattern will be available until
August 9th.   

Thank you Kathi, for sharing your talent
with us.


Running Man came in from his workshop the other day
with a little something that he had made for me.

A walnut french rolling pin. 

Of course, I had to make a pie crust to 
see how smooth it rolled.

Tomato Pie made with the tomatoes
fresh from the garden.

Thank you Running Man for the lovely
new rolling pin and making it just for me!

Earlier in the spring,
Susie Wright of 
Fixer of Old Quilts on Instagram 
drafted a pattern of an antique sunflower block

inspired by a 1862 quilt from the collection
of  Cathy Erickson of quiltingcat2.
If you DM Susie she will email you the pattern.

I have my 4 blocks finished. 

 Now it will require some thinking and planning
to make them into my August small quilt.

A big thank you to both 
Susie and Cathy for sharing this block 
with those of us who love to applique.

It's amazing when you stop and think about
how you feel 
when someone takes the the time and effort
to share something with you.
It can be as simple as a smile
or a thank you.

Thank you to all of you 
who take the time to share a moment with me
on this blog. 
 I always appreciate you stopping by.

Until Next Time-


  1. Beautiful finish on your Sue Spargo sampler. Many of my friends are doing Heart to Hands freebie and it is coming out so cute. And that Sunflower block is so cheery! Jealous of your honey and tomatoes. That pie looks so yummy.

  2. That pillow is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the sunflower hanging. The honey and pie .... oh dear .... I'm drooling!

  3. What a lovely post! I thank you for sharing the "thoughts on sharing"! Your Sue Spargo work is simply gorgeous. What fun it must have been to stitch all those delightful designs. And those sunflowers - wow! Can't wait to see how you put those beauties together. Wishing you a pieceful day.

  4. OH I love your applique blocks! Just so very pretty! I like Sue Spargo designs, so richly embroidered and so pretty. I am very interested in sewing the little Christmas quilt! Very fun stuff you have going on, including that pie. My rolling pin is somewhat the worse for wear; my mom always told me to not submerge it in water...well I did, and not it rolls...not so good!

  5. That pillow is just beautiful!
    lovely works...
    I really like the sunflower block--
    Stay safe Julierose

  6. Beautiful embroidery and appliqué projects, Kyle ... but you really got me with the tomato pie! Yum!

  7. Kyle gracias por compartir!!
    Maravillosos trabajos, me encantan todos,los girasoles son divinos
    La miel deliciosa puedo imaginar en una tostada y con un café

  8. Thank YOU for sharing this beautiful post. I love your little circles, they are beautiful. And how appropriate that you 'tested' the rolling pin immediately! The pie and the honey look delicious. I've never seen sunflower blocks like those but they are so wonderfully different. This post of beautiful things really brightened my morning. Thanks Kyle!

  9. Oh wow so many beauties. I have been drooling over Sue's circles and thinking I should join, but there are so many projects, and then the Christmas one too. I have been eyeing it too. Nice that you are doing it on my behalf! I hadn't seen the sunflower block though.

  10. Thank You for sharing so many beautiful projects, and those wonderful su flower blocks! Do you sell your honey at a farm stand? Looks like your bees are great producers.

  11. So many beautiful projects. Your pillow turned out really nice. I don't have the patience for that. There is nothing better than fresh honey. Nice rolling pin. I've never had a tomato pie...yours looks very delicious. Great sunflower block. Hugs

  12. Such a lovely post. Your embroidery is gorgeous - I love your beehive. The jars of honey are beautiful. Your sunflower blocks look fantastic! I can’t decide which layout I prefer - interesting to see them 2 ways. And that tomato pie - my goodness that looks yummy! All I seem able to grow this year is basil and cucumbers - my tomatoes are doing terrible.

  13. What a lovely, summery post. Such beautiful work. And I love the bees, the real ones and the embroidered ones, that is really a sweet and lovely block with the beehive. The honey must be really yummy. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  14. It is lovely to see how generous everyone has been. This is a delightful post.
    Your pillow is especially gorgeous. Beautiful embroidery.
    Thanks for sharing the links, too.

  15. The Kaffe backing is perfect for your summer wool pillow. Certainly a special walnut french rolling pin makes the best pie crusts. Thank you for sharing your honey and all your pretty projects! There are many things to be grateful for despite a pandemic. A delightful post!

  16. Such a lovely post to savor. Your Sue Spargo circles are so pretty.... those jars of honey (!)... special rolling pin.... so many treasures. Can't wait to see your August mini. The sunflowers are stunningly beautiful!

  17. If you are willing to see it, there is so much to be thankful for. Sharing with others is one of them. Your embroidery of the cushion is just perfect, so pretty! The sunflowers I also do love.

  18. Love your antique sunflower blocks so much! Perfect combination of colors.:) Extreme times call for extreme behaviors, usually from both sides of the spectrum. So glad you are finding the good!

  19. So much goodness in this post, Kyle! Love every bit of it--the beautiful pillow, yummy honey, a hand-made rolling pin :), Christmas Sampler, and sunflower blocks! Your tomato pie is picture perfect. I found a crustless recipe for one and plan on making it with our garden tomatoes. Thank you!

  20. Thank you for sharing all your news! Seeing your embroidery projects reminds me of my mom teaching me to embroider as a child. Your French rolling pin is a treasure indeed! I also have the antique sunflower pattern, but haven't started any stitching. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. What beautiful sharing! Gorgeous projects and wonderful bees. Bet that honey is scrumptious

  22. Your embroidery talents abound! Mine...not so much. I have never much gone beyond the basics.

  23. Your blog post was just the balm I needed this morning to recenter and get ready to do a little sewing today. I loved seeing your circle pillow - it is fabulous. Love how you finished it.
    The beehive circle is charming and your stack of bee boxes is just great!
    Looking forward to see what becomes of your sweet sunflower blocks.
    Thank you so much for the needed inspiration~
    I love honey and your jars look delicious.

  24. Your pillow is gorgeous, and the backing fabric is perfect for it.
    Looks at all that golden honey!
    That is a very cute little Christmas sampler.
    My friend gave me a rolling pin like that--her son made it. They are nice, aren't they? How lucky that your hubby can make cool things like that.
    The sunflower blocks are incredible! Looking forward to seeing how you decide to set them.