Wednesday, August 19, 2020

No Blue Skies this Week

The weather can have a definite affect

on your desire to sew or not to sew.

It's been very hot and dry here in Colorado,

no rain for well over a month,

and now there are fires near by.

I know many of you in Australia and

other parts of the states

understand how the air can change so dramatically.

No blue skies this week and 

I really haven't gotten much sewing done this week. 

Adding a few bindings was the best I could do,

but I did get one quilt finished.

"Patriotic Logs"

36" x 36"

This pattern was in the 2020 Quilt Calendar

by that Patchwork Place designed by

Carol Hopkins.

This antique quilt was the inspiration.

It was made by Amanda Beitler, (1920"s)

a worker at the Collegeville Flag Factory in Pennsylvania, using

scraps of flag bunting.

This quilt was made with two slightly different blocks.

Some blocks began with red logs and

the others began with white logs.

It was a great little quilt

to use lots of different red and white strips.

Digging deep into the red and white bins

many old fabrics were pulled and sewn.

(Notice the 2000 date)

Finishing this log cabin quilt seemed

appropriate as four major fires burn through

acres and acres of Colorado forest 

where lodge pole pines, which have been decimated

by a pine bark beetle, are dry and brittle.

Our gratitude goes out to those fire crews

who are managing these terrible fires.

Hopefully, the skies will clear soon

and some much needed rain will fall.

It might help to bring back my sewing mojo!

Until Next Time-



  1. I am so sorry to hear about these fires. Drought is a horrible thing to go through but fires really compound the problem. We had the hottest, driest July on record but we finally got rain yesterday. I wish I could send some of the much needed moisture your way. Your quilt is the perfect finish for this hot and dry summer. Stay safe my friend!

  2. The fires are awful! I guess they destroyed Hanging Lake, mostly, and are north of the book cliffs in Grand Junction...I was born in Delta. So awful!!!

  3. Sweet quilt to give you that little umph when you need it most. This spring we were worried about the dry conditions where I live, but we were lucky that we have had lots of rain during the summer. When you start to smell smoke ..... it is scary. Praying that you all get that much needed rain soon!

  4. I love your sweet quilt. I hope the fires end soon. Hugs

  5. The fires are so scary! Our skies have been hazy. Now I know why. We have had a few sprinkles each evening, but not much.

  6. Oh my, Kyle. I hope the fires burn out soon and the rains come. Stay safe!

  7. Love your little patriotic quilt. I hope you get rain soon and the fires brought under control.

  8. Oh Kyle.. I'm so sorry for the fires ! I saw on TV the fires in California but I didn't know they were in Colorado too.... I pray for the rain ... stay safe !
    Your quilt is beautiful !!

  9. So sorry to hear about the fires, it must be worrisome for you. Not to mention impact on the air quality. 2020 has not been a very good year!

  10. I love the endless possible variations of the log cabin and yours is wonderful!!! So much to worry about these days - hoping you stay safe.

  11. The weather definitely affects my quilting mood. I hope the fires stay away from you. That is a gorgeous quilt. A great patriotic quilt during election season.

  12. Oh dear on the Colorado fires. I hope there are no injuries. How wonderful Amanda made something so pretty out of flag scraps and that it received recognition on a calendar decades later. How nice you finished a similar one at an appropriate time. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt with the blue binding.

  13. So sorry to hear Colorado is dealing with fires. Hopefully those clear bright skies will reappear soon. I love your patriotic log cabin. Your photo of your binding-in-wait prompts me to ask you - do you attach your binding before you trim the quilt? (that's never occurred to me before).

  14. Oh,those fires must be so disconcerting. I hope the skies clear soon so you can get back into the groove :) Beautiful Patriotic Log Cabin. It's perfect for these uncertain times. I have some of that 2000 fabric--quite a bit in fact! I'm with Cynthia. Do you attach your binding before you trim the quilt?

  15. I’m sorry it’s been so smoky with fires. They look really close in the one picture. I hope they’re out soon! Your log cabin quilt is wonderful. It feels good to use some oldies :0)

  16. That must be a little scary having those wildfires near by. Hope everyone will be safe and they will get it in controle soon. We have seen the terrible fires in CA on the Dutch news.
    Your quilt is beautiful, like the dept in it and always love the red, white and blue.
    Take care!

  17. Love your Patriotic Logs quilt. Hope those fires are over soon.

  18. Commenting on this post and the last--your stitchery is absolutely STUNNING! Love the gorgeous rolling pin your hubby made for you! And that tomato pie looks scrumptious! Did you move to CO and I missed it or are you just visiting? Poor CO always seems to have issues with lack of water..lived there for a short time in Pagosa and experienced a bad fire season. Looks like your getting loads accomplished.

  19. I’m so sorry Colorado has the fires also. Here in Utah some of our beautiful Uinta Mountains also have the same conditions. I hate to see the old forest burn, but perhaps it is what is needed to get rid of the dead trees and give space for the new young trees to grow tall and healthy. But it will never be the same in my lifetime! We had smoky skies today from fires as far away as Lake Tahoe. It is really hard to work with smoke and our extreme temperatures. I’m sure we are all hoping “fire season” will not last long this year. Keep safe everyone! I love your RWB quilt! Beautiful!

  20. Great mini quilt - I'm a sucker for red, white, and blue! I've been following the Colorado fire info and checking the map to better understand locations. I know the smoky skies would affect my mood AND physical health. What else will 2020 throw at us?! (as we start to prepare for the possibility of two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time)

  21. It is so hard seeing those fires nearby. I find when they are near here I can't settle to do anything, so you have done well to finish your quilt. It looks lovely.
    Take care and stay safe.

  22. Kyle, hope you are doing okay and these fires have not effected you other than the skys. Have missed you on Instagram! ❤

  23. I so agree. Having smoky skies can definitely kill the mood to create. Looks like you are plodding along regardless! Your patriotic quilt is super sweet and how cool to have it finished up during an election year!

  24. I'm so sorry to hear about the fires. I just can't imagine how unnerving it must be to see and smell the smoke.
    I can't wait to see what you are binding. your quilted clamshells look beautiful.
    What a wonderful patriotic quilt. Great inspiration quilt too!

  25. So sorry to hear about all the fires. I don't know which is worse, the pine beetles or the fires. I hate to see a forest die. I love your little quilt. It is a great way to use up those red scraps, I'm going to keep it in the back of mind. . . The small picture of the quilt you are binding looks lovely. Can't wait to see the whole thing.