Sunday, December 1, 2019

November Happenings

The past few weeks
have been very busy,
but a "fun" busy.
The best kind.
Sometimes there's important 
sewing that needs to be done
and it definitely, 
takes precedence.

When second graders learn about
early Fort Collin pioneer history
 they need the appropriate costume.


"Let it snow, let it snow..."

Yes, we had some snow.
I measured 18" before
it finally stopped.

I'm thankful we
had some good helpers to shovel.


Last Saturday started off 
like most Saturdays although
it was my twin daughter's 35th birthdays
Later, when the doorbell rang,
I had a totally awesome surprise.
My Florida daughter had secretly flown to Colorado
to celebrate her birthday with
her twin sister here in Fort Collins.

Happy Birthday #1


Happy Birthday, now.


I finished my November small quilt,
obviously just before it snowed!
"Cinnamon Toast"
40" x 40"

The design was inspired by one
of Jo Morton's patterns.

I love working with
these typical November colors
and these small hst's.

Each month, I've made my small quilts
to fit on my coffee table and be
part of my seasonal decor.

Feathers are one of my favorite
quilt designs and I try to practice them 
whenever I can.

Wendy,  the Constant Quilter, used a backing
that looked like turkey feathers.
for her November quilt.

  I found

an old Nancy Halverson fabric in my stash,
and I'm thankful it's now gone!!

It's time to flip another
calendar page, but before you do,
check out Wendy's blog to see
what others have been stitching.

Until Next Time-


  1. Someone looks really pleased with her costume. That was a lovely surprise have your daughters together for their birthdays. Great job on your monthly mini. My son in the UP also got 18" of snow. His was wet and heavy and took down some power lines. They were without power for 28 hours. Hugs

  2. What a great surprise to have your twins celebrate together! Lovely dress you have made for a proud and pretty girl. Love your quilt, perfect for fall before the red and green will be appearing.
    Your snow looks amazing! A lot of work to keep your yard clean though but you had a strong helper! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Such a lovely surprise to see your girls together! My hubby has twin sisters and then dont look alike now they are older, but your girls are definitely still twins! Your granddaughter looks lovely in her costume, so fantastic to have a grandmother who can sew! I love Jo Mortons patterns and have quite a few of her books, this is a great pattern and I love your border feathers.

  4. What a great surprise! And your November finish is lovely too.

  5. What a fun surprise!! I adore your November quilt too!!
    We had some snow, but not quite that much.

  6. Kyle Una gran sorpresa ¡¡felicidades a tus preciosas hijas!!
    Me encanta tu mini de noviembre,
    también nevó aquí pero menos cantidad
    Buena semana

  7. My, you have been busy Kyle, but in so many wonderful ways. I can't believe that you have 18" on the ground already - we only have a couple of inches and it already feels too early for that! Lovely mini.

  8. Eww, that snow looks awful (I must say I hate the cold!!) but beautiful in a picture. HA Glad your girls were able to celebrate together and love your Cinnamon Toast. The little one would've been in the trash long before it got finished if I were the one making it..those pieces are tiny!! You did it very beautifully!

  9. What a GOOD surprise! I bet it was fun to have them both home. I love the pioneer costume. I remember making a couple of those for my girls too. I love your Cinnamon toast quilt - beautiful browns and cheddars! Tiny hst's are wonderful and your feathers are gorgeous. I like the feathered plumes in the setting squares too :0)

  10. Another really nice mini - and, ohhh what a great surprise to have your daughters reunited on their birthdays. So nice! That's a lotta snow - and beautiful Colorado sunshine.

  11. What a wonderful surprise to have your twin daughters celebrate their birthdays together! I love that pioneer costume and your little someone looks very happy :) Wow! You out did yourself with Cinnamon Toast and all those tiny triangles. It's a wonderful November mini!

  12. Oh my that is such a perfect November mini! I love it and have linked it into my post. I don't know how it has escaped me that your girls were twins. What a fantastic surprise for your Thanksgiving! And, your granddaughter's outfit is adorable. Such a special time of life. Thanks for sharing another great mini.

  13. Both your Cinnamon quilts are amazing, especially the mini with all those tiny pieces! Perfect piecing, and perfect quilting. Well done!

  14. Wait... I thought the one hanging on the fence was a larger version, but now I see its the same quilt. Right?

  15. That is a great idea making all your minis the same size to fit a particular table. I especially love the brown border fabric on this one. What a sweet surprise to have your daughters together for a special birthday celebration. Family is everything!

  16. An adorable little pioneer. :)
    Looks like you got the very same storm we had. But you had a much cuter helper to shovel (not that my 31 year-old son isn't cute).
    If I knew you had twins, I had forgotten. What a wonderful surprise!
    Your little quilt is SO wonderful! Excellent work, and lovely colors. You have a great eye and your finishes always look so well put together!

  17. Wow that is a lot snow - but very pretty! what a cute helper.
    did I know your daughters were twins? how marvelous. What a unique life experience, they are beautiful.
    Your new mini is so fabulous with the fall colors. It is from Lori's sew along right?
    Your table scene is just lovely. so clever to make them for a table and now you have a whole year!

  18. It looks like the costume was very much enjoyed. Isn't it great to be able to make these for family.
    How exciting to have a surprise visit. A very special time!
    And last but not least, your quilt is delightful.

  19. Wonderful little quilt for the holidays! Great looking fabrics.:) Sounds like you had a great holiday with family. It's the very best kind to have.

  20. What a lovely blogpost! You have been busy and it all looks lovely, all except the snow though, I am not a fan of that and you have so much of it!
    The costume you made is lovely (doesn't she look pleased) and the quilt is beautiful, don't you just love Jo Morton? The pattern and colors of your quilt are beautiful. Congratulations on the birthdays!

  21. Beautiful snow and beautiful twin girls! Those feathers look like you've been practicing for a while, they are so lovely. Stay warm!