Friday, December 13, 2019

Holiday Favorites, Blog Hop, My Turn

Welcome to the 
Holiday Favorites
Blog Hop, 2019.

I was honored
 to be asked to participate.
Thanks, Lori for hosting.

The Christmas holiday 
is a time of expectation,
a time to celebrate,
and a time filled with traditions. 

I've learned over the years
to keep Christmas decorating simple,
welcoming, and focused on the things
that are important to our family.

(Like a decorated box, a small boy, Weston, and a Santa hat)   2018

Of course, if you have followed
me for awhile you know that I've
been quilting for a long time.
I love creating and making beautiful quilts
that are an expression of Me!

Quilts can easily become part
our Christmas decor.

Have you noticed the popularity of
 the vintage red truck with a Christmas tree?
Hey, wait, we have a red pickup!

How about quilts in a Colorado red pickup!

"A quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow"

"All along the Rockies
you can feel it in the air"

From Telluride to Boulder down below"
   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Quilts can be displayed almost anywhere.

Rolled and stuffed

Stacked up high

Or casually draped over a chair.

Of course, bedrooms are the normal place 
to create a cozy warm holiday look.

A quilt that won't fit?

How about a slight tip?

Not one, but two
quilts might be needed
on a cold Colorado night.

Snowflakes and
oh, what a delight!

Dreaming of Christmas
will be easy to do

tucked under a quilt with a stocking or two.

Quilts can be hung on the walls

Or even

 displayed as a mat

or used on the couch
 while taking a nap.

However you celebrate
or what family traditions you hold dear,

Wishing you and your family happiness
during this magical time of the year.

Everdeen, 5 months old    2013

Until Next Time-

Hope you continue to follow along.

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Dec 16   Knitty Quilter,


  1. What beautiful Christmas quilts and displayed so lovely! Happy Stitching!

  2. Wow!!! That's QUITE the collection of Christmas quilts! Enjoy the Holiday season.

  3. Oh my goodness--you have the most beautiful quilts--love how you've rolled and/or stacked them up..I will be taking my stored ones out and stacking them now for sure--thanks so much for sharing--
    Everdeen is so adorable..lovely to have a baby in the house at Christmas ;))))hugs, Julierose

  4. Merry Christmas Kyle! Love your quilts and love them by the large red truck!! Perfect props!! I do think a little red truck for a center piece is needed at my house. Thank you for sharing your lovely quilts and your home.

  5. WAY too many temptations in that post!! I LOVE the snowflakes and santas on the you know what the patterns are? Those two are definitely calling me (I even had my ear plugs in!!).

  6. What awesome quilts! I can't decide which is my favorite! We used to have a red truck, but did I use it as a prop for a quilt? No! Now we have a small red car, so maybe I will try it with a red and white quilt. I'll have to wait until I get home, as we are in Kansas now visiting family and will go to Florida next for more visiting until we head home to Oregon after Christmas. Of course I can use it for a prop any time of year! Thanks for the wonderful show and tell along with the sweet poem!

  7. What lovely quilts. Love the flying santas on the bed with the snow flakes. Do you recall the name of that pattern? Loved the rhyming too.

  8. Oh my goodness I want to make all those quilts! Thank you for inviting us into your home!

  9. At first I read "quilts can easily come apart" I'm going.. What?? Lol! That's what happens when you switch to decaf.
    Your quilts - and your staging - are incredible, Kyle! Your photos will provide eye candy for the next month! Speaking of which, how do you get such perfect photos? (my personal nemisis) Thanks for posting all these lovely quilts for ust to enjoy. Happy Holidays!

  10. So many pretty quilts! I am inspired to go SEW!!!

  11. What a delightful post Kyle! It made me smile! Love the way you've displayed your quilts especially the ones on the truck :) Your house is so warm and inviting and--absolutely beautiful!

  12. Beautiful quilts- such an inspiring post! I would love to see all of those quilts that are in the bucket, especially the drunkard's path!

  13. Cute kids, beautiful scenery, and gorgeous quilts! ---"Love"

  14. Okay, the red truck and fresh snowfall pretty much win hands-down for perfect Christmas quilt setting. I'm impressed that the truck is so clean in all the winter conditions! Your quilts are so pretty, and I love the ones rolled in the tub! But my favorite has to be the bed with the stocking pillow. I just want to crawl in and snuggle up! Your sweet babes are beautiful, enjoy the holiday with them and all the others!

  15. Wonderful display of quilts everywhere! Would you be able to tell me the pattern names for the Santa quilt and the Stockings quilt? I would love to see if I could find the pattern. Thanks so much for sharing on your blog.

  16. Kyle gracias por compartir tanta belleza.
    Tu edredones son todos y cada uno de ellos una gran obra.
    No puedo elegir todos me gustan.

  17. Forth and back... back and forth... looking at your beautiful collection is inspiring and your home so welcoming. Oh my, back and forth again and again as I read all the wonderful comments and must find each quilt someone loves! Thank you for a very pleasant visit!!

  18. Oh, this is wonderful!!! Love that quilt the cute guy on the couch is laying under!!! LOL Any idea what that pattern is? Also love love love the stocking quilt with the pillow! What fantastic ideas for displaying quilts! Beautiful post!

  19. I loved the poem you used. How clever! Loved the quilts, too! What a precious baby! Bet she's still as cute at 6. Merry Christmas.

  20. You do such lovely work, your quilts and home are very charming.

  21. Absolutely delightful! What gorgeous settings for your beautiful quilts! Especially loved the horse statue!

  22. Beautiful quilts Kyle, loving the quilts in the back of the real red truck!

  23. A delightful stroll through your Christmas quilt decorating Kyle. Love them all, particularly that stocking pillow and the one on the horse. So many beauties to choose from. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  24. Your quilts are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I'm definitely feeling the Christmas spirit after seeing all your warm, inviting quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Another clever (and cozy) post, Kyle. You have made some very pretty quilts that fit right in with the season.

  27. You have an interesting selection of Christmas quilts and others that fit in with the season because of the color combination used. I'll take the quilt on the red pick-up for my Christmas gift.

  28. Oh, your quilts are delightful! Many thanks for sharing.

  29. What a great display. love them all. My favorite, the "flying Santa". Thank you for sharing.

  30. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  31. Your quilt displays are gorgeous--especially those shown outdoors--love them all! I have yet to get out any of my Christmas quilt--probably too late now--haha!

  32. What a Christmas Wonderland of beautiful ways to decorate with quilts. I love your Red Truck photos and the Statue!
    Your have an amazing collection of christmas quilts around your beautiful home.
    Those stockings are so so charming too - love them all in a row.
    Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  33. So sweet to see the little boy in the Christmas box! Adorable. Love your quilts hanging off of the truck. Wonderful staging.:)

  34. Your quilts are so beautiful in the snow and in the house. However, the little darlings take center stage!!!

  35. Oh my! These quilts are gorgeous and I love your creative photos . . . Beautiful ways to show them off.
    I'm so happy I stopped it to visit.

  36. Oh my, you have so many finished quilts, you put me to shame ;-) and they are so beautiful. I love your pictures, a red pick up truck, it is not a thing over here, but I can imagine it is over at yours because it looks so seasonal with the snow and the quilts. Just perfect.
    The kiddies are adorable.
    I wish you a lovely Christmas time with your family (and quilts :-) ) and thank you for sharing all these pictures.

  37. As always, your photos and lovely prose are a delight. Thank you for sharing your holiday moments and fabulous photographs.

  38. Lovely post, I enjoyed your beautiful quilts and beautiful photos.

  39. Your decorating is so lovely! The applique quilt is fabulous with the red truck! I love the cross quilt with the horse statue too. So many beautiful quilts - beautifully displayed.

  40. Beautiful blog post and photos. Merry Christmas to you.

  41. Absolutely beautiful images - all of it! I love your decorating style and your philosophy of keeping things simple and warm. Love it all - the quilts, the settings, the natural beauty, and your sweet grand baby. Merry Christmas!

  42. This year's red truck Christmas theme is everywhere. So many wonderful quilts you have displayed every so prettily. Enjoy your beautiful family this Christmas season!