Monday, December 30, 2019

A Final Monthly Mini- December

What better way to end 2019

than to spotlight a December mini.

The colors of the month?
Definitely, red and green.

I was inspired by a free pattern
Pam Budda had available on her website.

Holiday Spirit
26" x 26"

I increased the size of the blocks.
Hers were very small. 😊😊
I also made the blocks scrappy

and also added a border.

I kept the quilting simple and 
used a 28 wt. Aurifil thread to add texture,

but added a design in the border
which really doesn't show up except on the back.

If you have been quilting for a long time
you might recognize the fabric
I used for the binding.

It's an oldie.
It's from the Rising Sun collection
from the Smithsonian, way back when.
Guess it's why we have a stash!

I've enjoyed the monthly mini 
challenge hosted by Wendy

I hope 2020 will 
find me continuing to use pieces from my stash,
being inspired and challenged by all of you,
and above all, having fun creating, playing,
while exploring new possibilities.


I'll be back at the end of January.
Heading off on an adventure.

Until Next Time- Adios


  1. Oh, what a perfect December mini! Pam sent me a kit for this and I still haven't touched it. You have inspired me to at least open the package! You won't believe this but, just as I was reading your description of the Smithsonian green, Mick Jagger was on our kitchen radio singing "House of the Rising Sun". Funny omen to send us through to 2020! I think I have one piece of that green and some of the other pieces. Oh how I loved that line! I truly thank you for sharing all your wonderful minis with us this year. I do plan to continue, but as before - I put no pressure on anyone to continue! People can jump in whenever. I wish you a very Happy New Year and a most wonderful journey. My friend's daughter lives in Chile and loves it!

  2. A pretty stash busting Christmas quilt indeed. Enjoy your trip and hopefully warmer weather than we are having in North America!

  3. Perfectly lovely Yuletide project, and a gorgeous setting to show off your little quilt. Happy, safe travels!

  4. Such a beautiful mini - it would make a wonderful full-sized quilt with the green sprinkled through here and there. Its the perfect end to your mini challenge. And look at you - off to see the world again. Can't wait to get a full report. Both Chile and Argentina are on our TO DO list as well - its as though you are our scout! Bon voyage.

  5. What a sweet quilt. A nice finish. Hugs

  6. Pam's little quilt called loudly to me, but I never got to it. You did a wonderful interpretation of it!
    Yes, I know I have had some of that green, but couldn't say for sure if it is still somewhere in the stash. Great backing fabric, too. And a nice design you have quilted in the border!
    Wow--that does sound like an adventure! My oldest son was a missionary in Argentina for 2 years. Hope you have a grand time and safe travels!

  7. Kyle divino mini de diciembre
    ¡¡¡Me encantan sus colores!!!
    divierte en Argentina, puedes practicar tu español
    buen viaje

  8. BEAUTIFUL mini!! And sounds like a great trip! I'll be in that general vicinity in Feb. on a cruise ship through the Panama Canal. Have fun.

  9. Love your mini and safe travels to you! Argentina is one of my favorite places on earth, enjoy every moment!

  10. Love the mini! We are headed to Patagonia in March...have a great trip!

  11. This is so beautiful. Your fabric choices are fabulous! I planned on making this quilt too, but didn't get a chance to make one yet.

  12. I wanted to make this mini but I ran out of time. I like your version a lot. The scrappiness of the blocks add a lot of interest. My husband was able to go to the falls on his way home from his mission. So, I've heard about the beauty of them many times. Have a wonderful trip.

  13. Such a pretty Christmas mini! Such lovely prints too. That's an interesting building to stage pictures with. Have a wonderful trip down south! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures :0)

  14. What a darling quilt! I saw the pattern on Pam's but insufficient time to make them all, but might have to at least print off the pattern now, I especially like it with the border. I love the backing print you used, the binding is cute too - love little prints!

  15. Beautiful little quilt! So fun to see those old fabrics being used.
    I see an adventures trip exiting! Happy new year and happy travels!

  16. Excellent job on your Christmas mini, Kyle! Those little blocks dont look easy, even enlarged a bit. I love the backing - also in my stash - and I believe I even have a bit of that binding fabric. What fun to find "just the right thing" in your stash. Happy New Year!

  17. Oh, what a sweet mini! I see quite a few familiar "oldies" in those blocks. Love your photo ops, too! Have a wonderful trip and safe travels :) The above hacker got me, too!

  18. Great little quilt! Yes I remember that fabric and I had some way back you remember the Smithsonian quilt labels too? I think I have all of them!

  19. Wow! Looks like you're going on an adventure! Hope you ring in the New Year in the best possible way.:) Love your little mini. So festive. It's a thrill to successfully use fabrics out of the stash. I have been enjoying the challenge and hope to do even more of it this next year.

  20. The front door is such a pretty setting with the little quilt.

    Sounds like you are escaping cold weather for a while! Enjoy. And have a wonderful 2020!

  21. Love this little mini, Kyle! I was tempted to do that sew along, but somehow resisted. I do recognize a lot of those fabrics--lol! Happy New Year!

  22. What a sweet new Christmas Quilt and wonderful photos as well.
    Is that fabric old, lol? I have loads of old fabric and I use them sparingly now.
    Chili? how marvelous!
    happy 2020

  23. Oh, enjoy your holiday! Happy new year!

  24. Happy New Year (a bit late, but still), best wishes for a healthy, inspiring and creative 2020 and I love the mini.
    The fabric you used for the backing is the most perfect green fabric ever made I think, it just works whenever I want/need to use a green fabric, I still have a bit in my stash, I wish I still had loads.

  25. Happy New Year Kyle! What a crisp beautiful mini perfect for December. I do recognize that fabric and it's perfect. I'm hoping to join in more consistently this year with the mini challenge! Hope you are having a wonderful adventure!