Thursday, October 24, 2019

October Mini Check-In Plus Playing with Crayons

This month I took 
a little sewing liberty with
my monthly mini.

I had been wanting to do something
that showcased October.
You know,
pumpkins, fall colors,

sweater weather...

I had purchased a pattern 
last year when I was in Houston 
for festival from Primitive Gatherings.

It fit all the required criteria.

But I didn't want to do ghost pumpkins,
so I dug out the orange wools instead
and started stitching.

Black wool
11" x 30"

Pumpkins, wool, fun stitching,
the feeling of fall.
It all came together.

The bittersweet vine doesn't grow
 here, so it's nice
to include it on this runner
with clusters of little colonial knots.

Fall has arrived here 
and this little runner 
reminds us of the crisp air,
flannel sheets,
crunching leaves,
the need to slow down,
and enjoying everything pumpkin.


Several of you asked about the crayon tinting
that I did in my embroidery.

I learned how to do it from Meg Hawkey
of Crabapple Hill Studios and have 
found her techniques to be very successful.
Click on this  LINK for  
a YouTube video that Meg made 
explaining in wonderful detail how
to use your Crayola crayons 

with your embroidery.
Now you can have fun coloring too.

Happy Fall!
Until Next Time-


  1. Love your selection of subtly colored/patterned wools, especially the birds. So beautiful for the season. I wish we had bittersweet growing here, but so far haven't seen any growing anywhere near us. I'll have to watch the entire coloring video tonight, haven't tried it since the 2012 FMQ Challenge.

  2. I love your wool runner. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Hugs

  3. Lovely table runner! I've done crayon painting before, but will have to check out the video for added tips.

  4. I love your cute table runner! I hope your fall is dry and colorful!

  5. I love your orange pumpkins. I've never seen them on the vine in any other color. What a beautiful table runner! Your embroidery stitches are so lovely. It will look marvellous on your table this fall.

  6. Sweet pumpkin vase of flowers! Love the table runner, I never understood why some people make white pumpkins, so was wondering if they were ghost pumpkins for halloween or that is an actual variety of pumpkin?

  7. The colors on your table runner are so fun. And the flowers in the little pumpkin vase are sweet. It is such a lovely time of year; not too hot, not too cold; gorgeous color in the most unexpected places. And today, in my vicinity, all that color was backed by a deep blue sky. sigh. Can I keep it?

  8. Such a lovely table runner. Perfect for this time of year. I like your orange pumpkins much better than the ‘ghost’ pumpkins. I have been enjoying pumpkin muffins via Costco.

  9. Your wool pumpkin project is perfect - love the orange. And your description is poetic! Thank you for the crayon direction!

  10. Great idea to change to orange pumpkins...this finished piece is really eye catching! Now I want to make one too! lol!

  11. Your wool runner is absolutely gorgeous !! Love the colors of Fall....

  12. Oh what a perfect October mini! I adore it. I too like the slower feeling of Autumn. I will likely post a day early as Halloween is always a crazy day. Thanks for participating again.

  13. Kyle tu centro de flores y calabaza es divino.
    Tu camino de mesa precioso
    Buen fin de semana

  14. Beautiful bouquet in the pumpkin, and those are awfully cute kiddos!
    That is a great seasonal table runner--and I am with you on the orange pumpkins instead of the white. Love the one in plaid.
    Such lovely embroidery, too, Kyle--on both pieces!

  15. I agree with Janet, that is a beautiful pumpkin bouquet! Love the way you changed out the ghost pumpkins on your runner. It's a beautiful fall piece and perfect October mini! Your grandkids are adorable!

  16. what a beautiful floral arrangement in the pumpkin. are those dusty miller leaves? It is one of my husbands favorites.
    Your wool runner is just charming. I like both versions, but the orange looks really great. Bittersweet is one of my sentimental favorites. My friend, Jill, kept garden pruners in her glovebox and would jump out and cut some along the country roads.
    I have friend that did a wonderful crayon tinted Halloween quilt. Thanks for the link.
    Cute sweater kids!

  17. I love those beautiful flowers in the pumpkin, so pretty and such a great idea! Your grandkids are so cute! I wish I could knit better but then how would I make time to quilt? Too many ideas and not enough time.
    It's so nice to change something and make it your own, I love how you just went with it!

  18. It is a lovely runner and I like the colours you have used in yours. Perfect for October.

  19. Just love your runner Kyle - its sophisticated and rustic all at the same time. Timeless.

  20. There's something about stitching on wool that just seems so cozy--perfect for autumn! Your runner is lovely. It looks like I missed a lot of fun stuff here while I was away at camp. Your tinted embroideries are just charming and your trip must have been wonderful--such beautiful scenery!

  21. I can't remember what the stitch is called that you did around the fall wool runner but you did it very nicely. Did you mark to space or just guesstimate?

  22. Love your feather stitching on the table runner, and thanks for the link to the tutorial! I've wanted to try that but had not yet, wanting more info but not knowing how to search! (never been a great researcher! One needs the right words to search, and sometimes words leave me!)

  23. Absolutely beautiful! I love the stitching and the colors you chose; you certainly have a eye for color and mixing patterns . . . Perfection!

  24. I love the runner, wool projects are just perfect for fall. I cannot find them over here, it is not something quilters use over here, but for this time of the year I really like it.