Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Little Embroidery

I know there are many of us who
take the time
 just before leaving on a trip
 to gather up a stitching project.

We all know there can be long periods of time
where stitching can save
 you from going crazy.

Just before I left
I prepped some embroidery.

I had a large piece of toweling
leftover when I finished the "do over" of the vintage
applique baby quilts.

I also had a Kathy Schmitz embroidery design
I had been wanting to do
from her book

The timing was perfect.

I enjoy incorporating color tinting
with crayons into an embroidery project.
So I added some underlying color to my snowgirl.

I really didn't follow the color suggestions 
of the pattern.  Instead I found floss
the colors that I liked 
and that went with the crayons I had picked.

Doing a variety of stitches, 
other than just back stitching,
is always more fun. 
Even though,
it's sometimes hard to remember a fly stitch vs.
a lazy daisy, or a feather stitch.

This winter towel was my saving grace
during two long flights and a couple of long layovers in Boston.
All that time adds up to a finish.

Which leads me to the
"never to be answered" question:
What the heck is with the numbering
system for DMC floss?!

Over the years I have tried a variety
of methods for
keeping my floss organized.
I bet you have too.

I've done the wrap around method.

I've done the plastic baggie method

I've done the wrapping around
a floss stick method.

And the toss it in a pile method.

So in my basket where I keep floss,
you'll find floss in each of the above methods.

Some organizing methods 
are good when you're looking for a
specific number, but then the pile method
is better if you're looking for a color.

We all know
those numbers don't lead you to
a color family.

Well, after looking at my untamed pile
I did  do some resorting
into smaller, 
more useable piles.

I might see if this makes it easier next time.
But it still doesn't explain
that crazy number system!

Until Next Time-


  1. Good question! I was keeping my floss in small baggies but had to go through a ton of those baggies to find a colour. Now, I'm going to keep those baggies by family colour so if I need blue, then I can go through a large baggie of blues to find the one I want.

    Lovely embroidery piece and you will be ready to display it for Xmas.

  2. Always enjoy seeing your sweet embroidery projects. They make me smile :) Had no idea there were so many notions available to organize embroidery floss. My method is to lump them all together in a tin! DMC's numbering system is crazy!

  3. I love your snowman. When you get your thread under control you can come to my house and do mine. Hugs

  4. Kyle tu bordado es delicado y muy bonito.
    También hice varios experimentos con mis hilos,durante un tiempo en tarros de cristal transparentes,
    renuncie había demasiados tarros, ahora envueltos en pinzas de ropa y todos en una lata.

  5. That is an adorable little snowman. So cute--and the subtle coloring adds to the personality. Just the right size to make a great travel project.
    I am with you on the numbering system.All of my DMC floss skeins are in those little baggies, in numerical order in two Rubbermaid containers. But, like you, I often choose my own colors, so that doesn't help me at all. I have just had them that way for over 30 years and since I don't do a lot of stitching anymore, I haven't taken the time to change it. Silly me. Your method appears much more usable.

  6. That is such an adorable snowman, almost tempted to get out the few remaining skeins of floss and try something, except for having given most of it away for kids craft projects at vacation bible school. My storage method has mostly been cram them into a big round tin and get the lid on quick, though I do have a set of those baggies too.

  7. Your snowgirl is wonderful! I love your close ups so we can enjoy all the different stitches. Adding color is such a good idea. What a great way to pass time while waiting on a trip.

  8. Sweet stitchery, love the coloured in background, really brings the design to life. Floss drives me nuts because it is so messy, especially once you have cut off the required length, then dont use all six pieces! I saw someone leaving out her thread and fabric scraps for the birds nests, which is a great idea, but mine just seems to end up in the bin!

  9. This such an adorable project. I am surprised that they let you on a plane with scissors . . . they have so many security rules these days that I quit taking projects. Please show us the crayons you used to tint your project and how they work. I know that I can not be the only one interested. I noticed the tinting right a way and was hoping that you would show us.
    Happy Stitching!
    Connie :)

  10. Your Kathy Schmitz project is adorable! Very nice!

  11. That's a cute snowman stitchery! Great use of time too! My floss organizing system is similar to your last pic. When it comes to stitching from a pattern, I look at the charted #, then look at the pic of the finished piece...see it's a (brown) I go to the brown pile and check for the number....if the # is not there, then I pick the closest brown I have? It's the "system" that works for me....because stitching is a relaxing hobby... :-)

  12. What a sweet project! I am not much of an embroiderer so I don't have a lo of floss, but DMC's numbering system for 50 weight cotton is much the same - just confusing! Thanks for sharing your system - wink!

  13. I've tried many methods over the years to control my DMC threads too. These days I have a two part system. The wrap arounds are in boxes by number. That's perfect for choosing by color. I also have a numbered baggie for each floss in number groups on rings in a shoe box. Full skeins go those baggies until needed. When starting a project the wrapped floss is added to the baggie and put on a set of project rings in number order. Any cut threads get put in the baggies to be used as needed. Full skeins are readily available if I run out on the wrapped floss. When the project is finished the wrapped ones go back to the craft boxes and the baggies with any loose threads back onto the grouped rings in the shoebox. I am really happy with how this is working out.

    I love the tinted snowman. What kind of crayons do you use? It really adds to the project.

  14. Your Snowgirl is so sweet! I love her. Your stitching looks amazing too. The first thing I think of when headed out anywhere, is what to bring to stitch. I have to have something with me even if I don’t get a chance to do any stitching. I store my floss on the plastic cards like in your first photo. I do not understand the numbering system at all.

  15. Snowgirl is an adorable take along project. Tinted embroideries with crayons add much interest. I’m in the camp that has never did crayon work. My preferred floss organizing method is on the little cards grouped (usually) by color family in the plastic caddies.

  16. That is a sweet project. I hardly ever embroider so do not know about the dmc numbering system, but the Aurifil system baffles me too.

  17. You are right. I use the wrap around method on my DMC. I have five boxes and if I need a red or a blue, I still have to open ALL boxes because there is no system......
    But you have seemed to find a perfect color match for your lovely stitchery.

  18. I am having a good laugh at your comment about DMC floss. I think we all feel your pain. There is no answer.
    But I do like the lovely end result of your stitching project. Beautiful work.

  19. What a beautiful job you did on your snow girl! I love it. I inherited my mom’s floss stash and she had used the baggie method so I’ve continued with that. I always have a take along project too. Happy Stitching!

  20. Oh Your embroidery is so charming and lovely. The colors are wonderful and hooray for making it yours! and not using someone else's idea. I really like the crayola color shading.
    If you saw the state of my DMC floss you'd going screaming into the street. It is a ball of confusion! I too have some on cards, but mostly they are loose and crazy.

  21. Oh I adore that embroidery! It is so special. What a nice take-along project - compact and manageable. Love the crayon tinting. I had to laugh about the floss and the numbering system!

  22. You always do such pretty embroidery. The addition of color tinting gives depth to the look. I watched the color tinting video a couple months ago and purchased some new crayons That is as far as I got.