Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Little of This and a Little of That

Last week had it's
up and downs.

The weather went from
one extreme to another.
 One day it was 70 degrees,
then the next day it was 8 degrees!

 It started snowing on a Sunday and when it
finally finished there was 8 inches on the ground.
 I didn't go anywhere until Friday.

Halloween can be an 
exciting and wild trip
for kids and families.

But here in Colorado
 it usually involves winter coats and boots.


Sewing wise....

I was wishing I was at Quilt Festival
along with so many others just
soaking up the inspiration
and doing some retail therapy.


Slowly, I
worked on a few things in between
shoveling the driveway.

Why, look, there's a snowblower.

But something didn't want to do it's %#@ job!!
Maybe next time I won't have to.


I silently joined in with Sharon Knightley's blog
and her new sew along from her book
Autumn Bouquet.

For a long time I've cut leftover small pieces
into different sized squares.
It was the perfect place to find all the pieces for

these cute 3" churn dash blocks.


Lastly, I tried to get caught up
watching all the Hallmark movies
I had previously recorded.

Lots of hand stitching opportunity to
get the next Star Upon Star finished.

Still working on it, as you can tell.

Look how different it looks turned around.

Guess it just proves there's nothing right or wrong.
It's just what appeals to you or
works with the other blocks.

As you can tell
there weren't really many downers
during the week.
Just needed to go with the flow
doing a little of this
and a little of that.
Minus the snow shoveling!

Until Next Time-


  1. I am so glad we don't have to deal with snow quite yet. So not ready! Your little churn dashes are wonderfully sweet and those star blocks. Just incredible! I wish I was better with that sort of piecing. You're making a fantastic quilt already. That much is absolutely clear!

  2. Our snow came and went. We are just not ready for the start of a long winter weather yet. It is coming, though and I have lots of hand projects to keep me cozy and warm inside.

    Your stars sure look nice and interesting to see them both ways.

  3. We've just missed the first snow in our area, my friends living at a bit higher elevation have some. Ours is coming on Thursday. Those little churn dash blocks are sweetness themselves. Stars upon Stars, gorgeous already!

  4. It does look like it was a mixed bag for you during the week. Shame about the snow and the blower.
    I am pleased you did get some stitching done on your gorgeous projects.

  5. Oh, you've done it again - you are reading my mind when it comes to quilt projects. I adore that table runner that you are working on, and what a perfect way to use some of those precious bits and pieces that have collected over the years. Gorgeous fabrics.

  6. Oh those grandchildren are so cute! Love the Autumn Bouquet quilt and your stars are simply gorgeous! I do hope you are going to Houston next year as I plan to go for the first time!! We are supposed to get 6" of the white stuff on Friday - we shall see! I think I might have to buy the Autumn Bouquet book. You are tempting me again!

  7. I shudder at the thought of snow. I was just looking at that book last night and decided to start working on the same quilt. Great minds think alike....lol Hugs

  8. I'm sorry about all your snow and hope the machine is working before your next dump of snow. Your Star upon Stars quilt is really coming along Fabulously! I love how different the star is with the points turned :0) I love how they are looking all together too. I was so tempted with that Autumn bouquet sewalong - it's such a pretty table runner and your blocks are so pretty.

  9. That's a lot of snow. I hope you have a short driveway! Love seeing all your projects and the progress you've made on your amazing star quilt. Cute little churn dash blocks, too! Have fun with the Autumn Bouquet SAL :)

  10. We only got about an inch of snow at our house, but on the north side of the yard where the house keeps the grass shaded, the snow is still there (even though our temps are in the 50s in the day right now).
    Yeah, coats don't do a lot of Halloween costumes, do they? But that adorable octopus looks warm. :)
    You choose such wonderful projects--and I am especially in awe of those star blocks!

  11. So many months of snow that you are having must be hard sometimes, especially if you have to shovel snow. But I do think it looks pretty.
    Also very pretty are your stars. This is going to be an awesome quilt!

  12. Oh wow, those stars at the end of your blogpost, fabulous! I love your new project from scraps too, delightful colors.

  13. Wow that is a big weather change. Keep the snow where you are, please. You have a snow blower. Hopefully you can get it to work. All of these blocks are so beautiful.

  14. My daughter was very happy she made the decision to return to Florida. That poor girl would never be happy in so much snow and so early. The Halloween costumes are adorable. The star blocks are simply amazing! I've been doing more cross stitching than sewing, mainly because it's portable and we haven't been home much. Time to settle down and finish some quilts!

  15. Cute little churn dashes and looks to be a fun sew along you've started. And your stars are just astounding! Ya, the snowblower.... can't say we will miss that while we are in Japan. But the snow in CO is so pretty... with the blue sky and dry air... and usually melts fast right? ;).

  16. Snow for Halloween - I've had that in Illinois too. I always feel bad for the cute kids.
    Your sewing projects are fabulous! wow those star blocks are incredible.
    Your new BOM is wonderful and will be fun to watch your progress.

  17. Your grandkids are so cute in their costumes! Our normal is snow on Halloween, on the rare occasion we don’t have snow, they call it a Brown Halloween. I hope your snowblower gets his act together before your next snowfall, shoveling is hard work. Those star blocks are amazing! You hand piecing skills are phenomenal!

  18. Just a couple days ago, I was tempted by Sharon's book and placed an order. Looks like it has some nice patterns in it.
    I had several Trick or Treaters but unlike yours, these kids did not have to wear a coat and boots. It was very pleasant outside.

  19. My Gulf Coast son says he's dealing with Denver's snowfall just fine, but he doesn't have to shovel it! The Star Upon Star blocks are looking gorgeous - it's going to be a beautiful quilt! I just binge-watched HBOs "Succession" while doing some hand-stitching. I felt like I needed to take a shower after every episode. Maybe some Hallmark Christmas movies would be a better choice.

  20. Thinking we received your leftover snow and frigid temperatures here in the northwoods...not prepared for an early winter arrival - but the same thing happened last year! Stunning star blocks coming together and your fabric choices for the churn dash project...I can feel the pace picking!

  21. Your ability to create stars like that are outstanding. Your points and corners all match up perfectly. If I tried it, it would turn out so wonky that it would create laughter for all to hear for miles around . . . maybe the laugh that was heard around the world, what with the internet, LOL. I always enjoy your quilts and your vintage photos.
    Wishing you a lovely day . . . stay warm!
    Connie :)