Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Stars Upon Stars Blocks

Slowly, very slowly.

A few of my
 Stars Upon Stars blocks
are being finished.
Well, at least 4 of them.

Thought you might like to see
how they're coming along.

There is absolutely no way
these blocks would have come out
without stretching, tweeking, changing,
ripping, or tossing
if I hadn't used 
Jeanne's stamp set for this pattern.

The rubber stamps make every piece
exactly the same, 
no tracing errors or

Each block requires 9 fabrics for the stars.

And then a background and
fabric for the corner stars.

These blocks definitely require
hand piecing. 

That center is about as close as I can get.

Lots of 8 pointed stars

Each block finishes at 16"
( So far, so good)

Thought You'd like to see
the back as well.

Just as much fabric on the back
as on the front.
Pressing is key!
Not sure if I've done it the best way,
but at least the blocks are consistent.

I've 3 more blocks cut out
and ready to put together.

This is and will be a project
where I'll find myself

enjoying the pleasure of slowing down
for quite awhile.

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh my, incredible work, but so enjoyable!

  2. ‘bout knocked over my morning coffee cup when seeing your stunning stars!! Love the fussy cutting, using some of Di’s fabrics and most of all - your hand piecing...

  3. This is amazing, Kyle! I have worked with a much simpler design that was stamped on the fabric and my hand piecing skills left much to be desired. In my wildest dreams I can't imagine doing this. Your piecing looks flawless. I am so impressed!

  4. Kyle maravillosas estrellas,
    ¡¡¡Felicidades !!! tu trabajo estan perfecto....

  5. Your stars are fabulous! I can't imagine having to match so many points, but you did them all with excellence! Enjoy your slow stitching! --"Love"

  6. Impressive! They look like they require as much patience as accuracy.

  7. Oh my stars! What an ambitious project! They are absolutely delicious. I love you fabrics and fussy cutting. Thanks for showing us the back. I have not done much hand piecing, but you have me inspired!

  8. Just glorious! I love your stars...perfectly delicious colors!

  9. Stunning quilt, I really like these stars (are they called Lone stars?) but not a hand piecer, so will be happy to admire your work and watch it grow.

  10. Kyle these blocks look AMAZING!! I love your fabric choices. These blocks are exquisite together! I will think about looking for those stamps because machine piecing the stars has not gone well. Your perseverance will lead to a truly wonderful quilt.

  11. Wowsers! Those blocks are simply fabulous, and requiring much patience, not to mention talent for piecing all those little diamonds. The pressing alone would be daunting!

  12. Your blocks are amazing! I'll have to check out those stamps. Thanks.

  13. Wow! These are beautiful. Each one is like a little quilt on its own. I have never attempted such intricate piecing. I love your color/fabric combinations. Very cool about the stamps.

  14. Such great star blocks! They are beautiful! Stamps are a great way to make sure your piecing is accurate and also they save so much time. Thank you for showing the back of your block, I always look at the back of pieced tops or blocks, so much to learn from that. Enjoy the rest of your piecing, it will be a beautiful quilt.

  15. These blocks are amazing. They look so good. I think they would really test my patience.

  16. These stars are absolutely stunning!! wow what a lot of seams. Your hand piecing looks great and the pressing looks good too.
    How many are you making? wowzer what a awesome and challenging project.

  17. You are amazing! These are gorgeous. I did on star block using Edyta Sitars method and a machine...hardest block I have ever made and I don't think I will ever make another.

  18. Omigosh, Kyle, these fantastic stars deserve to be hand pieced. Love your fabric choices, too! What an heirloom this will be when it's finished. Beautiful!!

  19. Wow this is gorgeous! Definitely worth taking the time to make this quilt!

  20. They are all beautiful! I love stars and the way they turn out. Once finished it looks like they are alle different patterns because of the fabric you use.

  21. Amazing! Such pretty blocks, and the back is impressive too!

  22. Wonderful blocks made with pretty fabrics. Thanks for mentioning the rubber stamps. At quilt retreat, several quilters use Jeanne’s stamps and the results are quite lovely.

  23. I'm glad I finally got my nose away from my quilting machine to catch up--your Stars Upon Stars are so wonderful! I got to see (and touch!) Edyta's quilt and have been wanting to make one of my own ever since (never gonna happen). I'm looking forward to seeing yours take shape!