Thursday, March 7, 2019

Good Intentions

This has been a week
filled with "good intentions".
The actual execution of
those "good intentions"
has been less than desirable.

Some days are like that, 
some weeks are like that,
some ....
I won't go further than that.

My intentions
included getting started
on machine quilting my
version of Di Ford's Suttton Grange.

I had acquisitioned the dining room table
for space and good lighting,
Running Man has been off
on a business trip all week,
no meals to prepare, etc,
nothing to stop the flow of sewing.

Well, I'm not sure what totally
got in the way, other than 
cold cloudy wintery Colorado days or
a dead car battery at 7 a.m.
my heart just wasn't in it this week.

So instead,
I went to Trader Joe's 
and bought a couple of bunches of daffodils
and then decided to bake.

Lemon Snowball Cookies

Oh, if you remember these
as Russian Tea Cakes or Mexican Wedding Cookies,
think again. 

Melt in your mouth lemony goodness.
The recipe is from a local business,
Check out her website and also her
delicious enticing macarons.  
I haven't tried those yet,
but it's definitely on my list of things to do.

Maybe now I can focus on the quilt.

Until Next Time-


  1. Sometimes you have so many plans and for whatever reason it just does not go as planned. Maybe you had the winter blues? The daffodils might help and the snowballs too! I am sure the next week will be better! Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh I've had days like that. But you ended on a sunny note. Daffodils and lemon snow balls. Yum. Hugs

  3. That sounds really yummy! If I had a lemon in the house, I'd make some tonight! I'll take care of that next time I go to the store for sure. Now that you've made them, maybe you will get in the mood to quilt. Have fun, and be sure to lick (wash!) your hands first. ---"Love"

  4. Obviously you chose well, one cannot be expected to quilt on an empty stomach! Yum.

  5. Even if your plans didn’t go as planned, it sounds like a fun day. I make those cookies every Christmas, no lemon, though. We call them Butter Balls. My kids love them. I want to try the lemon ones now. Your quilt isn’t going any where, it will be waiting when you are ready.

  6. The recipe sounds wonderful, and I love that you brought home flowers. Sometimes I just need a happy time in the kitchen baking, and flowers "just because" make it that much more fun!

  7. Maybe the problem was you just needed more sunshine yellow in your world this week! Maybe a a flimsy with more yellow to quilt now and save the pink one for when the tulips bloom? I know, though, this is just one of those weeks.

  8. Winter baking is best!
    Fresh flowers light up a room enjoy your "spare" time,
    Quilting requires just the right mind set.

  9. My daughter and I both love Russian Tea Cakes. I usually make a batch at Christmas time but I have not the last two years.

  10. Oh, I can relate! Sounds like you found the perfect solution--sunny daffodils--and cookies!

  11. When our heart is not into it, best wait a while and do something else. I think some flowers would give a boost to anyone .... me .... right now!

  12. I am having one those decades!
    My mouth is literally watering right now. I love those cookies.

  13. Many thanks for sharing your vase of daffodils...what a lovely glimpse of Spring and those lemony treats look divine. My Mom always made Russian Tea Cakes...sigh...your plate looks so inviting. Betting, once you get started on the quilting, you will go after it with what is needed...and it will be stunning!

  14. How nice that we have the wisdom (and time) to walk away from something that isn't clicking. I have been known to do that too without really knowing why I'm not into it. Those cookies look delicious and your photos have my mouth watering for sure. I love lemon desserts of all sorts and I've already printed the recipe! happy friday

  15. I hope you find your quilting mojo soon, but baking is a great substitute in the mean time!

  16. I'm afraid I very often procrastinate about machine quilting ... I hope your week was a good one anyway. The daffodils are so bright and cheerful and the cookies sound very yummy. I will have to give that recipe a try. I'm sure you'll get that beautiful quilt quilted yet - it's so pretty!

  17. LEMON Snowball Cookie????? Oh my. Guess what's next on my baking list. They look and sound divine and are the perfect accompaniment to your flowers. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

  18. Spring is just around the corner... maybe you need some more sun and flowers like lots of us !!
    Big hugs Kyle !!

  19. Daffodils AND lemon snowball cookies sound like the perfect solution to everything!

  20. Your post made me laugh. It just rings so true for many of us!

  21. Kyle tu centro de narcisos es tan bonito. me encanta y me encanta tu jarra amarilla.
    Tengo que ver esas recetas,

  22. It is wonderful how well we can procrastinate.
    Don't worry. The quilt will still be there for the next time.

  23. I know that road to good intentions. Sometimes you just have to do a little detour. In my case it is wandering aimlessly but your version of Di's Sutton Grange looks gorgeously sunny.

  24. I'm so rarely inclined to head to the kitchen to cook, but I am most definitely drawn to the smell of good cookies!