Thursday, March 28, 2019

Finally Done!

It's hard to believe
that it's been almost 2 years 
since I was able to travel to the
Netherlands with new friends
and, of course, meet more new friends.

One of our goals was to attend this show.

and see the beautiful quilts of both
Di Ford and Petra Prins.

It's there that I saw
Di's quilt called "Sutton Grange".

(Can you believe in all of my excitement I 
didn't even take a full photo of the quilt!)

But fast forward to April, 2018.
I knew I had waited long enough to begin 
working on this wonderful quilt
that included applique, broderie perse, curved piecing,
and lots of patience.

the center section

I actually had many of the same fabrics Di had used in my stash.
No sense reinventing the wheel right?
But did use one of her wonderful printed borders 
over and over again,
as the repeating border.

A couple of weeks ago I began the machine quilting process.

Lots of quilting in the ditch,

lots of feathers,

diagonal quilting

Again, I didn't really 
get too original in the quilting.

I pretty much followed what
the original machine quilter had done,
but modified to fit my limited machine quilting ability.

I used some leftover garage sale stickers
to quilt circles.
No, the quilt isn't for sale for $.50!

Here it is.
All done.

"Plymouth Grange"
70" x 70"

I changed the name to 
honor my grandmother,
Edith Luella Gale Elkington
who was always a member of the
local grange in Michigan.

Di's pattern are beautiful and
a labor of love.
Not a project to be quickly completed,
but it was well worth the time.

The question is...
Time to start another one?

Until Next Time-


  1. Your quilt is so beautiful. I love the quilting. Hugs

  2. Oh, so lovely! I love everything you did with your quilt. How wonderful to be able to see those two designers. Start a new project .... do you really need encouragement? LOL

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! This quilt is so lovely it leaves me speechless. I love your 'stickers' for marking quilting. They are perfect. I'm always looking for 'no marking' methods, and that will be added to my list of ideas! What makes the quilt even better is the memories you share with it. Now, I am going back to drool over the photos again.

  4. Kyle - your Sutton’s Grange is a real stunner! And oh my, yes...start another quilt from Di’s collection!!! You say you have “limited ability” with machine quilting? It all looks wonderful - your feathers are lovely. I can barely do stitch-in-the-ditch...Love that you have made it in honor of your Grandmother. Such a very special treasure and filled with many memories. (I was ready to drop .50 in the mail this morning but knew a gazillion $$ added for postage would be needed. LOL)

  5. Your quilt is absolutely incredible! All of that intricate piecing is amazing, and the curves in the 'chain' borders are especially beautiful! Your quilting ability certainly does not look limited to me! Be proud of yourself! ---"Love"

  6. Oh WOW! Kyle this is gorgeous!!! Such an intricate quilt so beautifully pieced and appliquéd and now so wonderfully quilted. You’ve done such a beautiful job of quilting it. I love your feathers in the cream peels and along the ribbonlike border. What a special quilt to remember your grandmother as well as your lovely trip to the Netherlands :0) I certainly hope you start another!

  7. Oh my! It is stunning! I can't believe it has been 2 years since I watched you all having such a good time in the Netherlands. This came out so beautifully. You are so brave to take on machine quilting. You did a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kyle que maravilloso trabajo,
    Paso rápido el tiempo que te sentí tan cerca en Europa

  9. Standing ovation here, Kyle!! Kudos to you for a marvelous finish!

  10. Worth the wait, simply beautiful.

  11. Wow! Amazing quilt and fabulous quilting! You are such a talented lady! I am sure there will be a ‘another one’ and I look forward to seeing what you choose.

  12. Wow, am I ever impressed! Absolutely stunning quilt, Kyle!

  13. Well done. This is a wonderful finish. A very much worth all the time and effort going into it.

  14. This quilt is stunning ! Well .... all the quilts from Di are stunning !
    Your have made an incredible work and the quilting is awesome !!

    Congratulations !! :)

  15. I'M GOBSMACKED! it is so so gorgeous and what a lot excellent needle work of all kinds.
    It is an instant heirloom and what a treasure. How will you use it?
    You must be so thrilled with it. Hats off to you my friend

  16. Your machine quilting is wonderful! And what a work of art. Have you seen her new line, Rochester. I pine for it.

  17. Woohoo! This is such an incredible finish! All your machine quilting skills paid off too. I don't know how you do it, but somehow you make it look so easy!

  18. Oh my what a wonderful finish and your machine quilting is beautifully done. It's lovely, Kyle. Love everything about it especially the fabrics :)

  19. I am green (maybe pink) with envy for that wonderful quilt. I have some of that pink border print you used and it works so well. Your machine quilting skills go far beyond mine. I just have never worked at that skill very much. I think that might change later this year.

  20. Beautiful finish! I love medallion quilts and this one pushes all the buttons!

  21. Such a treasure Kyle - I'm certain that you relive bits and pieces of our trip every time you worked on it or see it. BTW, 50 cents is more than a deal, it would be a steal!

  22. Hello Kyle, how wonderful that you got your quilt finished. Not bad in less than two year's after your visit to Holland. It is a masterpiece you are going to enjoy very much I am sure!