Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A String Fling

For the past couple of days
Running Man and I have been off
to our favorite mountain retreat.

The YMCA of the Rockies

It's nothing fancy, but

the scenery is beautiful,
it's totally relaxing,
and the perfect place to get
a natural  "Rocky Mountain High."

It's also a great place for a quilt photo shoot.

String Fling
80" x 96"

I'm loving how all those
strips and strings from a multitude of
different fabrics came together.

I started this project only in January.
You can see the beginning HERE.

I was determined not to let this one
get bogged down.

Sewing 6 blocks at a time,
and keeping it random,
it didn't take long to make
120 blocks and get them sewn together.

The blocks were sewn with a muslin foundation
which kept the blocks square
after they were trimmed
and no paper removal.

You might have noticed that the
middle white strip varies in width.

Well, that was not done initially, on purpose,
but I liked how it worked out.
I didn't have to worry about matching up seams
and it added to the randomness, 
part of the whole charm.

My friend and machine quilter, Kathy,
kept the quilting simple for 2 reasons.

1. You're not really going to see it on the top
except for a little texture.

2.  The top is pretty heavy just with the fabric,
muslin foundation, backing and batting.  I didn't 
want any extra weight from being heavily quilted.

When trying to decide on a binding
I discovered a bunch of hidden leftover binding remnants.

Use 'em up!

Having this quilt with us
up in the mountains in March

kept us warm and snuggly while we stayed at the .....

 Y                 M                                  A

Until Next Time-



  1. I love it. It is a really beautiful quilt. Hugs

  2. Kyle que bonitas fotos
    Tu edredón es hermoso, se ve perfecto en ese lugar

  3. What a beautiful place to photograph your wonderful quilt! The mountains, the snow, that blue, blue sky are awesome! Your mix of fabrics is wonderful - there are lots of bright and cheerful fabrics to balance the softer more muted colors. It's fun to zoom in and study the fabrics - I spy a pink plaid with bees that I still have some of too :0) A great way to use up binding scraps too.

  4. LOL I was so busy looking at the beautiful children I didnt notice the YMCA actions! I love this quilt, great use of scraps and a lovely relaxing one to sew.

  5. Gorgeous quilt, I have to say I think it's my favorite.
    I am very fond of scrappy quilts; all the colors and fabrics make me happy.

  6. That is such a gorgeous quilt, and it seems to highlight various colors used in the strings depending on the background. A fabulous setting for the photo-shoot too.

  7. What a great quilt, great setting, and great closing shots of you doing the classic YMCA. :)
    Well done, Kyle!

  8. Kyle, you have the Village People green with envy!! A delightful blog posting and you found the perfect spot to display that very fun string quilt. Kudos for using muslin as a foundation too...peeling off layers papers is not a fun job.

  9. How very special! I love the quilt!

  10. Very fun post Kyle ! I love the YMCA :))
    Your quilt is gorgeous ... Congratulations !!

  11. You are too cute! I can't believe that is a YMCA. It looks like a resort. Fun photos with the statue! Oh how I remember those clubbing days doing the dance.
    Your quilt is so great. That white stripe is perfect for giving it come continuity. Smart decision to keep the quilting light. I bet it drapes better too.
    This is a perfect scrap quilt!
    what an inspiring post today! loved everything especially seeing your smiling face xo

  12. Now, you got me singing ..... LOL. Love your quilt and a great idea to use up extra binding pieces.

  13. Such a fabulously scrappy quilt! Equally fabulous setting for photos. Looks like you had fun.

  14. Lovely work with Spring Fling and what a perfect place for a photo shoot.

  15. Beautiful and perfect for scraps quilt. Love the spot were you took your pictures and the YMCA ones of you! Very cute!

  16. What a fabulous string quilt! You are so cute! Isn't it funny how one little song can be so iconic! Enjoy the last of the winter.

  17. Love the quilt! I've been intending to make another one to use up some of my strips, I love your white sashing. And you are too cute!

  18. I love it! This has been on my list for a while....

  19. Oh what a wonderful quilt and photo op--as always! Love the way you set all those blocks together. The colors really pop. You've got the perfect Y-M-C-A poses :)

  20. String quilts are so much fun - lots of fabric memories and fun to piece and arrange. The slightly random white center strips add a soothing coolness to everything. Great finish and photoshoot! I'll be humming YMCA all day!

  21. Luv! The colours are gorgeous and your idea of using different widths for the white strip worked beautifully - it adds a whole new layer of movement. YMCA cracked me up.

  22. What a fabulous setting for your oh so colourful string quilt! You look good doing the YMCA (and now I have that song in my head!!)