Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Good-bye, July

Here in the States
July is associated with

red, white and blue.
There was no other choice for my small quilt
this month.

Independence Day
19" x 25"

Earlier this year I purchased the
mini quilt .postcard collection
I don't think it's available still, but 
I did see they have a new book,
It looks quite fun.

I added an outside border to
the original pattern and tweaked 
the size just a bit.

Nothing like simple machine quilting and 
then maybe a turn of the century print on the back.

Yes, we were around then!

There's still time to join in with Wendy,
If I've missed someone else, 
please let me know.
There's no rules. No pressure.


Yesterday was World Embroidery Day.
A good reason to stop doing chores
and get out a needle and thread.

A couple sewing sisters came over to celebrate
and we started a new project.

This is the beginning of mine.
The wool for the hearts came out of the 
 neglected wool stash.

The lovely orange sherbet background 
was a wool blanket that had seen better days.

I pulled out all of the the beautiful threads 
that I've collected with other Sue Spargo projects

and started stitching.
There's no time restrictions on this.
Just slow and sweet.

Until Next Time-


  1. Hip Hip Hooray for your RW&B mini. Very cute and I love to hear quilters adapting patterns to their needs!
    lovely little wooly project. I made a wool sewing kit and need to look for that. I think it was Sue S too.
    happy stitching

  2. Such a cute mini. I made one for July as well although it was a much simpler pattern.

    The wool project looks like a lot of fun. Hope you gals enjoyed your day.

  3. What a darling little quilt...perfect fabrics!!! Your new wool project is just full of hearts and love!

  4. Ooooo I love that red white and blue, so crisp. I missed embroidery day! Next year. Love those hearts - the color combos - and I’m sure your stitching will bring it to the next level of pretty!

  5. I so enjoy ready your blog. You make it so entertaining. Your red, white and blue quilt is adorable. Hugs

  6. Love this patriotic mini! Perfect for the month of July--and on to Labor Day.
    That is a very sweet little hearts creation. Those threads will frost them nicely.
    Did absolutely no stitching on World Embroidery Day, but from the looks of your chores, it is a very good thing you took a break. :)

  7. Cute mini quilt! I can't wait to see what you do with all those yummy embroidery flosses!

  8. Fantastic mini in the "July" colors! I love the Sue Spargo project. I think it is time to revisit my wool collection!

  9. Your mini is perfect for July. I loved your “turn of the century” comment - lol What a pretty and fun wool embroidery project - fun to make together with friends :0)

  10. You found a good use for the 2000 fabric. I don't have any 2000 fabric in stash any more. I used it up in scrappy style quilts.
    How would you like to walk around with that big bunch of grass balanced on your head? Oh my aching neck.

  11. How fun to celebrate World Embroidey Day with friends!
    Your patriotic quilt is darling! Perfect to display each year in July!

  12. Oh, I love your mini! It's perfect for July. Can't wait to see your finished heart bag with all those lush threads :)

  13. I love your little quilt in red, white, and blue! ...great little turn of the century print on back. World Embroidery Day! We need more than one day, don't you think?

  14. Lovely work o n your little quilt. And perfect for July.
    Love seeing your plans for the embroidery too - love those Sue Spargo threads!!

  15. Perfect mini for July and a lovely garden setting to showcase your terrific work...love the 2000 fabric on the back!

  16. Ohh your mini of July is fabulous ! It's very original and it turned out beautifully like that !
    Happy stitching with August ! :)

  17. Ooh--those threads look delicious! Can't wait to see your bag finished. I love the simplicity of your little mini quilt--very striking and effective!

  18. Cute, cute, cute mini! I love the quilted stars in the inner border.

  19. Such a pretty RW&B quilt! It looks lovely beside you geraniums. Look forward to seeing your embroidery project progress. Gorgeous collection of threads!

  20. Great little quilt! Anxious to see what you do for embellishing stitches!