Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Paris, France

I just got back last week from a 
truly incredible trip to France.
Running Man and I were in Paris 

 enjoying the iconic sights.

The Louvre


Paris is a huge city with so much to
see, do and taste.

  We were only
able to explore a small portion of what
the City of Light has to offer.

We were on a Tauck Tour called
Savoring France: Paris, Lyon, and Provence
with a 7 night river cruise on the Rhone.

While in Paris we had the extraordinary opportunity
to have a class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

We were so excited.

We each had our own cooking station complete
with all the equipment laided out, and an
assistant who would whisk away our
dirty equipment.

What were we making?

Our delicious chocolate macarons

Now I'm a graduate!

Me and Chef Vincent Valton

What did we do with all of our chocolate macarons?

I did say they were delicious!!!

All too quickly we had to leave Paris
and head to Lyon to board our ship,
the MS Emerald.

Many wonderful adventured awaited.
I'll share more on another post.

Wishing you many adventures,


  1. Wow Kyle! Thank you for sharing! Looks like you truly had a fantastic time.

  2. What a wonderful opportunity. Sounds like an amazing vacation. Look forward to seeing more. (The macarons look delish)

  3. Fabulous photos and thank you for sharing your grand adventure! My daughter-in-law loves to make macarons...yours look c’est magnifique!! :-) How exciting for you and Running Man.

  4. Oh, this looks so very exciting! And I love the idea of the cooking class!
    DH has always said we need to take a river cruise someday, so I am curious to hear your impressions.
    Looking forward to more of your adventures!

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  6. Now that looks like fun! Everything looks amazing, including your macaroons! One thing that stood out though was the part about the assistant whisking away your dirty equipment, now that is fabulous. lol

  7. I am so happy you got to have this experience!! Yahoo!!

  8. That looks like so much fun! A river cruise sounds much more appealing than an ocean cruise, looking forward to the next installment!

  9. What an awesome experience! So glad you are having this kind of fun this summer!

  10. That looks like an amazing trip!! Your macaroons looked so light and fluffy!

  11. Kyle parece que tu viaje fue fantástico.
    Francia tiene muchas cosas buenas,
    para visitar y disfrutar

  12. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. We just got home from a river cruise too, the Danube for us. We enjoyed it so much, I want to do another one.

  13. What a wonderful trip and looking forward to seeing more of it :)

  14. Oh, to be taught how to make macarons at Gordon Blue in France....... how is that for a bucket list thing? It looks like a wonderful trip, would love to see pictures of Lyon too, have never been there, but is high on my list (also because of the food :-) ).

  15. That was a wonderful start of your trip! Those Macarons look perfect. I can imagine how good they were!

  16. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous trip! Your macaroons look absolutely yummy. Love your official 'chef' outfits. Looking forward to seeing more photos :)

  17. Tres Chic! Can't wait to see more. How did you like the river cruise? I've only been on sea cruises.
    How fun to take a Cordon Blu class - amazing! Don't you make expert cupcakes??

  18. Paris is my favorite city. So impressed with your cooking class. And macaroons seem so difficult to make... easy to consume, though!
    I'll be anxious to hear about how you liked the Tauck river cruise. I've heard great things about that cruise company!

  19. And now... let me introduce you the Queen of Macarons !!! Tadaaaam !

  20. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing - it's on my Bucket List!

  21. Wonderful pictures from Paris.
    How amazing to take a cooking lesson at Le Cordon Bleu!
    Your macarons look super professional as well as delicious.
    What a fabulous adventure thru France - Enjoy!!
    Can't wait to see and hear more.

  22. What an amazing trip - I loved following along on Instagram :0) Looking forward to the "more" !

  23. This looks like a dream come true. I love it!!! When you get home you are going to have to do a picture tutorial on making macarons. I have always wanted to try it. Were they had to make?