Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sweet Summertime

I've been working on some 
pretty sweet things lately.

Nothing finished, but
just been enjoying the process.

Here take a peek.


I've been sewing 2" leftover strips

into log cabin blocks.

I've been participating in 

Check it out, 
if you haven't already.

36 blocks is as many as I'm going to make.

I've got a simple plan for a border.

Been working on my July mini
as part of a challenge from Wendy.

I should have it done by the next post!

One of my long term project is 
getting closer to becoming a quilt top.

2 applique blocks each month 
starting in February.
12 total.

Now to put it together.


I had started something new 
at the beginning of the summer.
Why not!
One of Di Ford's patterns from her book,
Primarily Quilts...2.

Slowly putting together 

the center medallion.

Then added another appliqued border.

What's next?
320 minuscule drunkard's path blocks.

Besides all of that

it's been play time!

Until Next Time-


  1. Sweet indeed! Great projects all. I particularly love the fabrics in your July mini; I'll look forward to the reveal.

  2. Oh my, Kyle. You have been so busy with some really nice projects. That Di Ford pattern looks amazing and intimidating. But I remind myself that you are the one who created the 2017 TQS BOM out of neutrals and turned it into a real gem.

  3. Kyle, it looks like you're having a wonderful summer! Love the Di Ford applique, just gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of summer!

  4. Love your Log Cabin! The colors say sherbet to me or cotton candy - anyway I love it.
    What a pretty pillow.
    You are getting lots done this summer.
    Loved the cute kids photos. What beautiful children.
    your posts always make me smile and lift my day.

  5. So many beautiful projects. I'm in love with your Log Cabin. Hugs

  6. Do you have a twin? You get more done than any two people I know. So, I'm thinking that you either have a twin or you quilt in your sleep, LOL. I love you Log Cabin, too :)

  7. Kyle magníficos trabajos. Pienso como Connie ¿tienes un doble?
    Preciosos niños
    Deseo ver ese mini

  8. 320 miniscule drunkard's paths ... there must be a song in there somewhere! Each of your projects is looking amazing!

  9. That is a sweet summer spread. Its colors exude the feel of summery, sunny days!
    Looks like your July mini may have a patriotic theme.
    Everything about the Di Ford quilt is impressive. Leaves me with my jaw hanging open!

  10. Love your Di Ford quilt - just beautiful!!!

  11. I admire how you manage to work kn so many quilts at the same time. And all so pretty! Love the fabric choice for the Di fact I love them all. But the best to be loved are your adorable grandkids. So much fun to have lot's of time together in summer! Enjoy!

  12. You are working on some amazing projects! Your appliqué is so pretty and I love the photos with your flowers. Love the Di Ford project - gorgeous fabrics and that swirly border - marvellous. Such a fun colorway for your log cabin sewalong. It was hard to resist that one. I look forward to seeing a full picture of your mini!

  13. You have some delightful projects on the go. But it is hard to find time to work on them when you have distractions like play time!!

  14. I really like your log Cabin blocks for Barb's sew along. The fabrics are so light and summery! Your garden is gorgeous too, what a perfect place to take photos of your quilt projects. I've enjoyed reading along with your travel adventures of late. Glad you are home safe and sound and having fun with those cute kiddos again.

  15. So many wonderful summer projects and it looks like you're making great progress on them all! The Di Ford quilt is amazing. Love the fabrics you are using! Your grand kids are absolutely adorable :)

  16. Your grandchildren are getting so big!!
    Congrats on all of your new projects.

  17. I just left a comment on Barb's blog about how I was enjoying seeing the log cabin blocks from the sew-along. Yours included. I wanted to join in but decided it would be foolish to start another project when I had so many in the works or already planned. But it is still tempting.

  18. Your log cabin quilt is lovely, but that medallion quilt is drop-dead gorgeous! 320 drunkard's path blocks? Will you be using a Curvemaster foot? Just wonderin'. ---"Love"

  19. Everything has a wonderful summer lightness to it...your Sutton Grange is really progressing beautifully. Dear photos of the grandlittles!!

  20. Pretty sweet things indeed! Lots of eye candy in this post. Love your photos with your beautiful flowers. Your summer log cabin quilt reminds me of salt water taffy, delicious!

  21. Oh my goodness - you have been having fun! Can't wait to see all the fruits of your playtime! And thanks for the Shirley picture - she's always been a favorite of mine!

  22. Your Di Ford project is to die for--love it! I have her first book--I may need the second one too. I really wanted to do Barb's summer coverlet sew along, but so far haven't been able to fit it in. Your's is looking very summery!