Thursday, August 9, 2018

One More Memory

It's hard to believe that it's been 
a year and half since I went to 

Den Haan & Wagenmakers
in Amsterdam.

 It was a wonderful shop to visit.

I treated myself to a kit.
and started sewing it earlier this year.

I substituted lots of other Dutch Heritage
fabrics into the pattern.

Well, I got the top finished earlier this spring
and finally had opportunity to get it quilted by
one of my favorite local machine quilters, Debi R.

All the quilting has brought it to life.

So much color and pattern.
So much texture. 

I was initially concerned that stitching over
the big chintz pattern would be distracting and
take away from the beauty of the fabric.

But I was very happy how those large squares looked.

The border was the same wonderful complicated fabric, but
even using a feather design it worked out beautifully.  

You might have noticed that I didn't add a
tradition binding, but rather finished the edge in
the traditional Dutch way.

This method involves sewing strips of fabrics together,
 then sewing them to the front of the quilt 
and bringing it the the back of the quilt
where it's hand stitched in place.
In essence, it's creating a facing to finish the edge.  

 It's a very clean and sharp finish.
There are many tutorials online to get the specifics.
I used the same backing fabric so you can barely see it.

I finally got to use this special label
that I had been saving.
It includes the names of the wonderful quilters
I traveled with and those that I had the privilege to meet
along the way.

I am so happy to have this quilt finished.

The pattern name was called Clafoutis,
 which is a classic French dessert that
combines fresh cherries in a rich dense custard.
So obviously, to celebrate
I made a cherry clafoutis.

Both the dessert and my quilt
turned out perfect. 
Hope you agree.

Until Next Time-


  1. Gorgeous fabrics and a lovely quilt you now have!

  2. Absolutely stunning, Kyle! This is my kind of quilt, and it's stitched with all of the great memories of your trip (love the pic of you in the mirror!). And to top it off with a pan of cherry clafouti? Well, just perfect.

  3. What a beautiful quilt and what a yummy looking dessert. I love the memory filled label too. Well done Kyle. I have never finished a quilt using the facing method. I am going to have to try it as it looks so lovely!

  4. I so love this quilt. Such a wonderful reminder of your trip. The label turned out great. Hugs

  5. I do agree! It is just awsome! And that label, I remember it now that you showed it! It seems so long ago.....
    Hope you will be back soon!

  6. The quilt is magnificient. You pieced it perfectly and Debi did a great job on the quilting. Congratulations on another beautiful finish. The dessert looks wonderful, too :)

  7. Wonderful memories for you and your sister travelers! The quilt turned out so luscious - and the label is perfect. Your dessert looks equally luscious too. Love the Polish pottery baking dish.

  8. Congratulations... your quilt is Stunning!
    Such a fabulous and very special memory quilt.
    Love your label too. And that Cherry Clafoutis looks equally delicious.

  9. Very pretty quilting for a pretty quilt. The label is so special.....the cute design could have been a mini on its own! I am not commenting on the dessert....I am on a diet :( !

  10. Gorgeous, and a great way to remember your special trip.

  11. Those fabrics are so lush, and your piecing is beautifully done. I do like the design your quilter used in those larger squares, I'm thinking it 'might' be doable on my Janome if I drew it on with a washout marker first. Will have to experiment with that sometime. At any rate you have a gorgeous reminder of your trip last year!

  12. Definitely agree! Wow, such a beautiful quilt and so many memories attached to it, in the fabrics, the label (so lovely). You did a great job , also mixing other fabrics with the kit, as did you quilter. The finish is very sharp, beautiful. With all the memories in this quilt it must be very special. Hope you will be back some day for more memories and fabrics :-)

  13. A real treasure from Amsterdam. What a beauty.

  14. Congratulations! It is gorgeous, all of it. The memories, meeting you! The friends you made at Yvonne's, just stunning!

  15. This is a lovely result. Your quilt has turned out so well and is a real treasure.

  16. What a beautiful quilt you made! Love your label (also with a little contribution from me ;-))
    Hope to see you again!

  17. I agree! Your quilt is perfect in every way--beautiful fabrics, wonderful quilting, great binding and awesome label! So many memories :) Your dessert looks yummy!

  18. Absolutely! Your quilt is marvelous!! And what a fun and clever label. You have captured your memories of your trip in a wonderful way.

  19. Oh that quilt is simply stunning! I'm not much of a cook, but custard is one of my favorite foods and who doesn't like cherries? Great post!

  20. Beautiful, beautiful quilt - I am green with envy (the good kind)! What a wonderful way to preserve your memories! I didn't realize clafoutis was made as a custard - I thought it was more like fruit cobbler. I'll definitely have to give it a try as I love cherries and custard!

  21. The quilting is beautiful!! It doesn't overpower the chintzes at all - only adds texture and interest upon close inspection. This quilt is gorgeous!! The binding is a smooth and beautiful finish - I love that it is Dutch too. And, what a fantastic label - a lovely remembrance of your trip and the people who made it so special. Cafloutis sounds and looks yummy :0)

  22. Beautiful quilt and fascinating finish technique. What a great way to remember your trip!

  23. What a lovely quilt and the quilting is beautiful. It is fun to study all the beautiful fabrics.
    The label is so special. What a great way to remember that special trip.
    Yum! your Cafloutis looks scrummy.
    Your posts are always a delight!

  24. I agree, I agree! That looks delicious and the quilt is beautiful. I love that you planned the label so well and had everyone sign it. That's so special. Now what time should I be over for dessert? LOL

  25. Your ‘Dutch Quilt’ is absolutely gorgeous! A wonderful way to remember your adventure. Such a precious label too!

  26. Kyle estoy de acuerdo.
    La colcha es una maravilla
    y el postre me parece delicioso
    Buena semana

  27. What a gorgeous quilt it turned out to be! I love the Dutch binding, too! Le clafoutis est délicieux !

  28. Kyle, this quilt is wonderful--I think you chose the perfect pattern to show off the beautiful prints! Your label is so meaningful and fun also--love it!

  29. I love your clafoutis quilt, Kyle! I am wondering why Dutch fabric lookalikes are not made in the US, does anyone know? I don’t think I’ll ever make it to Europe:(