Thursday, August 23, 2018

It's That Time Again

It's that time again to share
my August small quilt
along with Wendy and the rest of the quilter's
participating in her monthly mini.

Earlier in August I was sitting outside
and noticed how pretty the prairie sage looked in the garden.

The dusty purple and green colors looked so soft
and luscious on that hot August day.

I decided I would use this as my color palette.

(Running Man's bees are crazy in love with the flowers.)

A while ago I was the lucky winner of 
Janet O's blog,  rogue quilter anniversary giveaway.
Besides sending some of her awesome soap,
a mini Dresden plate pincushion, fabric,
the prize included Jo Morton's newest book!

I turned to the first quilt in the book, sorted through fabrics
and started sewing.

I love sewing hourglass blocks, especially
when they are over sized and easy to trim.

Using the easy sewing method Jo
describes in her book,
the blocks came out perfect every time.
Before I knew it the quilt was finished.

Prairie Sage
20" x 22"

The colors and the simplicity of this quilt
harmonized with the Prairie Sage.

It's a lovely way to remember August.

Thanks again, Wendy, for your monthly encouragement.

Until Next Time-


  1. Kyle, your Prairie Sage quilt turned out beautiful! I do love Jo Morton's designs and have made several of her patterns. They're so classic and lend themselves to any fabrics and color combinations. Yours is perfect!

  2. Love it! You captured the colors of the sage perfectly.

  3. Hello Kyle !! You realized a beautiful quilt ! Purple colors remind me the lavender in Provence !
    Congratulations !

  4. Beautiful, both your sage and your little quilt! ---"Love"

  5. Oh how I love this quilt. Hugs

  6. As soon as I saw the picture of the sage, it came to my mind that the colors were so pretty together and would make a good color combo for a quilt. And here, that is just what it inspired you to do. Love it and love the idea. And I did not know those flowers were called Prairie Sage. I learned something.

  7. Love how your garden led to the creation of this dear quilt...the colors came together beautifully - we can always rely on Mother Nature for inspiration. Interesting how this plant goes by various names according to where you in the upper midwest, the plant is known as Russian Sage. I tried wintering it over a while back but we are borderline Zone 3 to 4 and it really does best in Zone 4. Yours looks very happy!!

  8. Your little mini quiltachieved the softness of that Russian Sage (Perovskia) perfectly! I love purple and green together. Russian Sage is one of my favorite flowers, we had some in our wildflower garden in Oregon. The bees love it, as well as the butterflies. I wish our climate was a bit less rainy so we could grow it here.

  9. Perfect combination of colors! Lovely little summer quilt.

  10. Oh I would say this is a perfect way to remember August. Those colors / fabrics are so pretty and all sewn into hourglass blocks made for a pretty mini.

  11. What a delightful little quilt! It looks so pretty in the basket :0) Your prairie sage is beautiful - it doesn't grow where I live - we're zone 2

  12. A beautiful little quilt . . . and your garden looks amazing, too :)

  13. You've created such a beautiful restful mood with this quilt! It makes me feel calmer just looking at it!

  14. Such a pretty quilt! Love the colours, not my favorite block, but will be buying the book to find out the easy method, thanks!

  15. Such a lovely quilt! A wonderful way to remember the summer and the beautiful flowers in your garden.

  16. You nailed the colors! What a pretty quilt. Your photos are lovely and I think you should make some cards using the print with the prairie grass and quilt. Who wouldn't love to receive one of those? Great monthly mini!

  17. You have captured the essence of your lovely Prairie Sage so very well. Just beautiful!
    This is one of my favorite color combos. I even went through a phase where most everything I made was from these two colors.
    I agree with Chantal--you have some lovely photos here for notecards.

  18. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful way to capture the colors of summer. I will link up as soon as I post mine - hopefully today!

  19. I just love your August mini! It's a wonderful interpretation of the Prairie Sage plant. Beautiful pictures, too! Thanks for the reminder--I need to get Jo Morton's new book :)

  20. This is so pretty. You did a lovely job and it looks so pretty sitting in the garden.

  21. Lovely choice and a great finish. Love the inspiration, too.

  22. Adorable! The border fabric is such a fun finishing touch!

  23. What a elegant little quilt. I love your inspiration, approach and finished quilt. just lovely
    great outdoor photo shoot, looks like a magazine spread.

  24. Kyle que bonita colcha !!
    Esta perfecta armonía con tus flores

  25. Prairie sage is a beauty! So is your garden inspiration.

  26. Beautiful colurs Kylie and it sure does look like your sage. Cheers Glenda