Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What's On Your Bed- Springtime

Spring is starting to make her presents known
even here is Colorado.

Oh, it makes me feel
so carefree and giddy.

It's the perfect time to take 
the winter quilts off the beds and
exchange them for a fresh springtime look.
On one guest bed you'll find this quilt.

Springtime Garden

This was a Gerry Kimmel-Carr pattern
from Red Wagon 

This quilt brings back  a lot of memories
of appliqueing in the car through all kinds of weather
while parked behind the music building on the campus of
Colorado State University during
my daughter's weekly cello lesson.

Oh, what mothers do.

On another guest bed is this quilt.

Ewe and I

2014 - 20015

This quilt was the BOM from the Quilt Show
in 2014 designed by Janet Stone,
 but the fabrics were from 1998.

This is such a happy quilt
with spring fabrics, a line from Sandy Gervais.
I just could never find the right project over the years and
  was glad I had held on to them
 for this one.

If you happened to drop by,  you'd
find this quilt on my bed.
One of my favorites.

"Blue Tick"

This pattern is designed by Barb Adams and Alma Allen
from their book
Celebration of American Life.

There were several friends who bought yards and yards of
this wonderful blue ticking.
The reverse side of the fabric had a soft aged look so
that's what I used.

Each block is hand appliqued

Each block was designed to
symbolize many of the values I cherish.




It's a delightful quilt to sleep under
when some days are still cold and
others bring the warmth of spring.

Each season is represented in our quilts.
They include memories of a time
or event making each one special.

Until Next Time-


  1. Such beautiful quilts. I was hoping Spring had arrived till I looked out the window this morning and saw it was snowing. Oh Well I guess I can always look at your quilts and dream. Hugs

  2. With heavy rain and high winds today followed by snow tomorrow, I think the three heavy quilts will stay on my bed a bit longer! Spring is only in our dreams this year it seems! Thanks for showing us these three gorgeous creations!

  3. Gorgeous quilts! I love that ticking!!
    I took off our down comforter, but had to add another quilt because our temps have still been chilly at night. Typical spring!

  4. So glad I read your new post this morning - your quilts are such a celebration of Spring! The Blackbird Designs quilt has always been a particular favorite and your interpretation is fabulous. That quilt was our guild raffle quilt a number of years ago. My block was the third one on the right, third row down. Those of us who worked on the project found it very difficult to “let it go!” With all your lovely applique and fabrics I can see why it holds a special place in your heart. Winter quilts still here...we are headed to below zero temps...and more snow...

  5. It is easy to see why that one is one of your favorites. Happy Spring . . . have fun tweaking your bedrooms and giving them all a spring freshening. It's still cold here. I tried lighter quilts a couple of weeks ago, and went back to my winter ones. I didn't get any sleep the first night because I was so cold, LOL.

  6. Your Spring Quilts are all beautiful celebrations of the Season!
    Wonderful to have so many fond memories attached to each of them.
    Happy Spring!

  7. You have beautiful quilts for Spring. I especially love that last one where you used the reverse side of the ticking. Very smart--it looks wonderful!

  8. Love using the right fabric from your stash, for the right pattern, even better when you have waited to find that pattern, but still love the fabric just as much as you did when you brought it years before!

  9. My bed stays pretty much the same year round. I wouldn't be able to switch them out like you do even on just my bed!! Oh well...yours are beautiful!

  10. WOW!!! I love your spring Blanket gorgeous, each and every one! BRAVO!!

  11. Kyle your quilts are so pretty! Love the yellow in Springtome Garden and the stripes in Blue Tick.
    And of course the beautiful applique work. I am sure they all look great on the beds.
    Happy Spring!

  12. They are all beautiful ! Thanks for the show :)

  13. What a treat to see some of your older quilts. I just love Blue Tick and enjoyed the close pictures of the blocks.

  14. What a lovely selection of Quils Kyle!! Ewe and I A-Z has wonderful springtime colours in it. Springtime Garden is gorgeous. I love you used the reverse side for Big Tick.

  15. I love seeing your springtime quilts! Blue Tick is lovely with its beautiful appliqued blocks and sawtooth borders. I haven't given up my comforter yet but hopefully, soon!

  16. What wonderful spring quilts. I love love your alphabet quilt! What a great pattern and color pallet.
    It makes such a difference when we switch the house quilts out for the new season.
    wow the album quilt on your bed is gorgeous. I have that book and I always admired their work and designs.
    Your applique is lovely!

  17. Your Springtime Garden quilt especially makes me pause and think about making one of my own. Not with applique particularly, but maybe just the layout/style! It's been on my bucket list forever so maybe it's time? hehe

  18. so many gorgeous quilts! i need to make several more so that I can rotate them on all the beds, I did change my winter quilt for a spring one on our bed 😀

  19. Thanks for the mini quilt show - it was fun to see what springtime quilts are on your beds! What a treat to see a Blackbird Designs quilt that's new to me! I wish Barb and Alma would publish a "greatest hits" book to collect some of their lovely quilts that are now out of print.

  20. Oh, I am so jealous that you made a quilt with the blue ticking fabric from the Blackbird Designs fabric. The fabric was all sold out before I discovered the pattern. I did see some for sale at a later date but I was long gone on other projects at that time.

  21. I Love the idea of changing quilts for each season. A lovely way to see and use as many as possible.

  22. Love your quilt Kyle, and the idea of changing them each season is great. Your blue tick quilt is gorgeous in fact they all are. LOL!

  23. So, sew many lovely quilts!
    Thanks for sharing, I can imagine how beautiful they are in your home.

  24. Like that one .... Remembrance

  25. Thanks for the eye candy and the promise of Spring. I am back online now, but am woefully behind in my blog reading!