Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March's Small Quilt- Let's Have a Potluck

There's nothing better 
than going to a Potluck.
It's a communal gathering
where each guest brings a different
and hopefully, unique and delicious dish
to be shared.
hosted another block swap.
This time with the Broken Dishes block.
With new blocks arriving for the swap of 2018,
I decided it might be time to
sew together the previous group.

I sewed the majority of the 4" blocks
together into one large quilt.

Here's a small peek.

It's off to the quilters so 
Debi can do her magic.

But there were several lovely blocks left.
What better to do than to sew them together
for my Small Quilt for the month of March.

(Being red and white it probably qualifies 
more for a February finish.💖💖)

20" x 28"

A block swap is exactly like a Pot Luck.
Each quilter sharing their blocks,
 using their best sewing skills,
and allowing everyone to enjoy
the fabrics they picked out.

It's amazing how they all work together.
I couldn't decide on a single border fabric.
Why not use 4 different ones.

Add some simple machine quilting
before you know it these broken dishes
are serving up a delicious feast for the eyes.

Until Next Time-


  1. Very pretty with such a nice array of reds! :)

  2. What a sweet little quilt! You're right, it'll be perfect for Valentines Day or even the 4th of July against a deep blue background. As will be it's big sister.

  3. Perfect potluck quilt!! Love it...and that is something I do a lot of too, using up my extra pieces and parts.

  4. Fabulous! I think the name is perfect too! I just finished mine and I will link yours up today. What fun!

  5. When it comes to reds, I think all of them go together in a scrappy quilt. You did good!

  6. Wee love the name, the sentiment and everything about your broken dishes quilt. The little one is sweet! can't wait to see the large one, it looks awesome!
    I too have out my modern broken dishes, maybe I'll have a top to share soon.
    love your photos outside :)
    oh, and I also LOVE potluck meals - they are literally my favorite!

  7. Love your potluck quilt. Cant wait to see your sneek peek quilt. I love a red and white quilt. Hugs

  8. That is darling Kyle! Love the outdoor setting for your photo op!!

  9. For potluck dinners, I always like to make something that is quick and easy, and also delicious (like Cherry Dump Cake). Your quilt covers all three of those! Thanks for sharing. ---"Love"

  10. Adorable dolly quilt for March! Love it and also love seeing your bare ground with a hint of green...a welcome sight from our allover white snow cover...sigh...

  11. Kyle maravilloso edredón. Me encanta rojo y blanco
    Genial las fronteras
    Esperando el próximo

  12. Such a fabulous little quilt!
    Great name for it's title too.
    Your larger top is a beauty as well.

  13. I love both of these broken dishes quilts. The red prints go so well together. I look forward to seeing the larger one when you get it back from your quilter. Your outdoor picture of the doll quilt is lovely - your snow is all gone :0) You have a beautiful view!!

  14. What a pretty little quilt. Love the pictures of it with the Mountains at the background!
    Every time I visit the US and we aproach the Mountains my heart makes a jump of joy!

  15. Loving the peek of the big quilt..can't wait to see it all done. And the small one is so sweet. Love the settings you selected in which to photograph it!

  16. Sweet little quilt and I love your comparison to a pot luck dinner - so true! Will look forward to seeing your larger quilt too. My broken dishes blocks await a project ... time to get busy! Love your outdoor photos - such a nice landscape.

  17. Two quilts .... how perfect is that! Looking forward to seeing the larger quilt.

  18. They are both charming—great ways to use those blocks!

  19. Two wonderful quilts! Look forward to seeing the larger one finished! Love your photo shoot--and the scenery :) It was so clever of you to add 4 different fabrics for the border on your little quilt! Great finish!

  20. A great little finish, with a fun name. Can't wait to see the bigger one after it is quilted.

  21. Reminds me of the perfect potluck side--cherry jello with pineapple and cherry pie filling :)

  22. What a lovely collection of blocks to use in the main quilt and how lovely to turn the leftovers into a small quilt as well. Gorgeous photo on the fence. Love the name, too.

  23. Lovely little quilts Kyle.