Thursday, March 22, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

There are times 
when it's fun to look in the past
and smile.

Perfect hair required being 
tethered to a hose.

No backpacks
to carry your books home from school.

Listening to the top tunes

on your own transistor radio.

Recently, Barb at Fun With Barb, hosted a 
swap with Churn Dash blocks.
It's a great little block that can
be sewn with any style of fabric
and set together in a variety of ways.

I thought I'd share today on
Throw back Thursday a Churn Dash quilt 
I made in 1989.

It's still one of  my favorites.

 6" blocks set on point
with a  alternating indigo blue square.

Back then I hand quilted everything

and generally used a solid for the backing.

Fabric styles have a changed a bit too.

VIP fabrics were very popular.

Jinny Beyer fabrics 
were a major change from the small
calico prints you could still find.

Country blues and mauves,
 definitely a popular color scheme.

If you've quilted for a few decades like me,
you might even recognize a print or two.

It's fun once in awhile to look
back and see how styles, tends, and ideas
have changed.
Can't wait to start playing with some new
Churn Dash blocks soon.

I have a set of vintage blocks too.

What to work on next!?!

Until Next Time-


  1. Such fun photos of what used to be. :)
    Great churn dash quilt--you just can't beat the classics.
    Not only do I recognize many of the fabrics, I think I might still have a bit of one or two still in my stash.
    Your hand quilting is lovely and even.
    What fun to open your new bundle of blocks and peruse the variety of fabrics.
    Are the vintage blocks all the same fabrics?

  2. I received mine today !! They are terrific !
    Your quilt is beautiful and I can understand that you treasure it !
    Lovely stitches too ! Congratulations Kyle !

  3. I used to have one of those hair dryers only the hose was in the back of it.
    I once was told by an older quilter that quilt backs should be plain white/off-white fabric. She said I wasted my time hand quilting with a print backing as the quilting did not show on the back.

  4. Kyle que bonito intercambio.
    Tu colcha es preciosa!!
    Me encantan ese tulipán en el acolchado.
    Bonitas fotos de recuerdos

  5. Such a lovely churn dash quilt - so beautifully quilted!! The quilted tulips are so pretty and show so well on the solid. I love how you embroidered your name and the year - my grandma would do that too only she embroidered the recipient's name and the year. My mom had a hair dryer like that - my dad would say she was "baking her brains" :0) I can't wait to see what you do with your swap blocks.

  6. Such a sweet quilt. LOVE the stitching especially!

  7. Love a good churn dash, a classic block that doesnt date, always looks good!

  8. you have led us down Memory Lane with your Churn many of those fabrics jump out at me and say, yes! I do remember them. And how wonderful that everything you did was seems to be a vanishing art.

  9. Oh my, I remember all those vintage "accessories" and still have vintage VIP and Cranston fabrics in my stash. The classic quilt patterns won't ever go out of style. Your vintage churn dash quilt is in amazing condition, hard to believe that deep blue hasn't faded to gray-blue by now. Always a treat traveling down memory lane with you.

  10. I mean you weren't a proper quilter unless you hand quilted. Sniff (with nose in the air). I even used bed sheets for the backing and undid every stitch that wasn't perfect! Oh my, how times have changed. My new mantra is: finished is better than perfect, and if it doesn't look right then I just take my glasses off. I had a hairdryer like that wth the hose at the back though and ended up with crease marks on my forehead that stayed for ages!

  11. Times have indeed changed, and unfortunately, not all for the better. Your quilt is still beautiful, and quite a treasure! ---"Love"

  12. Wonderful! As a someone who started quilting in the late '80's (be it with a period of 12 years when I was too busy to quilt at all) I do remember the vip fabrics. However I remember that here in The Netherlands we did not get a lot of calico's, which I found a shame because I loved them. I remember a lot of fabrics with roses big and small and yes a lot of the Jinny Beyer which I did not like at all. Loved and still cherish her books though, the best. Your quilt is lovely, one of my fav blocks too and your quilting beautiful. I do love handquilting, wish it was quicker.

  13. I can remember the sound and smell of my moms pink bonnet hair dryer. lol
    Your churn dash quilt is great. Wonderful hand quilting! I have also made this size variation of the churn dash. I'm not sure what makes them CD vs hole in the barn door, monkey wrench,etc.
    can't wait to see what you do with the vintage block ;)

  14. You have been doing this for a long time, no wonder your quilts are so amazing. Do you remember when you made your first quilt?

  15. OMG Kyle - that hairdryer image took me waaaay back, so say nothing of the transistor radio. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Love your Churn Dash. A Churn Dash is on my 'some day' list, I just need to figure out how to add about 50 years to my lifespan...

  16. That is fascinating. So interesting to see the fabrics from another time and to see how you did the quilting. I think my first quilts were around that time too.
    Thanks for the memories.

  17. The vintage pictures you find always make me smile :) I've always wanted to make a Churn Dash quilt. I love the setting of the one you previously made and your quilting stitches are beautiful! I have a few ideas in mind for the swap blocks. Have fun with yours!

  18. It was a great swap and I love your pictures here!