Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Snapshot

It's been a busy week
so I just have time to 
give you a snapshot.

Life has a way of keeping you very busy.

Spent  some time doing .....

My Dutch quilt is coming together!

My daily playmate is almost a year old!

Don't sew without an other project
to lead in and out of your machine.
I love Barb's 
big Baptist Fan stencil!

Running Man's starting a new hive
Go, Bees, Go!

What's your week's snapshot?

Until Next Time-


  1. All very nice projects and adorable playmate to keep you busy this week. I have a few projects in mind that would work for a leader/ender but just need to select one and get organized. The snowball is a great idea.

  2. So many wonderful projects. I love your Dutch quilt. Your little man is getting so big. I watched my grandson everyday for 8 years. It was such a joy. Now he is getting married in June. Enjoy your time with him. They grow so fast. Hugs

  3. My snapshot is nowhere near as full as yours.
    How exciting to see the Dutch quilt come together! Just lovely!
    Your hand quilting is a beautiful finish to your LeMoyne Stars.
    And that little guy keeps you on your toes, I'm sure. He will either keep you young or wear you out. LOL

  4. You have definitely been busy - amazing what you have accomplished while your grandlittle keeps you running!

  5. Your daily playmate is adorable. I'm so impressed you got all those wonderful blocks made already! Such lovely texture you are creating with your handquilting :0) What a great leader ender idea - I'd like to join you.

  6. Your days are filled to the brim with sweet goodness! I love the way your Dutch fabric blocks are coming along. Happy stitching!

  7. Your so organised with three things activity on the go! I would love to make some snowball blocks, that is on the one day list! Hand stitching for me today, because it is all prepped ready for my holiday and I didnt do any!

  8. Quilts on the beds, biscuit in the oven and honey to spread on them when they come out . . . sounds like a happy life :)

  9. Kyle que buena semana la tuya ¡¡ ese bebe es una maravillosa ocupación !!
    Las colchas se ven fantásticas, me encanta la bola de nieve

  10. Do you have bees to get honey? An interesting little hobby. I have read articles about a shortage of bees. Wonder if that is still true.

  11. You have definitely been busy - amazing what you have accomplished while your grandlittle keeps you running!


  12. So many wonderful snapshots! I love seeing the projects you're working on and your progress. The Dutch top is gorgeous. You reminded me to start a leader/ender project. My scrap bins are overflowing. Barb V's BF looks so nice on your star quilt :) Your little guy is the cutest!

  13. Wow, you've been wonderfully busy! LOVE your Dutch quilt it's looking gorgeous!
    Your grandson is such a beautiful little boy and growing up so fast.
    That Lemoyne star quilt is so sweet, great choice of templates for your quilting design.
    Wishing Running Man huge success with the new hive of Bees!

  14. It has been a busy time.
    Love seeing the bees.
    We used to have some hives until my hubby found he was allergic to bee stings. That sure changed our plans.

  15. Oooh--I love your Dutch quilt--so beautiful!!! How fun that your have that little playmate keeping you on your toes--such a sweetie!

  16. You are a very busy girl! Such a cute play mate and love your projects.

  17. You have been busy and productive--love the stars with the big quilt stitch

  18. what a fun post! I love how you posted your photos.
    What a little cutie! I didn't know you kept bees. I've thought about it and even went to bee school which was really interesting. How many hives does he keep?
    Your Dutch blocks are so pretty - you got them done fast!
    Glad you like my fan :)

  19. You got to play with some cute fabrics this week, love how the Dutch blocks turned out!
    The cutest to play with however is that darling grandson!

  20. OMG - it has been busy. Totally love your Dutch quilt - it is just spectacular and you just breezed through getting those blocks together. Big shout out to Running Man for helping out the bees - I'm certain that they are very happy in their new home.

  21. You were definitively busy ! No doubt about that !
    Your Dutch quilt is awesome !! OMG !! And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to think that...
    This little man is sooo sweet !! :)

  22. Love the Dutch quilt and the playmate! :) Being a grandma as well I could 'eat him up' with kisses and hugs he is just adorable !

  23. Your Dutch quilt is fabulous! And that little one on the trike is adorable! I'm fortunate to have my new grandson one day a week now and it is amazing how nothing gets done on that day (except for hugs and kisses!). Good luck with your new bees. This will be our first year as beekeepers so I am keeping my fingers crossed for the little critters!