Thursday, April 19, 2018

Time to Start Something New

A year has a way of
slipping away if you're not careful.

It's hard to believe
that it's already been a year
since I had the opportunity
to visit the Netherlands.

I was so fortunate to travel with
7 wonderful women from Virginia

and then, even met some new delightful Dutch quilting friends!

Besides touring Amsterdam
and the surrounding countryside, complete with tulips,

we, of course, went to Petra Prin's shop

to do a little shopping.

I brought home the kit for this quilt.

Last week I decided it had 
lingered long enough

and opened up that delicious box
filled with fabulous fabrics and the
beautiful colors of this large Dutch chintz.

It felt so exciting and brought back
sweet memories of my awesome trip.

One block

quickly became 3

then doubled to six.

It's been such a treat working on this.

The only thing better would be
working on these blocks during a "sew day"
together with friends.

Until Next Time-


  1. A year gone by already!
    We often recall to the fun time we had while you all were visiting our Bee.
    Hope you will return some day for a bit longer, you are always welcome!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful trip! How great that you are able to relive it while making that beautiful quilt.

  3. that was such an amazing trip. I just can't believe the flowers looked that lush. So gorgeous.
    Have fun with the kit, it will be a stunner

  4. A whole year already, and all those memories represented in those delicious fabrics! They look positively gorgeous and a joy to work with. Each block is more beautiful than the one before. Enjoy!

  5. Beautiful pictures and the sight of all the flowering spring bulbs lifted my snow weary spirits. But seeing your blocks started from that heavenly grouping of fabrics and the chintz - oh my...your quilt will be stunning! Have fun working on this and remembering your visit with quilting friends.

  6. What a great way to commemorate your trip. Such a wonderful experience, and now a beautiful quilt to remind you of it. :)

  7. What a lovely kit and working on it will definitely bring back memories! That chintz fabric is to die for. The photo with the tulips ... oh my .... what a delight that would be to see it in person. It will be a while before tulips pop out here as there is why too much snow still on the ground.

  8. What a beautiful kit with amazing fabrics! It will make a lovely quilt filled with very special memories. Enjoy making it!!

  9. Happy to see you've opened up that beautiful quilt kit.
    Your first few blocks are just stunning!
    I can't help but smile with such fond memories of that trip.
    Thank you again for making it a special and memorable experience!
    I look forward to following your progress on what I know will be a gorgeous quilt!

  10. That fabric is LUSCIOUS!! I love the cherries!
    What a great memory!!

  11. Your post brought back some wonderful memories of that trip - I can't believe it's been a year already! I can't wait to watch your progress on this quilt and look forward to seeing the end result.

  12. What gorgeous fabric and your blocks are Stunning ! Such a perfect quilt from Memories of a Wonderful trip !

  13. Kyle que bonito viaje.
    ¡¡maravillosas telas!!
    sera un impresionante edredón

  14. I remember your post about your trip there ! :) Enjoy your work on this looks as if you are on a beautiful journey with it :) Lovely fabric and blocks.

  15. Oh Kyle, I remember reading the tales of your travels and drooling over the kit that you brought home. So glad that you've started it - totally gorgeous so far!

  16. Love the kit fabrics. The quilt design works up so well with these fabrics. Will make a wonderful memory of your trip. I had forgotten that you made the trip with the Virginia ladies. Lucky you!

  17. Oh wow ... the fabrics are gorgeous ! I can't wait to admire your top done !!

  18. What beautiful fabrics! Your quilt will be a wonderful reminder of your trip with friends. And those tulips are gorgeous :)

  19. Those tulips!!! I love them! What pretty fabrics, and I know your quilt will be a show stopper. Enjoy!

  20. Looks like a lovely time. And you have gorgeous fabrics as a reminder.
    I will be there in July, but only in Amsterdam for a few days. Hope i have as much fun as you did.

  21. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous fabrics! Enjoy the stitching (and the memories)! :-)

  22. The years do slip away!
    Fortunately, blocks also stack up.
    Enjoyed seeing your new start.

  23. Wow! I remember when you and Doreen went on this trip. It seems like yesterday (almost).

    Those blocks are so pretty. What a wonderful way to remember such a fun time with friends.

  24. Love the pictures living not far from some fields - Love them every year..... Joan

  25. Wow, time does fly...but what fun blocks you are making! It will be exciting to see them multiply.

  26. Those Dutch fabrics are just gorgeous and they deserve to be made into one of your beautifully crafted quilts!

  27. Those tulips!!! I love them! What pretty fabrics, and I know your quilt will be a show stopper. Enjoy!


  28. Love your blocks. They (and the quilt once it is finished) will be a lovely reminder of your trip to our country. Are you saving up to come again?