Friday, May 4, 2018

Part of My Quilt Journey

I'm known affectionately, I hope, as the 

in one of my quilt groups.

I really don't mind.
I've always thought it's an 
important step when you're finishing a quilt
and I know, the members my group,
have gotten much better about getting 
that label on.

Another way to document is 
to take photos of your work.
When you have a blog it's a natural step.
But if you don't blog,
get that camera out.

I've mentioned before that I
document my quilts in photo books.

It's simply for my own pleasure
and maybe my family's.
It's been a wonderful way to see my
journey in quiltmaking.

I continue to work backwards and 
recently, I've been working on 
Were you making quilts then?

As long as I had photos downloaded
I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of my favorites.


I've always loved this whimsical pattern
designed by Connie Huddleston of the
Starry Pines Pattern Co.
I used some hand dyed flannels for the letters instead of wool and
I finished this in 2001.

4 Block Applique

In 1998 I took a class from Terry Cloither Thompson
and started this 1850's antique reproduction quilt.
I finished it in 2001 and hand quilted it.

One more...

Single Wedding Ring
25th Anniversary quilt

Definitely a labor of love.💕

Okay,  I had to include one more.

Oriole Circles

Paper pieced and hand quilted.

It's interesting to look back and
see how styles, techniques and color trends have changed
over the years.

Of course,
if I hadn't had a label on these
quilts there won't have been any way
for me or anyone else to know
when they were made or by whom.
(end of lecture)

I have to admit I do a lot less
hand quilting than what I use to,
but maybe that's why these quilts 
are some of my favorites.

Until Next Time-


  1. You make some very good points! And it is great to see you also keeping photos.
    It is lovely to see your older work. Always fascinating to see how taste changes over the years. But so much early work like yours has stood the test of time.
    I have been photographing my quilts from the beginning. Great record and it helps me date them.

  2. These are all gorgeous, timeless classics! There is something very special in a hand quilted quilt, a softness in both look and feel that is not achieved with machine quilting, nice as some of it is. I hope you'll share other oldies but goodies in some future posts. I've begun making books too, the first one covered 1983 to October of 2017, when they had a deal for unlimited free pages.

  3. The photo book is a great way to document your creations. The books are a treasure just as the quilts you've made and you've made some really beautiful quilts.

  4. Your quilts are so beautiful. I love the photo of the Label Policewoman. You always find the best photos to illustrate your blog. Hugs

  5. Favorites indeed! These are lovely. I love seeing early works that haven't been on your blog. I print my Blog every year (Blog to Print) but I do not have books for my older quilts and I know I should take some time and organize all my photos. Some go back to the 1970's! Thank you for the label lecture. It is so important for future historians! I still hand quilt quite a bit, but like you not nearly as much as I used to. I also find that my stitches aren't as good now, but I'm not giving it up just yet!

  6. Thanks for dhowing us those quilts Kyle, they are stunning! Style May change but I know everyone can still appreciate such beautiful work.

  7. Absolutely wonderful, Kyle! Repeat block quilts are so appealing and your quilting is lovely! I've printed my blog for the past 4 years but need to get back to 2011 when I first started. I do have files on my computer with photos of every quilt plus a spreadsheet with pertinent info/photos and links to my blog posts. I'm pretty sure there are labels or embroidered signatures/initials/dates on all my quilts but I really should double check! Thanks for the reminder :)

  8. You are a great enforcer, Kyle. Quilts need their labels!! I am making labels to go on my Mom's quilts (who never labeled anything). I have had her sign a bunch of labels and I have sat down with her with photos of all her quilts and had her tell me about them. Now I need to fill in the labels and start stitching.
    You do such meticulous work--each one an heirloom!

  9. p.s. Yes, I was quilting in the 90s. I started my first quilt in junior high in the 70s, but got serious about quilting in the late 80s.

  10. The red and green quilt makes my heart sing! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  11. What beautiful quilts, Kyle! Your work has always been top-notch! And yes, labels are important.

  12. Wow oh wow! Kyle these quilts are incredible. I was drooling all over the 4 block applique and then I scrolled down to the single wedding ring - WOW! That quilting is fabulous! i just started quilting in 1998 - you were making masterpieces. I love the piecing and colors of Oriole circles - it's so striking. Your label policewoman is a very fun picture but don't let her come over to see my label-less quilts - yikes!

  13. All of those quilts are incredibly beautiful! Your 'labor of love' was exactly that, no doubt. I take lots of pictures, probably way too many. Back at the end of 2009 when it was decided to close down the APQ blogging site, all, or at least most, of our APQ Blogging Buddies decided to move our blogs here. Before the APQ site was taken down, I printed all my posts there and I've printed them all since then, through 2017. I need to catch up to now! Who was it that used to say that "A quilt isn't finished until the label's on it!" ?? So true! ---"Love"

  14. That police lady sure means business! I would be guilty as charged too. Enjoyed seeing your “earlier” works - and they are classics definitely. Love the Oriole Circles. Have tried to keep up with labels over the years (since the 1980’s) but I hate to admit that all the photos taken from my shop ownership years are still in a cardboard box...not even an old fashioned album...more guilt:-(

  15. Kyle felicidades !!! Maravillosos todos ellos.
    Tengo mi favorito como puedes suponer.
    Gracias por compartir

  16. So many beauties..most of the time I don't get around to labeling my quilts (I know). If they were going in a show or a QOV, they had to have the label. Otherwise, maybe, maybe not.

  17. Wow are these quits stunning! All that beautiful hand quilting. I will always be my favorite part of antique looking and traditional quits. How nice that you are documenting your quilts.
    Reminds me I have to print my blog 2017.
    Please share more past work! I really love your oriole circle unusual and wonderful!

  18. So nice to see some of your early quilts! I was definitely quilting in that time period, but I don't have many FOs from that period thanks to work and kids. You did remind me of a quilt I made for my oldest son, using a pattern from Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts. I need to get that quilt from him and take some pictures!

  19. You amaze me! Your quilting abilities are outstanding and I am sure that you even dream in colored quilt blocks. I want to thank you again for the gift that I received from one of your give-a-ways of those number and arrow pins. I have used them a lot and think of you each time that I do. It was never something I would have bought for myself, and yet they are so hardy and are quite a time and stress saver. I just wanted you to know that they are not gathering dust, but being used over and over again.
    God bless you and happy quilting.
    Connie :)

  20. All of these quilts are simply Gorgeous!
    Your books are such a fabulous way to document them.
    I love the close up pictures so we can see your amazing hand quilting and the beautiful pattern designs you've chosen for them.

  21. Preach it sister! I'm always telling folks to label their quilts. They may not care, but one day someone else will! Love your early quilts. Please share more, they are so fun.

  22. The hand quilting definitely makes those quilts more special--they are all lovely! I agree--labeling is so important--I'm always surprised when others don't do it!

  23. Oh la and wow... I can't explain what I feel.. Your quilts are each, a masterpiece Kyle !
    How talented you are... congratulations !!

  24. Beautiful quilts Kyle. You are a very talented quilter. I love the photo book idea. It must be so interesting to go back and have a look at all that wonderful creativity.

  25. I am a haphazard lable-er. If I'm giving one away or putting it in a show, then it gets a label. Otherwise it might have to wait a couple years till I have a mass catch-up day! lol So true that the hand quilting is a special touch. Loved seeing your older quilts!

  26. These are all so lovely....beautiful hand quilting :) Heirlooms for sure!

  27. A wonderful "body" of work. All sure to be treasured for generations. Your documentation and labels will be appreciated.

  28. I've been meaning to get my blog printed into books and seeing your books is reminding me to just DO IT ....