Monday, May 14, 2018

Building a New Relationship

Whenever you begin thinking about a 
new relationship

it can seem scary and overwhelming.

It can also be fun,

 maybe a bit intimidating,
yet exhilarating.

It was 15 years ago
that I had the opportunity to
develop a new friendship and yet,
I let apprehension and excuses
get in the way.

But this week I started to rekindle
that relationship.

With who?

Oh, no. 
You probably thought I was referring to
a individual!

No, I'm actually referring to
my featherweight Singer sewing machine
that has been sadly lingering in its case
tucked safely on the shelf
 all this time.

This 11 pound machine made me
apprehensive, uneasy and I was afraid
somehow I'd break it.

This week I started rebonding with
this incredible little machine.
I was able to take a class on
Featherweight care and maintenance.

It gave me the reassurance
that I could handle this little guy.
I know all the hidden oil holes,
where and when to grease,

basically, how to keep it happily humming along.

Using the serial number on the bottom,
this sweet machine was made in May, 1938.
It's in incredible shape for an 80 year old!
(I should be as lucky.)

The stitch is perfect,
the motor hums with
some freshly applied grease,
and I feel confident that 
it's the beginning of a beautiful 
long term friendship.

My only regret
is I waited so long 

to enjoy bonding with this 
super cute machine.

Word of advice:
Don't let excuses keep you
from enjoying a special relationship,
both with individuals or
an 11 pound machine.

Until Next Time-


  1. OH good for you! I must admit that although I love my featherweight, I don't use it as much as I used to. Every time I dig it out and start sewing, the smell brings back memories of my childhood neighbor, Arzetta Poole who taught me how to quilt. Thanks for encouraging me to dig it out and make friends again. Enjoy yours!

  2. I have three featherweight machines and I don't use them often. I just think they are so cute. I am drawn to the smaller size machines. I purchased two LED bulbs thus far to replace the not so bright bulbs used in those machines. And I purchased two foot pedals to use with them so that I don't have to push on that little square button. Of course, I kept the old pedals in the case.

  3. I have my Grandmother’s 1951 Centennial addition featherweight. I had it cleaned and made one Log Cabin quilt with it. That was about 12 years ago. It’s been in its box, tucked away in the closet ever since. That is the machine I learned to sew on. My Grandmother would help me make clothes for my Thumbalina doll. Such fond memories! After reading your post, i think I’ll get it out and play with her a bit. Thanks.

  4. Oh ouch! I immediately felt the guilt of neglect flow over me...the one I have looks exactly like yours and has been stored away with little use also. It was supposed to go traveling in the RV with me...She is even named Adelia after my much loved Grammy who sewed and made quilts...your sweet posting has done its job - time to renew the friendship!

  5. That is a beauty! I use mine frequently, most recently on our 16-day road trip with the Airstream. It works perfect in the travel trailer.

  6. When my back went out last month and the only place I could sit was on a dining room chair, I brought out my long-neglected Featherweight and we've happily pieced two quilt tops since. It's traveling to quilt group every Tuesday too. They do purr just like contented kittens don't they?!

  7. Good advice!
    You should enjoy the things you have. Same for all that fabric one keeps for that special occation..... ( I know I do that too)
    Happy sewing with your cute machine!

  8. You have a pretty scroll plate!
    It is funny I got mine out to take to teach to my workshop last week. I love these little machines, they are work horses for sure.
    Love your posts - always make me smile :)

  9. Love this post! What a pretty machine . . . I can only dream about looking that good at 80 :)

  10. Congratulations on getting to know your Featherweight, Kyle! They're such cute and reliable machines!

  11. Good luck. This looks like a great machine!

  12. Oh my ... this post is for me !
    I have one FW and never used it.... I am afraid ! I have bought it from a lady who unfortunately lost her Mom... She was not a dressmaker and she was happy to sell it to me !
    I'm going to open the box I swear !! :))

  13. So glad that your renewed relationship is working out - hope you have lots of fun with it. BTW, that first photo is priceless!

  14. That first photo is such a hoot! I also have a featherweight sitting idle and feel pretty guilty about it. I have lots of friends that use theirs on a daily basis. Mine used to belong to my Mom and I sewed my prom gown on it--that was a while back--ahem! I recently learned how to grease it, so I suppose I better get it up and running before I forget how to do it!

  15. Sounds like you've renewed a wonderful friendship with your featherweight! Enjoyed the fun photos and your sewing machine is a beauty!

  16. Once again, a very clever post, Kyle. :)
    I used to just take my featherweight to retreats and classes. Now I leave it set up in my sewing room all the time. I also have a sewing nook off the family room, where my Pfaff sits, so I can sew while sharing time with hubby in the evenings. This way I can have a project at each machine and sew wherever I choose.

  17. You always find the best pictures.:) Intimidated but exhilarating is perfection! Best of luck in your new sewing machine relationship!!

  18. Absolutely! So glad you have rekindled a lovely relationship with this special friend!

  19. That baby's face in the first photo ; I bust out laughing !

    I have one and it is on display. I did sew with it for awhile but if the bobbin thread got caught or tangled what I had to do to deal with it was too much so lazy me just put it on display to look at and that is the extent of OUR relationship lol !

  20. Have fun with your Featherweight! Be careful, it might start you down the trail of hunting for - and using! - more vintage...or, dare I say it? antique sewing machines!!!

  21. What a gorgeous little machine! I wish you many happy hours humming along together.

  22. Your first photos are just hilarious! I am guilty of letting my little Featherweight sit in it’s case for long periods of time. I am sure you will love stitching on this little beauty!

  23. True words of wisdom and as always, the BEST photos! You always make me smile!

  24. Have fun with your old friend ..... and we all look forward to seeing what you make with her!

  25. Wonderful to see you take up sewing with your very special little featherweight.
    A true beauty... wishing you many enjoyable hours of sewing on it!