Monday, January 8, 2018

Believe In Yourself

I've been stuck 
for over a year.

It's been frustrating.

One project from last year that was left dangling
was quickly heading for the discard pile. 
I didn't like what was happening
and I didn't know why.
This ill-behaved project
was Sue Spargo's Instastitch free pattern found on her 
website here.

"Let me make this perfectly clear,
it wasn't the pattern.
It was me, the maker of the pattern."

Even with some psychoanalysis

it took me awhile to figure
out what was going on
 or better yet what wasn't going on.

Otherwise, this project was doomed.

First, I loved the fabrics.
I was using a set of indigo fat quarters gifted to me.
Shweshwe fabrics under TheThree Cats trademark
produced by Da Gama Textile Co.
They're pretty wild.

I loved the free style of the pattern.

I loved the idea of learning new embroidery stitches
to embellish the quilt.

I loved the idea of doing something designed by Sue Spargo.

Then finally
a couple of weeks ago
I had the aha moment

Sue's monthly patterns came with specific 
fabric layout directions for each block
for the perfect placement, if you had a kit.

I had been trying to do the same thing
with the fabrics I had chosen.
I had lettered them all and thought it
should work perfectly too.

My fabric A should work where
the pattern had fabric A.
Nope, wrong!

The solution:
Throw the dang chart away and go with my gut.

I left the first 3 blocks that I had done in 2016
and then by simply changing my perspective and saying
"Gosh, Kyle, what were you thinking!
Stop being so lazy and 
do the part you love best!"

It didn't take long for the 
other 9 blocks to come together.

Now I'm facing the second challenge:
the embroidery.

I've ordered a few spools of
Sue's awesome perel cottons sizes  #3, #5, and #8. 
The colors are different than what was suggested in the pattern.

 I'm going to blaze my own path
and choose my own colors that go with my quilt.

I'm a bit intimidated.
I'm pretty good at the backstitch,
the lazy daisy, and don't have very many
dangling french knots.

It's time to move forward.
Now we'll see what happens when
you start believing in yourself.

Until Next Time-


  1. Good for you! I nearly always lead with my gut, but that is because it is the most prominent part of my body - wink! I am really looking forward to watching this one progress.

  2. Yay - don't you love a aha moment~ You are on the right path now!
    love the improv look with the shweshwe fabics

  3. Yeah! Good job!
    You can be proud of yourself.

  4. I am so proud of you for getting going with your project again! You got over the hump with perseverance and you are on a roll. Well done. I love all those blues too. I pick a word for the year and mine for this year is "Courage"! You have just displayed courage and look how well it is working out. Love it! I can't wait to see your lovely embroidery!

  5. Now that is the way to take charge. I'm so glad you didn't send this project to the discard pile. The fabrics are beautiful and I love the stitchery you've shared so far.

  6. Isn't it a beautiful moment when we can fall in love with a quilt again - just by going with our gut and doing our own thing! Your fabrics are gorgeous, and I love where this is going with the addition of your embroidery stitches! Have fun, and we'll await another fabulous finish when you're done.

  7. No doubt about your expertise ! Never !
    Perfect fabrics for a perfect project and yes ! You can believe in yourself Kyle !

  8. First of all I love your embroidery stitch, that is so pretty. I made an indigo quilt as a Christmas gift this year. I was so late getting it in the mail, that I forgot to photograph it. That's a bad move for a blogger, right? I know that your quilt will be amazing when you are finished . . . I have not seen anything from your talented hands that hasn't been perfection. Thanks for entering my Give-A-Way and good luck.
    Connie :)
    P.S. You come up with the greatest black and white photos . . . I look forward to them each time I visit:)

  9. Those blues are marvellous. Your blocks look great - I'm so glad you got unstuck. I can't wait to see the embroidery progress. The stitches in your last picture are beautiful!!

  10. Your embroidery is beautiful! I think we all fall into that " I have no idea what to do" mode every once in a while. I am sure it will be gorgeous when you finish!

  11. Beautiful blues! So glad you have found a solution, I would have hated to see this project doomed to the discard pile. Your blocks all look fantastic! I look forward to seeing your embroidery additions.

  12. Kyle Me encanta!! se ve fantastico tus telas y tu bordado

  13. Exciting reborn project, enjoy!

  14. The blue & white blocks are very attractive. I would find the embroidery a bit challenging as I just know the basics. I have some stitch books for guidance but forget as fast as I do it. I look forward to seeing your challenge all come together.

  15. Well stated! A huge leap from frustration to Eureka! And you will make this quilt your very own instead...

  16. Yay! Go Kyle! I know you can do it. Use Sue's book as a guide - it's very well written and easy to use. You'll have a ball!

  17. Beware, Kyle! These threads and stitches have become my passion! Hope you enjoy it.

  18. Good for you, Kyle! You broke loose by doing it your way--the BEST WAY! Love the fabrics and what you've accomplished so far. Can't wait to see more!

  19. It's fabulous! I love the green stitching on the blue shweshwe fabrics!

  20. A beautiful project! You'll do a great job, such wonderful threads too.

  21. Yes, when you change the fabrics, sometimes other things have to change too! But these fabrics are gorgeous, so I'm glad you persevered!

  22. Ooooh! I do believe this one is going to be amazing when finished! Stitch on! :-)

  23. The embroidery is exquisite! Glad to see you got over your hurdle and are moving swiftly forward!

  24. Nothing more liberating than just sitting down and sewing a batch of improv blocks. They will be the perfect foundation for all of your yummy embellishments. Good for you for hanging in there and cracking this nut!

  25. I think it is wonderful that you have worked out how to get past the log jam. Your solution is perfect and makes so much sense. I look forward to now seeing your embroideries to go with the blocks, having already seen the sneak peek!

  26. VERY exciting project and a long ways out of your normal style. I can't wait to see it! Will you share more pictures as it progresses? Or wait for the grand reveal when it's all finished?

  27. Happy to hear you solved your own personal layout plan!
    Your embroidery accents are gorgeous... can't wait to see more.

  28. This is just a fun post! I know it wasn't fun to live through, but it was fun the way you gussied it up and smiled through your writing.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  29. Wow! What an inspirational post, looking forward to seeing more of this quilt.