Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What's on Your Bed?

The best kind of sleep
beneath heaven above,

Is under a quilt
handmade with love.

What quilts are you sleeping under?
With cold temperatures here in Colorado
quilts are a necessity.

This is the quilt I have on my bed now

The pattern is called Checkers and Rails.

I enjoy the blue and white graphic design
especially in the month of January.

It feels soft with the texture of the hand quilting.

I drew and inked a special label.
If I hadn't put a label on, there would
be way I could remember when I had made it.
That's 25 years ago!

This is what's on one of the guest beds.

It's a raw edged flannel quilt (2000)

This is a great stashbuster pattern.
Start with one large square 8"  and then center and add 3 more squares
reducing the size each time. 5.5", 3.5", 1.75"

I sewed the edges with a narrow zigzag for
a little more interest and then, of course,
when it's washed the edges fray.
There's no clipping like a rag quilt.
It can be a nightmare when you pull it out of the dryer,
but after all the strings are cut away,
it makes a great quilt for winter.

Underneath the flannel quilt is another one.

Strawberries and Chocolate

I loved a line of fabric from
Buggy Barn and I believe
this is a Miss Rosie Pattern by Carrie Nelson.

It was machine quilted with an overall design.
The quilt adds just another layer of warmth.
This is Colorado.
We use lots of quilts.

One more guest bed.
This pattern was a free Moda pattern in 2007.

Harvest Home

I made it as a store sample for the LQS I worked for
and then we made kits

I believe the fabric was a Brannock and Patek.

One of the best reasons for  making quilts is being
able to use them in a functional way.
Five or six times a year I change the quilts.
Do you think different patterns and colors
effects your dreams?

Until Next Time-


  1. Beautiful quilts, all! how fun to see them displayed and used :)

  2. Your quilts are gorgeous, Kyle! I do love the blue and white one, I love two color quilts. I have the Midwinter Red collection from Minnick and Simpson and plan to make a red & white/cream quilt with those, but just a two fabric quilt? That is on my list! I've never seen that pattern before and it is stunning. Love your label too!

    1. Carolyn,I've tried to email you a reply, but it's continually returned.

  3. All of your quilts are very pretty. I love the method you describe for the rag quilt.

  4. Thanks for the eye candy! I had not seen some of these beauties before. I especially like that last one. How I wish I had more of the pomegranate fabric! I have two quilts on my bed this winter, but I'd have to vacuum before I take photos - not today!

  5. How lovely!! Each one is so pretty, but I am drawn to your hand stitching. I do not have enough seasonal quilts, but someday!!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful quilts. I so love the first quilt. Hugs

  7. Lots of treasures in your bedrooms ! I love all the quilts ...I'm not a difficult person ! ah ah !
    Thank you so much for sharing these beauties !

  8. Thank you for the mini tour. Looking forward to photos when you swap them out. In Minnesota we have lots of quilts on the beds. Also the sofas for TV snuggle times.
    I love the cat in the doll bed.

  9. Enjoyed seeing your quilts in use. How bad is it that I still have Christmas quilts on our beds? Just hate to have them out for only a month. I need to switch them out ASAP--we are having company this weekend!! :)

  10. what beautiful bedrooms! where do I book one?
    I loved frayed edged quilts. we have a bullseye here that we like.
    The showstopper is that gorgeous blue and white - wow what an heirloom. The label is fabulous! I love a hand written label.
    that first photo is the cutest!!!
    btw - a big chocolate lab is often on our guest bed :)

  11. I just removed our guest bed so that my boys can have their own rooms, but it summer here, so not so many quilts on beds. Really enjoyed your quilt show though, thank you. So nice to celebrate the quilts we have made in the past and still love.

  12. So fun seeing more of your quilts in their home environment! Right now there are 3 quilts on each bed, sometimes my DH adds a smaller 4th one when it's especially cold. By summer I'll be down to one quilt most nights.

  13. Kyle, your beds are so pretty! I love seeing the quilts in real glory, covering beds. :)

  14. If I were coming for an overnight stay, I would want to sleep under the blue and white quilt. The color combo itself is so relaxing and soothing. I think I would have a good night's sleep.

  15. Hello Kyle, I love this post . . . Oh my word,you never stop surprising me with your talent. Checkers and Rails and Harvest Home are so pretty . . . but I am stuck on the flannel quilt. I want to make one and I'm ready to start. I just finished a red and white quilt last night, all I need to do is make a label. I have lots of flannel scraps and want to put them to use. Now, let me ask you, how much fabric do you leave between the zig-zaging and the edge, to fray in the machine? Also, after it is washed and frays, will it continue to fray when washed again? I don't want to do a lot of work and have it all fray apart, but I love the laying and the texture of this quilt. It's different from anything that I've none and I enjoy trying new techniques.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Connie :)

  16. Love the first two pix! And such a pretty bunch of quilts on your beds. I have one bed that has multiple quilts on it just to store flat rather than folding them in the top of the closet. All 3 of my beds have quilts I've made as well.

  17. Kyle maravillosos!!
    me gustarĂ­a taparme con Strawberries and Chocolate
    me gustan sus colores

  18. The last quilt on the guest bed is so striking! Lovely inked label on your Checkers and Rails...looks like a Susan McKelvey inspired hand with banner...I can’t imagine a home without quilts on the beds. We are fortunate to live in states that have different seasons. I change mine out frequently too and this winter we are snug and warm under Beyond The Cherry Tree quilt with its wool batt.

  19. How pretty all of those quilts are! I sleep under a light-weight, real old-fashioned charm quilt (no fabric repeated), with a heavier Sun Bonnet Sue on top. Both were made by my aunt in the 1930's. (It just occurred to me as I typed "1930's", that it won't be long until we will have to put the "19" in front of the 30, to be sure others know the years we are writing about. ha!) ---"Love"

  20. Such a beautiful quilt collection! I am sure your guests will be so happy to sleep underneath one of your pretty and comfy quilts. Love the bleu and white one.

  21. Wonderful quilts for sure! The blue and white is gorgeous and timeless!! I have made many versions of the square in square raw edged quilt and the first one I ever saw was made by my grandma’s friend, around 1999 or 2000, in, you guessed it, Colorado. So maybe it’s a Colorado thing? She called it a “Pioneer” quilt. I love the texture and coziness and they are so fun to make.

  22. Wow! I really like that Harvest Home quilt!

  23. Wow, what a wonderful quilt show :) You have so many lovely quilts on your beds. I especially like the beautiful hand quilting and label on Checkers and Rails and the flannel quilt looks so cozy and warm! I have two quilts on one of our beds and a pile of quilts on another because I don't know where else to put them at the moment, lol!

  24. Such a beautiful show and tell Kyle. I especially like Harvest Home. I've not seen that pattern before but it's wonderful, and the fabrics are to die for.

  25. You make such beautiful quilts - I love seeing them on your beds. I especially love that last one, such gorgeous fabrics - I bet the kits sold well! We all sleep under qults in my house but I don't have enough made to switch them out. I'm working on it though - lol!

  26. Lovely to see gorgeous quilts on display. I htink the blue and white is my favourite. Stunning design and is so effective. It is lovely to be able to use them like that. Our temps do not get that cold so there is only a short time in Winter where they would stay on a bed. I still use them but they are mostly decorative.

  27. Gorgeous quilts, Kyle! The hand quilting and label on the first one are beautiful. As it's Summer here a quilt is usually for decoration, a sheet is all that's required most nights, but the last couple of nights have been quite, unusually, cool so I've been glad to be able to grope for the quilt in the dark and snuggle underneath. Thanks for sharing what's on your beds.

  28. So many great quilts. Love that blue and white one especially. It really does look like a great winter quilt. I currently have a mostly red/white quilt on my bed, but I have to switch it up every so often. There are just too many good quilts to have them hiding over in a stack.:)

  29. Beautiful quilts! It's so nice to see quilts actually in use on a bed - and yes - I think your dreams are always the best when dreamt under a home-made quilt!

  30. You have a beautiful home, and such gorgeous quilts on the bed! Warm quilts would definitely make it easier to sleep and these beautiful quilts would certainly make sure that the sleeper will be thinking happy thoughts. I've given away all my bed quilts - they were made specifically for the individuals, but am working on making some for the beds in my home now.

  31. They say a change is as good as a holiday! Changing out the bed quilts gives ones eyes something new and pleasing to look at. It makes one happy! Beautiful quilts on the beds Kyle! You do a great job of making your house a home.