Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gotta Love A Hexie Quilt

Don't you love a blast from the past.

Remember when it was safe to climb
on a metal jungle gym and girls wore dresses to school

or if you went to the library
and needed to look something up

this is what you did way back when.

So speaking of the past,
I'm finally done and ready to share
a quilt I started way back in the
fall of 2015.

When I first saw Di Ford's book
Primarily Quilts,
I knew I wanted to make the hexagon
quilt she calls Route 66.

I had never done English Paper Piecing, EPP, before,
but immediately
discovered I loved the accuracy,
the rhythm of the handwork,
making neat stacks of hexagon shapes,
and the crisp edges of each of those
pieces shaped around paper.

Fussy cutting the fabric is not a new concept,
but a fun one to experiment with, especially
when you're using the hexagon shape.

The top has been done for over a year.
I just couldn't decide how to have it quilted.

The only area where the quilting was really going to show
was in the light surrounding hexies.  I finally
settled on this simple swirl
 to make the look more modern.

The real stars of this quilt are the colors and
fabrics so in the center hexies
my machine quilt, Kathy, and I decided to
still keep it simple by accentuating the hexagon shape

and a simple motif in the centers.
I was super pleased at the results.

It may have been started awhile ago,
 but it's technically my first finish of 2018!
You've got to love a Hexie quilt,
even when it's a blast from the past.
Until Next Time-


  1. OH my goodness! You have so, so many amazing quilts in the works...I love to see your reveals. I hope you show this one...it is perfect and so lovely! The quilting you chose is amazing.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I adore this quilt and your quilting choice is simply perfect. Congratulations on your first finish of the year!

  3. Stunning! And the quilting is amazing.

  4. Kyle it is so beautiful. A wonderful end to a quilting journey. Hugs

  5. Kyle, every time I think you have created the best ever, you show up with another quilt that one shines the one before it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! Hexies and yo-yos are two of my favorite designs . . . they are so old fashioned and just scream country charm. I was one of those little girls on the jungle gym and also used one of those old card catalogs for researching school projects. I would love to find one of those old card catalog boxes, wouldn't they be sweet for storing small items in the sewing room?
    I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog.
    Connie :)

    P.S. You're going to have a hard time out shining this amazing quilt:)

  6. Beautiful--seeing your beautifully stitched hex gives me motivation to return to mine.

  7. What a beauty Kyle! It is simply gorgeous. Terrific colors, terrific quilting and a super border. A finish all the more sweet since it takes so long to make an EPP quilt! Congrats on an awesome finish.

  8. I agree with all the comments above; your quilt is quite remarkable from start to finish! I also well remember fun times on the "climbing castle", and also researching with the card catalog. Until I saw your picture of the climbing castle, it never occurred to me that we girls were almost exposing ourselves. Wouldn't it be nice go back to those days of innocence where neither we or the guys noticed? ---"Love"

  9. Such a beautiful quilt! Love the quilting you did with the swirles!

  10. Stunning, Kyle! Excellent fussy-cutting. And I love how you had it quilted!! Thank you for the close-ups of that.
    Let's see, my hexie project is from 1997. Still unfinished. How is that for a blast from the past? :)

  11. I love those colors and fabrics and her quilting is very nice :) I too like EPP :)

  12. It's beautiful! The quilting is really lovely. 2015 - that's not old at all in my sewing room...

  13. Beautiful, Kyle! The quilting designs you chose are perfect for this quilt. Love all your fussy-cutting and precise EPP--especially those little blue diamonds :)

  14. Wonderful finish, such beautiful fabrics and the quilting is perfect finishing touch.

  15. Ooh! You used that wonderful pillar fabric for the border. Very good finish!

  16. Now I don't ordinarily even look at hexie quilts, but that one is gorgeous! I especially love how the border complements the colors of the pieced blocks, and the quilting is just perfect too.

  17. What a gorgeous quilt. The fabrics/colors are beautiful. I love hexie quilts but have never made one myself.

  18. Such a lovely, lovely quilt! Yay for you getting this to a finish! Who cares how long it takes anyway? It's the process that we all love.:)

  19. Kyle preciosa colcha!!
    me gustan tus telas
    buena semana

  20. Wow, Kyle, you've got an heirloom there, so special! The fussy cutting, especially all the little blue diamonds that link the blocks together! I'm very impressed.

  21. I think every adjective has already been used to describe this gorgeous quilt. (I had to find a new one) It is Magnifique!! I am amazed at your fussy cutting skills. The blue stripes even match up! Such a treasure.

  22. My heart just flipped over about 80 times - a gorgeous finish for you!! Hexies and Di Ford are an incredible combination & your color choices take it to the top...love the quilting design - it beautifully compliments your piecing.

  23. A gorgeous quilt! The top is beautiful, love your colors and fussy cutting and you quilter did great with the quilting. I can imagine you are really happy with the result.

  24. That is lovely! Worth the wait but great to get it done. The quilting design works well with hexagons.
    A beautiful finish.

  25. Wow! And what a finish! Your fussy cutting is fabulous and that quilting is stunning. A very beautiful quilt. Congratulations Kyle!

  26. Absolutely beautiful! The fabric choices, the quilting...and I do like those diamond and triangle shapes for between the main hexie shapes. Nice touch, rather than having all hexagons. I've yet to try EPP...but I plan on trying it soon!

  27. I am swooning over your quilt. Every part of it is fabulous. The colors, the balance and the quilting all come together.
    Hooray for you and your first finish of 2018
    just GORGEOUS

  28. Beautiful finish!!! And the quilting is amazing, too! Your fussy cutting will keep me inspired, for sure!

  29. 2015 is nothing - just the blink of an eye :D This quilt is just stunning and I absolutely love the way you have had it quilted - inspirational! I have a finished hexagon quilt but never saw any machine quilting that I liked so have been aiming to hand quilt it but your post is making me re-think. Congratulations on a beautiful finish and a beautifully photographed post.