Friday, December 29, 2017

Ringing In the New Year with Final Results

Well, it's that time of the year again.

Time to ring out the old
and ring in the new.

It's the time to recheck those lists
and evaluate how the year went. 

Last year I followed along with Meredithe,
from the blog pomegranate and chintz,
who organized the 17 UFO's in 2017.

It was a big challenge.
The idea was to move those project forward and 
see progress.
It was a challenge that was positive, not one
to make you feel discouraged.
It worked!

Here's my list now.

10 out of 18 projects DONE and 
off the list.
That's about a 60% completion rate.

4 more that have been moved forward. 82%
And 3 things I just never got to. 18%

I'd say it was a positive quilting year.
Add in the extra projects that were new and not UFO's
and it makes me feel pretty good.

In fact,
with the encouragement of all of you

I'm literally singing out loud.

So what are the plans for 2018?
I'm thinking about adapting the original idea just a bit.


6  "so close" projects (UFO'S) 
You just have to do it.

6  "just start
 I'm thinking about all those
projects where I've collected the fabric, the pattern, 
and it's just sitting in a pile
 waiting for me to find the time to start.
This year I'm going to make it happen.

6  "surprises"
Not quite sure what these will be.
Time will tell.

Check out Meredithe's blog, she's planning
something similar.

I'm hoping this plan will
keep me focused, yet, will be 
freeing and exciting.

Wishing you all a year
of immeasurable blessings and joy.

Until Next Time-


  1. I am thinking and thinking of what needs to happen this next is fun and exciting! Let's go!

  2. You should feel really good about all you accomplished! This method obviously worked well for you, or you worked well with it. :)
    I am so planless, it is pathetic. But I feel better that way because I get so little done, I would fall short of any plan!!
    Another great post, Kyle!

  3. Your perseverance this year is amazing, I still haven't tallied up the 17 in 2017, but Meredith's idea for 2018 sounds "slightly" more doable! Happy New Year!

  4. Kyle felicidades!!
    Es un gran logro tantos preciosos proyectos que terminaste.
    feliz año

  5. Congratulations Kyle on your amazing 2017 with all of your finishes and progressions, you should be singing from the rooftops!!! Thank you for all of your encouragement and kind words over the year. I'm looking forward to next year's challenge with Meredithe - I've also planned a twist for 2018 :)

  6. I'd say that it was a very positive quilting year for you with LOTS of cause to sing. I always admire those who draw up their lists and then work them. I draw them up and then seem to be keen on doing a lot of freelancing... Happy New Year, Kyle!

  7. Very positive!! Congrats on getting so much accomplished.:) I like your idea for next year too. Am still pondering my plan of attack!

  8. I vote for surprises because my best laid plans often get bumped by the surprises and I love new projects. Might as well embrace them.

  9. You made wonderful progress over the year / have a happy New Year :)

  10. Are you looking at the 2018 TQS BOM by Edyta Sitar? At first I thought no, but then I started thinking about alternative colourways... oops! Anyway, you had a great year, it would be hard to choose a highlight, with the several major finishes you've had. Happy new year!

  11. It looks like making plans ahead for the new year does work for you! I am sure you will continue the finishing in 2018 and have time for something new.
    Have a happy new year's eve and a wonderful and creative new year!

  12. Well done! Sharing your list was a motivator for many of definitely took it to the next level compared to my own version. Looking forward to seeing what is up in 2018. By the way, the idea of listing projects for the new year has spilled over to my retreat group...we have even started a small FB page. Will be fun to compare notes in a years time.
    Happy New Year!

  13. Great achievements in 2017, good luck with your list for 2018. I am good at writing the list, but not so good at sticking to it, so I like your idea of surprise projects, that covers those patterns you just have to make the minute you see them...well start them at least!

  14. I'd say you had a wonderfully successful year. You accomplished so much! Thanks, Kyle, for all your inspiration. Clever way of setting up your 2018 goals and looking forward to another great year! Cheers!

  15. I loved reading your beautiful blog all this year and I will certainly love to read it again all the next year long ! ;)
    Happy new year Kyle !

  16. I think that is an excellent strike rate. I would be very happy with finishes and progressions!!

  17. congratulations and well done on a really successful quilting year.
    You did well my friend.
    Looking forward to seeing all your projects in 2018 and thank you for writing such entertaining and inspiring posts!

  18. I would call it a success and feel so good about all you finished! It has been a joy to follow along with you and your adventures, stitching and otherwise.
    Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful new year!

  19. Fabulous Kyle! You've done so well to get finishes and progress on nearly all your nominations. Do like the sound of your next challenge - will watch with bated breath!!

  20. Bravo, Kyle! You were very successful with your UFOs!

    I like the idea of breaking the UFOs down into categories.

  21. Sounds like you have a good plan for 2018! And it's great that there are projects checked off the list--awesome! I haven't really come to grips with where to start for this year--I need to start making my list ASAP.

  22. Congratulations!
    I'd say you had a very successful year, and are on track for a wonderful 2018!

  23. I do hope you are proud of your accomplishments. I know we are all proud of you! I really like your 6-6-6 idea. I seem to start way more than I can ever get done, but 6 new starts sounds doable!