Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holy, Loose Tooth, Batman!

One of the most exciting thing to
happen to a six year old
is to get that first loose tooth.

You wiggle that tooth with
your fingers or your tongue
and finally to your great surprise
out it falls.
First grandson, first tooth!

I had been holding on to a pattern
that I had purchased off of Esty 
just for this occasion.

Everyone needs a special place to 
put that tooth so the tooth fairy can find it. 
This week I did some fun sewing.
I was making these super cute tooth fairy pillows.
They are made out of felt with
lots of details.

 The pattern is from 
Lindy J Designs.
You can find the link here.
She has a lot of cute things to make.

What little kid wouldn't love putting
their tooth into the pockets of these
fun pillows!

Look up in the sky.
it's a bird, it's a plane,

Complete with a logo pocket and a cape.

Holy, loose tooth!
It's Batman to the rescue!

You don't have to live in Gotham City
to have your tooth tucked away in 
this fun tooth pillow.

Now if you're looking for something a bit
more girly
How about a  9" dancing ballerina?
 Complete with a tule tutu,
glitter wings and 
a sparkly crown.
She has a special pocket
hidden under her wings.

Sometimes you just have to 
sew something fun and crazy.
Unfortunately, I missed that first tooth
but we'll be ready for the next one.

I'm not sure what the going rate is for
the tooth fairy these day, but at least,
she'll have fun leaving some $ in
these cute pillows. 
Until Next Time-


  1. What fun! Those would bring a smile to any toothless face!

  2. How darling!! I remember my parents making such a big deal about my teeth, so I did the same for my son too. Great fun!

  3. These are certainly something fun to sew and you are so sweet to make a fuss over their first lost tooth. It is a big deal and I love having photos of our little sweetie pies with their front teeth missing. Your little fellow looks so proud holding his sign:)

  4. Those are so cute! You are so sweet to make them for your grandkids!


  5. Great pillows for the grandies, so nice that you can make something special to celebrate what is a special milestone in their lives.

  6. Kyle felicidades a tu nieto!!!
    igual, cuando sale el primer diente que cuando cae .
    Es lo mas emocionante que puede pasar.
    Mi segunda pitufa, pienso que termina quitándose un diente para estar igual que su hermana

  7. These are absolutely adorable!!! I love the little ballerina. All the details are just perfect on all 3. My 13 year old son is still losing teeth but somehow I think it might be too late for one of these... You are the best grandma :0)

  8. Wow, are those pillows ever cute (your grandchildren are very cute too). Sewing for the grandchildren sure looks like fun!

  9. Your teeth are adorable ! What a fun project !

  10. These are adorable!!! I love the sweet fairy especially. Sorry you missed the first one, your Grandson is adorable.

  11. These are so cute! What a great idea to make something special for that first loose tooth. Love the sign your grandson is holding--he's cute, too!

  12. What fun! I'm sure you will be making some toothless grins with those pillows.

  13. Oh the joys of being a grandmother. These are simply adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  14. How very cute! I remember my first tooth came out when eating a pear.

  15. oh he is just adorable and so are the pillows!

    I had a Facebook memory show up the other day where four of the grands all had missing teeth at the same time and I had them all together grinning :)

  16. Too cute! I wonder what the tooth fairy is paying for lost teeth these days? Hmmm..... LOL!

  17. How did I miss this post. These are perfect for grandchildren. They would love them.
    Thanks for adding the link to find them.