Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Relaxing? I Don't Think So

 We needed a break from all 
of the recent yard work.
So we headed to Florida and the Keys.
 Not for any R and R like normal tourists
but instead...

Running Man ran a 50 mile ultramarathon
which was part of
the Florida Keys 100

while I was his crew.
We looked good didn't we!

Well, in reality
me waiting along the road,

and Running Man
at mile 10
having just crossed over the 7 mile long bridge.


The day was extremely hot, 90 degrees
and with a heat index was about 120 degrees.

I met Running Man about every
5 miles to replenish his water and
electrolytes and to put ice in his
hat and ice in a bandana around his neck.
It was brutal.

I had planned to stitch,
but I was afraid these snowmen

would have melted out of existence.

So instead I drove from stop to stop,
looking at the scenery,
trying to stay cool myself
and hoping he'd be able to finish.

12 hours and 46 minutes later
at 10:42 pm

Running Man crossed the finish line
on the beach in Key West.

What a day!
 Ed is definitely my
six million dollar man.

The next day was the awards ceremony
and Running Man was 7th fastest guy in the 50 miles

with the best time for the men  65 and above.
(yes, there were others that ran).

Key West is an interesting place

and, of course,
after all that running
we needed refueling,

conch fritters, mojitos,

and a slice of key lime pie.

Way to go Running Man!

Until Next Time-


  1. Wow - that's one way to see the Keys! Kudos to Running Man - and to you for being his crew! I haven't been to the Keys in several years, but Key West used to be a frequent destination.

  2. Wow, congratulations Running Man! The heat sounded brutal. Sounds like you were a great support Kyle. Those poor snowmen didn't stand a chance.

  3. Yes, way to go Running Man! I had not heard of ultramarathons before I read your blog, but now I am starting to hear more about them. In the tv news coverage of the big Toronto marathon here this spring, there were two relaxed and happy guys who called it a "recovery run" from their 50 mile run the day before! The testosterone must be thick in the air at those events, lol. But I can see they all love it, and I know you kept him going. congratulations!

  4. Wow! Congratulations to Running Man! If the heat didn't kill me, the running certainly would!

  5. Running Man is not only an incredible landscaper & rock mover but a 50 mile marathon in that heat elevates him to Olympian status!! Glad your snowmen did not melt and are probably happy to be home:-)

  6. Congratulations! Very impressive.

  7. I thought the first picture was of you and running man in your younger days!

  8. Hooray and congratulations for your heroe !! :)))

  9. I am in AWE of Running Man. So impressed. Glad your snowmen didn't melt. Hugs

  10. Wow is he ever determined!! Congratulations! Good for you to be his #1 cheerleader :0) The pie sure looks yummy!

  11. You are the best support team. One of my favorite bumper stickers is" I would rather be quilting at the beach". How funny that you brought snowmen to stitch on in FL.

  12. Whoo-Hoo! Hooray for Running Man! And to you for keeping him cool and fortified along the Route--what a team! Where did you ever find that first pic???

  13. Wow, Running Man is a phenom! I guess you can eat anything after running 50 miles; I would anyway. I got a chuckle out of the clever photos you added to your story.

  14. He's a marvel and such an inspiration! And you make a very cute 'support crew' by the side of the road. Isn't his award special? and definitely the brightest of the lot on that table! Beautiful location and an amazing bridge - the key lime pie seems most appropriate :)

  15. OMG - what troopers you both are! My favourite part would have been the refueling....

  16. Congratulations to Running Man!
    What a beautiful place for the event, despite the heat.
    You are an awesome team mate and cheerleader, such fun adventures and memories to have!

  17. First, I have to say I can't imagine running 50 miles no matter what the temp!! Congratulations to Running Man and to you for supporting him! The Keys look beautiful. The refueling looks delicious.

  18. I take my hat off! great achivement!

  19. Way to go indeed! That's a lot of ground to cover and with the added heat really does make him seem like the 6 million dollar man! Wow! Absolutely gorgeous place for a run though... was probably like running in the sky (with all the blue water surrounding)!

  20. That really is outstanding, great work.

  21. Wow! 50 miles in that heat? What a champ! Looks like you all refueled well!

  22. Congratulations, what a great job he did! The Keys are a very interesting place with lots of things to see!

  23. I am so impressed with your running man!
    And I like your snowmen, too. : )

  24. Hello! Congratulations to your husband! I visited the Keys a few times a couple of years ago and really is a lovely place. The heat and humidity are horrible like here in Buenos Aires. It was very appropriate the choice of snowmen for your sewing! Happy stitching ;)

  25. I cracked up at the first picture :) Well you two are amazing...I can barely walk across the yard in 90 degree heat...I hate the the thought of running that far and long in normal weather is amazing but in the weather that you endured; a hearty congratulations !

  26. Ok, I'm seriously impressed! Tell him I think he's awesome! What an accomplishment, and good for you for being such a great supporter, I'm sure he couldn't have done it without you.

  27. Great post and beautiful photos. You have a lovely blog! :)

  28. Great post and beautiful photos. You have a lovely blog! :)

  29. What an amazing feat--you both make a great team! It looks like such a beautiful area--hope I can get there someday (the food looks pretty good too!).

  30. That is wonderful! Congratulations to him and you for your support, along with your snowmen! And that first photo!

  31. Congratulations to Ed! Sure those snowmen would melt under 90 degrees. They are so cute!!! That lemon pie makes my mouth yummmy!

  32. Yay for the Running Man. He is so inspiring! I love that he is still smiling at the finish.
    Key west is fun, we were there in March. MMMmmm key lime pie.
    Your snowwomen are so cute and thanks for the lovely scenery photos!

  33. 3 cheers for running man!!! And for you doing your bit by supporting him. My husband went through a phase of making Key Lime Pie. We like to say it in an American accent but you can just imagine we probably sound like Aussies saying it in a funny way, I'm sure you'd laugh at us.