Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Log Cabin Loonie

 The full moon this month
has been quite delicious.
It's believed that 
June's full moon is called a strawberry moon
because it's the month when
berries begin ripening.

This month was a double treat
with the Summer Solstice and the
bella luna coinciding on the same day, June 20th.

Julie over at JulieKQuilts
has been encouraging anyone
interested in making a log cabin quilt
to join in with her and other Log Cabin Loonies
and share their progress during each full moon.

I'm not sure if you become a loonie
because you're starting a new project
or if the pull of the moon
affects your behavior changing you into a loonie
who then must start a new project.

Either way,
I have joined in.

I've been cutting 1 1/4" strips for years
 and tossing them into a basket for 
a someday log cabin quilt. 

Julie's invitation was the exact motivation
I needed to dive in and get sewing.
I found as I was pulling out strips
that I was gravitating only
to brown and pink fabrics.

Could the strawberry moon be affecting me
with some subliminal  message?

I haven't actually sewn much,
just sub-cut strips and made
one practice block.
Well, we'll see where this all leads.

You'll have to check back
during the thunder moon in July
and see how I've done.

Until Next Time-


  1. Pink and brown. My kind of colors!
    I have a colander just like those in the picture. I think I should turn it into a hat.

  2. Everything about this post is so delightful! Your blocks are going to be sublime. Thanks for the notice about the sew along, off to check that out.

  3. Lovely, lovely pinks :0) I think it's going to be wonderful!

  4. Love the pink and brown, the darker the chocolate the better! Have fun!

  5. Looks like fun! Sometimes just enjoying the process is the best part!

  6. The thunder moon, eh? Don't like the sound of that! But our moonrise yesterday was actually pinkish -- something to do with the Earth's shadow and the solstice, I thought.

    But anyway, I love your pink and brown colour palette! It's so comforting somehow. :D

  7. Love the brown and pink together. I can't wait to see more blocks!

  8. Such a clever post, Kyle!
    I am loving your cabin in pink and brown.
    And that is you posing in the last photo, right? : )

  9. You are so creative! Fun post. It looks like a wonderful new project and your log cabin block is sumptuous in pinks and browns just like the strawberry moon :)

  10. Love your vintage photos! especially those 2 boys, lol
    Your LC is delicious. I always like brown and pink together and what a sweet block it makes.
    Happy Strawberry Moon!

  11. One of my all time favorites a log cabin. I love your combination of pink and brown colors! The strawberry looks delicious dipped in chocolate.

  12. Pink and Brown is a perfect combo and your log will be amazing ! I can't wait all the moons to admire it !! :))))

  13. I just recently heard about the Strawberry Moon while watching a Tiger game. I love log cabin blocks. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  14. Ooooh! Pink and brown, one of my favorite combos. Our strawberry moon (on the ocean in Maine) was bright orange this year. Simply breathtaking. I'm so glad you are making the log cabin blocks so I can watch your progress and feel like I am part of the fun!

  15. Yummy! Hope to see more log cabin lunacy at the Thunder Moon!

  16. Love the fussy cut centers of your log cabin blocks! This is gonna be a good one, I can tell!

  17. I love your block colors! I'm very tempted to become a Loonie too!

  18.! Love that chocolate covered strawberry log cabin block! :-)

  19. Good inspiration, you are going to have some sweet blocks :)

  20. very cool images...especially the strawberry the pink and brown

  21. Oh, I have a log cabin quilt started...I should get it back out. Love your basket of strips. You have another wonderful quilt in the works!

  22. It sounds like fun! I'll be watching yours grow and I love the pinks and browns for your fabric choices.

  23. Your first block is a Beauty!
    I love pink & brown AND Log Cabin quilts...looking forward to watching your Log Cabin quilt evolve!

  24. Everything to love about your log cabin colors! Isn't it fun to be a little loonie - we all know how that is. I just donated a chocolate brown & pink log cabin quilt to our nearby Veterans Home - there are lady vets too & it found a good home as I continue to downsize.

  25. The strawberry moon was HUGE here in Germany - it was one of the most amazing sights that I have ever seen. It was rather inspiring.

  26. Oh Kyle - you are so much fun!!! I don't think we have Aussie names like that for the moon. You're pink and brown colourway is so sweet and yummy. The photo of the chocolate dipped strawberry may have inspired that description. Have fun building log cabins.

  27. First block is beautiful. Brown and pink are beautiful!