Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Couple of Favorite Tools- Tool Time

Have you ever had to share
your favorite quilting tool?

Seeing I started quilting back in
the prerotary cutter era,
I guess most conveniences
 could be considered useful.

The reason I'm pondering this
philosophical question is
because next month at a quilt meeting
we're to bring and share a favorite quilting tool.

I decided it might as well
be something I've recently used.
My reasoning being,
if I wasn't using it,
it wouldn't be useful.

Last week I finished
binding the Pinwheel Baby quilt.

The tool I love and used to save time
is the Clover Needle Dome.

It's a fantastic storage place for your
prethreaded needles.
I admit, I store at least 3 threaded needles
in each of the 10 slots.
That's 30 needles threaded, wound on a reel,
 and ready to go.
There's no tangling, no fuss, no muss. 
It's one of the top tools on my list.

The second tool can save you
 from being embarrassed.
It saves you from looking like you
don't know what you're doing.

It's another great tool from Clover.

If you haven't seen this, it needs
to be in your arsenal of tools,
just for emergencies.

Here's a close-up of the
tiny hook on the end.

Why did I need it?

I discovered a bush league error.

While hanging the baby quilt outside
 for it's official photo shoot,

I spied many stray navy threads.
I obviously hadn't been very careful clipping threads
especially, next to the dark pinwheels.

These rogue navy threads were
 shadowing through white areas.
I should have taken a photo
of some of the really bad ones,
but I was too embarrassed.

But my embarrassment was soon evaded.
The thread pic gently went through
the weave of the fabric and lassoed
those stray threads

 leaving no punctures, holes or marks.
I did use some tweezers to gently
remove the evidence.

It took a bit of time to remove all the
stray threads I had left behind.
I learned a lesson, but
this great little tool saved me.

I think I'm going to share how tools
 can save you time,
and help you save face.

Until Next Time-


  1. Holy cow, how is it that I've never heard of either of these tools? Thanks so much for sharing them, I love the idea of the needle holder especially. The quilt is beautiful and the photo setting is so pretty!

  2. I haven't heard of these tools either!! That needle holder would be wonderful for using at Heritage or while in the car! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am picky about my needles, and I have certain favourites that I use all the time, so the dome is not helpful for me. But I could definitely use that pick! I will keep an eye out for that one. :D

    Have a great summer!

  4. Well, live and learn! I my 50 years of quilting, I have never heard of either of these tools. I think I would definitely use the needle case - 30 threaded needles at once - woohoo! I think the pick tool is fascinating and will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Interesting tools. Good they came in handy!

  6. I've never heard of that thread pick ... and will definitely be ordering one ASAP! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  7. Oh, and imlovemyourmoinwheel quilt! So much so that it might be next on my list instead of that cake stand quilt!

  8. That thread pick is cool. Have to find one.

  9. Thank you for sharing your favorite quilting tools!
    I've never used either of these, but now I think I must have them both!

    LOVE..LOVE that finished Pinwheel quilt!
    Wishing you a safe and happy July 4th holiday!

  10. Your Pinwheel Baby quilt is beautiful and such a pretty setting for a photo! Thank you so much for sharing these tools with us!! I like the others, have never heard of them. Both will be very useful, especially the needle dome. I have found that I can do hand piecing in the truck, and have tried several ideas for pre- threading my needles. This will me the best! These tools will be a big hit at the guild meeting.

  11. Thanks for sharing. The needle dome would be useful for EPP. I tend to cut my thread too long because I don't want the bother of having to thread the needle again but if I could have a number of needles threaded and lined up, it would be less tempting to cut the thread too long.

  12. Wow what a great tool, I had no idea you could surgically remove those pesky threads once the quilt was finished, thank you for sharing! I would love a needle dome, but sadly I am still trying to find a needle I love enough to want to use each and every time I hand sew. And once I have a semi favorite I never seem to find which packet it came out of!!

  13. gotta have that thread pic tool...thanks for telling us about it!

  14. I need that needle dome! Thanks for the tip!

  15. Your pinwheel quilt looks marvellous outside! I love the picture with the hayfield :0) The tools look very useful - I don't have either.

  16. Thanks for sharing your tips, the needle dome especially, XXX

  17. What a great tools you are showing they are new to me! I am going to look for them the next time I visit the States!

  18. Those are 2 of my favorites as well. I'm not a huge tool collector but these are fabulous! I totally forgot about the needle dome!! I have to find that today!

  19. Thanks for sharing your favorite tools. I've never even seen them! Your pinwheel quilt looks lovely. Great photo shoot :)

  20. I really like that thread pic; if I saw it in a store I'd have had no clue what it was for until now! :)

  21. Hello Kyle !
    Thank you for sharing with us these two products ! I don't know the Needle Dome but i really love the tiny hook ! Very clever !

  22. The pinwheel baby quilt is wonderful! And your spot for the photo shoot is awesome! Thanks for the tip on the tools. I don't have either of these, but now I think I need to be on the lookout for them. Thanks so much!

  23. I'm with Diane who left your first comment - I've not seen either of these before but they are great. I particularly like the Needle Dome - I think I need to be on the lookout for one of these. Your baby quilt came out beautifully, Kyle.

  24. Thanks so much for sharing these great tools. I'd never heard of either of these and they are both brilliant. Your photos are always so beautiful I love seeing the field of hay bales.

  25. Reminds me of Tim the Tool Man. Do you remember that tv show?

  26. I love my needle dome, but haven't tried putting more than one needle in each slot--great idea! Those pesky stray threads make me crazy! it looks like the Clover tool has a bit tinier hook than the one I've been using--I'll be looking for this one!

  27. Great post! The pinwheel baby quilt is wonderful! I don't know the needle dome. I think I'll buy one of these. My daughter is going to Disney and Miami on honeymoon trip and I will ask her to bring me one of those.

  28. Love your thread pic hint, I have a couple of smaller ones they are also great to get stray threads out of your sewing machine especially in the bobbin or tension areas.