Thursday, June 9, 2016

Blog Friends and the Quilts They Inspired

Meeting blog friends 
in "real life" is a very cool experience. 
In fact, it's a thrill!

A few weeks ago I met
at the home of Dawn
whose blog is 

Both of these women are
incredible quilters and collectors.
They are a wealth of information
on antique quilts, fabrics,
the history of quiltmaking
and eagerly share their knowledge
on their blogs.

I wish I had thought to take
a photo of the 3 of us, but
 instead you'll have to see 
(photo from Dawn) 
   Doreen helping me hold 
up my Noah and Matilda quilt.
The other quilters in the room are
 the friends Doreen traveled with
all the way from Virginia
for a Rocky Mountain high quilting trip.

Now try and imagine seeing
Doreen and Dawn

as they hold up my Noah and Matilda quilt
with the original Noah and Matilda quilt,
which Dawn owns,
that's dated February 22, 1851.

You can still order the pattern 
My quilt was thrilled to see the original
and me too.

I also was able to share
(Photo from Doreen's blog)
my Triple Irish Chain quilt 
that I finished the night before.

The reason I brought it was
because  on Doreen's blog
 she had shared
the pattern instructions  called "The Big Leap".
You can still find the info here.

 These are great instructions
to make a classic pattern.
You can't beat a two color quilt and
a well loved pattern.

It's hard to see the quilting until
you get up close.
I really like what my machine quilter, Kathy
and I came up with to fill in the open space.

I also love what she did with the 2" squares.

The border design combines it all.

It really was wonderful to be able
to share two quilts that were
inspired by these two
fabulous quilters, Dawn and Doreen.
 If you're not a follower of these two 
extraordinary quilters, 
you need to link up immediately.
You won't be sorry. 

 Until Next Time-


  1. How lucky you are I am a follower of both of these fabulous quilter. It was nice seeing your quilt next to the original. Hugs

  2. Oh, that must have been fun to see your quilt with the original like that. I bet you appreciate yours even more now! And the triple Irish Chain is a beautiful finish! Lovely quilting, and a truly "timeless" quilt!

  3. How fun to meet Doreen. She is inspiring. Love your quilt next to the original...good job!

  4. How wonderful that you were able to meet Doreen . She is a Amazing quilter and historian of antique quilts.
    Loved seeing your quilt next to the original

  5. How exciting to meet these lovely Quilters! Your quilt together with the original - SO VERY COOL!! Your Irish chain quilt looks marvelous - the quilting is wonderful :0)

  6. I DO follow them so this was fun to read and see ! :) Your show and tell quilts are beautiful ! :)

  7. Meeting blogfriends is the best! You are all so talented! Love your Triple Irish Chain!

  8. Your Noah and Matilda quilt is fabulous!! I started buying the patterns, but stopped, as I started the 'Beyond the Cherry Tree" quilt which I love. Can't fit everything in time wise!

  9. How special to finally meet your blog friends! Love your Triple Irish Chain with its beautiful quilting. Noah and Matilda looks fabulous next to the original :)

  10. pretty mom! I think will put the yellow Irish Chain on my wish list :)

  11. How fun to meet a blogging friend in person! Your Noah and Matilda quilt is so beautiful. It must have been interesting to compare it with the original. Love your yellow and white quilt! Beautiful quilting!

  12. What a magnificent show!! And what a thrill for you to see the original (and to get a photo of the two together!)! Your quilts are beautiful!

  13. Your Noah & Matilda quilt is Stunning and it looks Fabulous next to the original!
    An awesome photo for posterity. Your Triple Irish Chain is Gorgeous too!
    It was such a joy and honor to meet you in person Kyle! A favorite memory that I will cherish.
    Thank You!

  14. I know you had a good time with the enthusiastic group of quilters. And I know they had to have enjoyed seeing your quilts.

  15. How great to place your Noah and Matilda next to the original!! Love the quilting on your Irish Chain SAL - mine is ready to go to the long arm quilter.. decided to go borderless.

  16. I'm a follower of all of you and can imagine how exciting it must have been to get together! Love the show and tell quilts!

  17. How special to meet some fellow bloggers. Loved the quilting on your yellow and white quilt, such a lovely design.

  18. These days are so special and full of wonderful memories !
    All the quilts are stunning and you can be proud of your quilt !
    Wow ! Congrats to you all ladies and thank you for sharing Kyle ! :)

  19. So nice you could make the drive and bring your quilts. I always love seeing your projects. Next time we will get a group photo.
    Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend.


  20. Both of your quilts are so beautiful and I am glad you had the opportunity to show them of! I love the quilting on the Irish Chain quilt. Such a great idea for all those little blocks.

  21. How fun to compare those two quilts--both equally beautiful! I wanted so bad to do that Irish Chain--maybe I will have time in the fall. I love yours in yellow--so classic and cheerful!

  22. How wonderful! There is nothing greater than spending time with special people. I hope to get to meet you in the flesh one day too!

  23. What a nice meet up. I am also a follower and fan of these two. I love their traditional work. Your big leap quilt is so light and fresh. Yellow and white are so nice in the summer.
    Those quilting designs are just lovely!

  24. Wow!! I wish I'd been a fly on the wall at that gathering with lovely quilters and breathtaking quilts. It so wonderful that you were all able to meet and have such a special time.