Friday, December 5, 2014

Simple Joys

Stitching time is going to
 be very limited
in the next couple of weeks.
The hustle and the bustle
just seems to take over,
and that's okay at least for a while.

So instead of thinking of complicated stitching ideas
I wanted to focus on something simple and fun.
So when I read Karen's blog
where she shared a tutorial for 
her favorite cute thread catcher,
 I knew I just had to make one.

When I stitch in the evenings
all the threads snippets make a nice 
little pile on the arm of the sofa,
but sometime they wander off on the sleeve 
of my sweater, which can be
 oh, so not so very cute.
This little thread catcher is just too sweet
and handy.
I had to take the time 
(less than 30 minutes)
to make one.

Need a quick gift for a quilty friend?
Check out Karen's blog for the instructions.
Make sure you also make one for yourself.
Maybe even more than one.

Even if my days are full,
It's still nice to sit down in the evenings and 
do a little handwork.  I've never been able
to just sit and watch TV.
Trying to coordinating with the season,
I pulled out a Crabapple Hill pattern

Simple Joys of Winter.
The pattern was already traced, so

 I could jump right into the fun part.

We're celebrating Christmas early
this year.
My Florida kids will be here next week,
 hoping for snow and a "Colorado Christmas".
It will be sweet to have them home.
But that hustle and bustle stuff can get in the way.
So at the end of the day,
take the time to
 remember and cherish the simple joys.
It's what really matters.

Until Next Time-


  1. How funny. I saw this tutorial the other day and started making one for myself.
    Love the cute little stockings picture.

  2. Well said, Kyle! I think you have to be 'older' to fully appreciate the simple joys. What a great post to start the day...
    PS Thanks for the link to the Thread Catcher...I have pinned it!!

  3. I made one of these thread catchers using wool quite awhile ago. It's been sitting on a shelf in my studio looking pretty - now it's going to sit next to me on the couch so I can actually USE it - thanks for the great idea! LOL Love seeing all your stockings hung on the mantel - would you believe hubby & I have never had any? And the kids all took theirs when they left home - so sad. Enjoy your visit with the Florida kids - hope it snows for them!

  4. Ah the joys of loose threads wandering away from the neat pile on the arm of the couch....!! Enjoy your Christmas with your kids!:)

  5. A blog friend made me a little thread catcher last year and I love it for corralling all of my snippings as I work. I need to pin the tutorial so I can make some in the future for gifts.
    Is that your mantel? Looks so fun!
    We just seem to have rain lately--hope you get your white early Christmas.

  6. Love the stockings on the mantelpiece! Always a fun family time isn't it?The thread catcher is sweet - and they are invaluable. I have little thread catching containers scattered around the house - but none as cute as that one! Have a wonderful Xmas :)

  7. Such a lovely sentiment Kyle. Thanks for the link - off to check it out.

  8. Amen -well said! That thread catcher is charming - thank you for the link. Another fan of Crabapple Hill....just brought that very pillow out a few days ago - think this will be its 4th Christmas. Enjoy your time with family. Always extra special to see them when so far away.

  9. Thread catchers are so handy! I have one given to me by a friend which I love using. The one you have made is lovely, it's such a great shape. You are so right that it's time to cherish the simple moments.

  10. We always celebrate a bit early with our children too Kyle. That allows them to be in their homes for Christmas morning, something we all think is important. We won't be as early as you but even so it does mean I don't have much time to get finished! I'm doing some counted cross stitching in the evenings right now - haven't done that in years but I'm really enjoying it. blessings, marlene

  11. enjoy your early christmas! lovely photo
    what a cute thread catcher!
    happy celebrating

  12. Oh, another Crabapple Hill pattern. Nice.
    It will be good to have your family there for the holidays including the Florida ones. It sure isn't Christmas like in Florida.

  13. It's always good to have a couple of projects going on. I hope your Florida kids enjoy their stay at your house this holiday season! Sil

  14. Very cute little thread catcher and a lovely pillow to stitch! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family! Hold your dear ones close!