Sunday, December 21, 2014

Maroon Bells

Sometimes you just have to do it.
Follow along simply for the fun of it, 
even when you don't know
exactly where you'll end up.
Maroon Bells
22" x22"

That's what happened when
I decided to follow along
with a Mystery quilt
being lead by Lori over at 

No fear.
Lori's quilt-alongs have always
produced awesome
 small vintage inspired quilts.
So when she introduced a mystery quilt
 I knew I was going to join in.

I used mid nineteenth century reproduction fabrics
and without realizing it,
the reds seemed to dominate
especially with the addition of a red border.
Lori called hers Cascade.
I decided to call mine Maroon Bells

  after a beautiful place
 in Aspen, Colorado,
which is a lot closer to home.

I had fun machine quilting it with
diagonal lines through the squares
and adding a feather pattern
 over the diagonally pieced 1" squares.

If you'd like to make one too
stop over at Lori's and find the directions
and see what others have done.
It won't be a mystery, but
still fun and when you're finished 
you'll have a fantastic
vintage quilt too.

Until Next Time-


  1. It's beautiful Kyle!! I'm always impressed by the quilts that pop up after one of Lori's quiltalongs. I love the richness of the colours you have used. The photo of the mountains in Aspen is breataking, as you know I have a fondness for mountains :)

  2. Just gorgeous - I especially love the rich red border. What a stunning mountain range - great name :)

  3. Your quiltalong quilt turned out beautifully! The red border looks wonderful and I love your name for it :0)

  4. You added a border to your doll quilt. I am tempted to also,

  5. Mmmm, very nice. Love your fabric selection, and the border is a great touch!
    Wow, what a beautiful mountain!!

  6. These are everywhere today. I really like the red border you added. It give the little quilt a different look.

  7. This quilt is just lovely, I might squeeze out time to make one after Christmas, well thats the plan anyway! Have a lovely Christmas with your family.

  8. I LOVE it! The border fabric is stunning! I'm so glad you sewed along even though it was a mystery.

  9. Your quilt turned out beautifully! I love your choice for the name, it just fits!

  10. I love it! Happy new year! Silvana

  11. I just love scrap quilts....and this one, with all the red, is awesome! blessings, marlene