Friday, December 19, 2014

O Christmas Tree

Christmas gifts can come in all shapes and sizes.
Our gift to each other this year
showed up this week
in a big ol' truck.

10 feet tall,
forever bluish green
and triangle shaped?
6 new blue spruce trees

It's a gift that will be long lasting.
The little birds that visit our yard
have already found the shelter
in their branches.

It's a gift that will keep giving and growing
each year.
Our backyard went from this

to this

And from this
 to this

 in just a couple of hours.

These trees were planted as saplings 
about 25 years ago by Paul,
a former graduate student of Running Man.
He still lives on their family ranch north of town.

As a kid he and his brother
planted over
new trees.

From the distance of the window
the trees don't look too tall,
but they're over 10 feet tall.
Now they just have to settle in
and enjoy their new home.
I'm starting to envision
twinkle lights on them next year.

"Oh, Christmas tree
Thy leaves are so unchanging, 
Not only green when summer's here
But also when it's cold and drear."

Until Next Time-



  1. What a wonderful Christmas gift to each other!

  2. Wow! Looks great!! I think twinkle lights would look beautiful :)

  3. What a great gift! I'm you didn't have to wrap it. It looks just right there in your garden.

  4. I thought you were having a Christmas tree delivered rather late. Then I remembered your decorated tree. Now I see that you are planting trees outside. Looks like you have a bit of land.

  5. What a great idea! Looks great!!! Sil

  6. I think it's so amazing that they can transplant such large trees. Sure makes for instant gratification, huh? Love the landscaping.
    Hey, wondered if you're going to Vintage Whites? I think they're in Denver soon.

  7. Oh what a great idea! I had no idea you could transplant such big trees in winter, but they sure do look good in your yard. What a lovely gift to enjoy all year round.

  8. They will make such a difference in the winter view won't they? and what great timing at Xmas!

  9. What a great gift to yourself and Nature! I love the look of them on your beautiful property.
    Cute card at the end -
    Merry Merry to you