Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's All Been Gravy Lately

 Our Thanksgiving meal 
has always been a bit on the 
unconventional side.

Our gravy is
the secret family
Italian Spaghetti Sauce
 covering homemade raviolis 
made by a
 father/daughter team.

Prior to all of this,
it was all gravy
on the quilty side of life too.

I was just in the mood to abandon
all the current projects
and follow along with a
small mystery quilt that Lori,
at Humble Quilts, was organizing.

Why not.
 21" x 23"

I tweaked it a bit, by adding a border,
but it was great fun to sew along.
It was the perfect diversion I needed.

Next in the gravy boat
was this.
All those 3" nine patches I had adquired
in a block swap are sewn together.
 40" x  46"

 I'm adding vines in both borders.
And then, of course, it will need more applique.

No, traditional Thanksgiving meal 
is complete without real gravy
for the roasted turkey and mashed potatoes.
Who can pass on that!

Here's a couple of other finishes
that have been gravy for me.
You've seen these all before,
but now they're done!
I was just waiting for some extra hands
to help hold them up so
I could take a photo.

Quilt #1

 Home for the Holidays
64" x 64"
pattern by Primitive Gatherings

This quilt was all done on the machine, excluding the hand
embroidery for the words.
I even machine buttonholed the wool applique
using a wool thread by Aurifil.
Then I did the machine quilting.

Quilt #2
The top is done on this one.
Ewe and Me
74" 94"
pattern by Janet Stone
and offered by The Quilt Show.

This is the quilt that I used an ancient collection of
Sandy Gervais fabric by Moda
that has to be at least 15 years old.

I must have been saving it for just the right project.
I love how it turned out.

Just a little bit more gravy.
Quilt #3

Here it is.
All done.
 Roseville Album
95" x 95"
pattern by Kim McLean
I can't believe that this one is finally done!
What a feeling.
 Hope you're riding the gravy train too.
Until Next Time-


  1. What an amazing quilt show! Love each quilt so really IS all gravy at your house!!!

  2. Fabulous finishes, especially your Roseville Album. Hats off to you.

  3. Fabulous show-and-tell! Eye candy all!

  4. That last quilt you did is so beautiful!! p.s. Everdeen loved sleeping under her quilt that Nana made for her last night :)

  5. Gravy for us too! Wow Kyle what a post full of eye candy! I like your little Cascadia quilt - I think the red border is a lovely addition. What a great way to use the 9 patches and yes I did find mine in there with all the others :0) I look forward to I seeing the applique you add to it. You will enjoy your Home for the Holidays quilt very much this Christmas - I just love all the red hst's :0) And Roseville Album - is FABULOUS! I just love it's bright scrappyness. I love the pieced border you did for it. It's such a beautiful and interesting quilt to look at. Gravy indeed! Enjoy your leftovers - if there were any :0)

  6. Oh boy - such a feast!!! Your Roseville Album is fabulous - and the Christmas quilt so fun! How do you ever have enough time to accomplish all these wonders??
    I see a hard working Kitchenaid mixer with pasta attachment - just got mine a month ago and having a good time playing in the kitchen. Homemade pasta tastes so much richer and flavorful doesn't it? I could definitely be headed into trouble here:-)

  7. WOW!!! What a show!! I especially loved your Home for the Holiday...only because I have just cut up the blocks!! I have the inspiration to get 'er done!! Thanks for the show!

  8. My goodness, what a wonderful gathering of gravy!! : )
    I love your Thanksgiving tradition. Sounds delicious!
    Your Humble Quilts SAL quilt is very cute. What you have done with your 9-patch swap blocks is brilliant! Will be a beautiful piece with the appliqued border. Never would have thought of that! And that is such a fun P.G. Christmas quilt!
    An amazingly soft, subtle version of Janet Stone's design. Those ancient fabrics worked beautifully. Way to make it unique!
    The Album quilt is stunning, Kyle!! You must just beam when you look at this. What a glorious accomplishment!
    Such a great post!

  9. Wow, so many finishes at one time! What a bonanza! Your quilt holder does a good job too.

  10. Such AMAZING finishes ! I applaud you :-D

  11. Love all your finishes, but wow!! Roseville is just stunning! Wonderful to see that much progress with so many of your projects.:)

  12. Wow, wow and wow! From the little to large, what a lovely lot of finishes, well done and all before Christmas!

  13. All great projects - and isn't it wonderful to have them all finishing together! Your Roseville Album is a favourite of mine - just breathtaking !!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! your Roseville quilt is amazing! You must be thrilled.
    Your setting for the nine patches are so great too.
    love your alphabet quilt.
    Wowser you have been busy busy busy. Ravioli - yum!

  15. p.s. what a beautiful Christmas quilt

  16. Absolutely why not!!
    No gravy train are an amazing quilter, and wow! Could a person get more done?!?

  17. All your hard work has paid off! Your Roseville is amazing and I can't believe you have started on your nine patches too.

  18. WOW your applique quilt is amazing....great job!

  19. So many beautiful things! The appliqued quilt is simply amazing but I confess, your Home for the Holidays really caught my eye. I love primitives and looked several times at this quilt several months ago....wish I had made it now that I see yours! blessings, marlene

  20. OOHHH It's almost too much loveliness for one post!! All of these quilts and tops are beautiful. Congratulations on finishing your challenge Christmas quilt, Ewe and me is so dreamy in those colours. Love where you're going with your 9 patches. Last but not least your Roseville Album quilt deserves a standing ovation!! It must be amazing to see that one finished. I'm sure that homemade ravioli with secret sauce sounds was delicious!!

  21. Gravy INDEED! I dare say I enjoyed seeing all of this eye candy more than I enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner! LOL Can't decide what I like the most - those 9-patches are spectacular - will the vine have leaves, or flowers? And all that stitching - wow! You've accomplished so much this year - I'm envious! Thanks for all the photos......

  22. Love them all, but the Roseville quilt just knocks me out. Incredibly gorgeous. What an achievement!

  23. Roseville Album is gorgeous. The Christmas quilt cute as can be.

    I was thinking of adding a border to the mystery quilt too but haven't done it yet.