Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things to Do When It's -2 Degrees

I love to make lists.
I made a list of the things to do
when the temperature dips to a 
frosty 2 below. (-19C)

1.Stay Home- The joys of being retired,
 but say a little prayer for those
who do have to travel.

2. Keep Your Insides Warm- Enjoy whatever
you like, tea, soup or hot chocolate.

I was going to put some marshmallow
fluff on top but it was as hard as rock in the jar.
Better put it on my grocery list.
There might be more cold weather.

3.  Make More Lists- This is the time of year
for making lists,
Gift lists,
Things to Do Today lists,
Projects to Finish before the End of the Year lists,
New Projects for 2015 lists

4. Enjoy the Moment- Hunker down and
 watch a movie,
get caught up on your favorite blogs, or
 listen to an audio book,
which you had the common sense to pick
up before the arctic blast blasted in.

5.  Work on a Binding- While your watching
your favorite movie 
 snuggle under the quilt you've been meaning to 
get the binding sewn down on and
do some stitching.

6.  Feed the Birds- Don't forget our
feathered friends. 

7. Adapt Your Attire- Pull out those 
warm fuzzy sweatpants that you'd never let
anyone see you in.
 (sorry no photo :0)

8. Get the Mail Tomorrow-  Whatever is in the
box can wait until tomorrow or whenever it
 warms up enough to walk down to the end of the driveway.

9. Bake Muffins-  You've got to have something
to go with the soup that's for dinner.

10. Look Out the Window- Be thankful for the
  blessing of a warm house to keep you safe.

Until Next time-


  1. I have that Jan Karon book. Received it from Amazon just last week. I assume you have read all the others.

  2. I love making lists--and have lots of them also. Your list(s) is a great one. Your photos are so happy and peaceful

  3. Sewing, food and entertainment, seems to me you have things sorted! Enjoy!

  4. Keep warm! I understand the artic blast is coming east, though snow not in our forecast yet.

  5. Wow, you ARE cold! We are a balmy 31 degrees!
    I enjoyed your list. I have stew slow-roasting in the oven and I am making cornbread to go with it tonight. Have some favorite movies on hand, but instead of snuggling under a quilt to bind, I am doing my monthly budget. Not as much fun as a quilt binding. : )
    Stay warm and cozy!

  6. Sounds like a heavenly list! What, no picture of the sweats? Lol!

  7. That all sounds lovely! I'll have a hot chocolate and a pumpkin muffin please :0) It's cold like that here today too.

  8. Sooo cold outside but you sound very snug inside! Beautiful snow pictures. Enjoy your stitching and your lists :)

  9. Your day sounds a lot more peaceful than being trapped inside with 50 wild and crazy fourth graders... :)

  10. You're very wise in your choice of what to do on a cold snowy day. Crazy that I'm enjoying 70* today!

  11. I want to spend my cold days at your house! everything sounds so cozy and warm and nice.
    beautiful post

  12. Brrrr.....we are cold too and a foot of new snow - your idea of making lists is timely and your images would make a delightful Christmas card. Stay warm and keep that cozy quilt near by.

  13. It's not quite that cold here but cold enough. As I was awakening this morning, I realized how warm and comfy I was and said a prayer for all those who are out on the streets in the elements, most likely unable to get warm. :-(

  14. Is that really the view from your window? It really does look extra cold, perfect for staying inside and working through your list. I laughed when you said no photos of you in your sweatpants. The pumpkin muffins look delicious! Happy cosy quilting.

  15. I am a huge snow /winter fan but this year I hope it holds out to Christmas….wish I could spend a day like this at your house though!
    enjoy every minute of it and those muffins yum!!!!!
    pumpkin anything (ok almost anything) I love!

  16. Brrr! But it looks so beautiful. Never see anything like that here in AZ. And those muffins...yum!

  17. What a lovely post! Thanks for all the snowy pics - they kept me cool while I was reading. It's a bit hot here!

  18. I so enjoyed all of your pictures ! Maybe you can share that muffin recipe sometime ? Stay warm !

  19. Lots of good suggestions! As soon as I get to Shipshewana tomorrow, I'll be hunkering down and working on a quilt and a binding. The muffin looks very tasty!

  20. A great list! One of the greatest parts of being retired is getting to stay home when it's cold or raining. :) blessings, marlene

  21. It has been an interesting month of weather! I may borrow your list.