Friday, November 21, 2014

Fitting It All Together

With the holidays fast approaching
I tend to stress myself out.
 Anyone else like me
trying to get everything planned and organized
so it fits neatly into your calendar?
My only saving thought is, if it 
doesn't fit in, it just wasn't meant to
be included.
Reminder to self:
Enjoy the holidays
Don't have a conniption fit
over things that don't matter.

This morning as I drove off to the gym,
I thought, I sure hope all of this
is helping me to be fit as a fiddle
and feeling fit.
Another reminder to self:
keep going.

The other day Running Man and I ventured
out to do some shopping and we stopped
at Barnes and Noble to pick
out the newest puzzle for
the Christmas holidays.
Everyone works together
getting all the pieces to fit together.

The problem is one person 
continually thinks it's funny to hide a few 
pieces and wait to the end so he can fit in
the last couple of pieces,
completing the puzzle.
It's no secret, Running Man, we
know what you're up to.
Reminder to self:  No looks
fit to kill when it happens
again this year.

Earlier this fall, I joined in the 
nine patch swap that Barb organized.
It had been a long time since I had taken part
in a swap.
I recognized for me swaps weren't a good fit.
It has to do with the
1/4" seam interpretation.

Well, I joined, we sewed and we exchanged.
 I've been working on sewing
these cute little 3" blocks together.
And guess what?
They all fit together perfectly!
There's no hiding flaws
when blocks are sewn side by side
 and being small, there's no fudge factor.

Look at how everything fits like a glove.
 I've been one happy sewer.
Reminder to self:
Swaps can be fun!

I've also been trying to work on 
set #11 of the 
Noah and Matilda Antique Sampler blocks.
I've been concerned
 about getting the parts of this block
to fit together.
I wasn't sure if the inner circle
 would match up with the outer ring of pieces.

 I was fit with worry.

But surprise, surprise.
it actually fit.

And with all of that
it's a fitting ending to this post.

Until Next Time-


  1. And what a fitting post this morning for me to enjoy...have a great day!

  2. Everything fit like a glove ;-) Whoo Hoo !

  3. Got a chuckle about your puzzle story. My Mom always put out a puzzle for the holidays (still does) and sometimes a piece or two would go missing. Mom would offer a reward to anyone who could find the missing pieces. I had a foster brother who caught on quickly and after that there were pieces missing every year that he would find and claim the reward. : )
    How wonderful that your swap blocks all fit together! I love the look of them side by side.
    Great job on your Noah and Matilda block. That one would probably have given me nightmares!!

  4. I am always so happy when everything fits together.
    I haven’t stitched that N&M block yet. Yours looks great.

  5. A delightful post! So happy your pieces fit so well - quilters have been known to throw another kind of "fit" when blocks don't play nice!

  6. I think the 9 patches look great - I'm so glad they fit so well together. You probably just haven't got to my blocks yet... I love your Noah and Matilda block - those yellow points look wonderful. I love the fabrics you are using for these blocks! I hope you plan to show us a picture without the happy face when you're finished :0)

  7. I appliquéd mine, so it fit.
    All the little nine patches are very cute all sewn together.
    Maybe this year running man will add some pieces from another puzzle?

  8. I love when everything comes together without a hitch! I would be banning my hubby from jigsaws if he hid the last few pieces! Mind you I am sure we use to beat Mum to the remaining pieces on her holiday jigsaws, when we were kids, must have frustrated her endlessly!

  9. That is a great idea about the Christmas puzzle, having one, not the hiding the pieces part! I wish other members of the family like puzzles, I am the only puzzle person. I really like the puzzle you picked out. Wonderful little nine patch blocks! They look very pretty together. So glad your N&M block fit together! It looks like a very difficult one. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  10. Thanks for a fun post - love the quirky little faces! I know the feeling with tricky applique but such a relief to see a beautiful finished block like yours. I am a big fan of jigsaws - having quite a collection of them - so I say to Running Man - "behave!".
    Hope your Christmas planning goes well :)

  11. Hooray! I found the nine patches fit well for my project too - surprising with so many hands. i think that technique is the trick.
    Love your new puzzle. My brother used to hide a piece too! lol
    grats on your block going together. did you hand piece it? I am horrid at hand piecing!

  12. I used to love doing jigsaw puzzles - I should pull one out and give it a run again now that it's just hubby & I in the house (most of the time) Love all those 9-patches - I've made myself a couple hundred recently for a project - need to get working on it!

  13. Your block looks wonderful! Congrats on getting it to fit together so well. Love those 9-patches. Sounds like everybody is happy with the way they fit together! Maybe this year you should be the one to hide a piece to the puzzle.:)

  14. So glad everything is fitting together so well! Hope the holiday plans run as smoothly.

  15. I avoid swaps too and it's that darn quarter inch that makes me feel inadequate. How can that little scrap of fabric defeat me? Sometimes it comes out perfect and other times not - when I'm making it for myself I can make it do but for someone else - just can't do that! blessings, marlene

  16. save a puzzle for us when we come!

  17. We love to work jigsaw puzzles. I don't set one out on a regular basis as I would not get any sewing done.

  18. Oh, lovely! Jigsaw puzzles! So glad your fabric puzzle fitted! It looks beautiful.

  19. Love how you used your nine patches! Great Matilda block. Glad it worked out for you!

  20. I think I spotted one of the 9 patches I made!! They look great sewn together! Your N&M block looks great. How funny about the jigsaw pieces.