Friday, May 23, 2014

Renewed, Well, Slightly

The last two weeks
have been super productive.
My applique quilt has really moved forward.
It's funny,
if you actually work on something,
you do make progress.

I taped all the blocks and the first panel
 on my daughter's kitchen wall on Monday.
It gave me direction for the week.

I was quickly reminded that I never had
appliqued the circles on these two blocks.
 So Monday was a two step backward day.

But now these blocks are finally finished.


I got out the freezer paper
and traced the top panel and

cut out all the shapes.

 Out came the picnic baskets
that I've been using to store my fabrics
just for this quilt.

It was a day of auditioning.


The first pieces were glue basted to the background.

Then a few more.

I even had a few moments to start appliqueing


It's a short day because it's my
day to head home.
So I'm going to just make more circles.

My experiment
was certainly positive.
And I definitely feel good
about the progress I made.
It actually helped to renew my desire to finish.

I want to keep it
center stage, at least for awhile.
Just think if I did,
I might surprise myself how 
quickly I could actually finish my Roseville Album.

Until Next Time-


  1. More circles! Love all of your fabric selections. Great fabric storage baskets. Drive safe in the wild afternoon weather!

  2. You have made great progress! Hooray for you! Your fabric choices are beautiful. This will be a family heirloom, for sure.

  3. great progress! it's fun to see up togehter, isn't it? great fabrics choices!!

  4. I am in awe of your talent. This is coming only beautifully. Hugs

  5. Your blocks are gorgeous!! Your fabrics are wonderful! I'm glad you found your experiment worked and you are loving this again :0)

  6. You are such an awesome quilter!! Gorgeous work!!!!!!!

  7. You`ve made great progress! The blocks are beautiful - you're an incredible quilter!

  8. Seeing your quilt blocks up on the wall, blew me away! They are absolutely beautiful! This quilt will be a masterpiece when it is finished. Your color choices are just perfect. How do you decide? I have such a hard time with that, always second guessing myself. You are making great progress,

  9. Yay! It's great once you get back into the momentum of a project. It's lovely to see all your preparations. Have fun this week with your gorgeous applique.

  10. Wonderful - love it in these fabrics! The picnic baskets are beautiful and so is all the fabric stored glad it is 'centre stage' for you:)

  11. What is your favorite block of those you show? I think mine is the bowl of fruit.

  12. Congratulations on your wonderful progress this week!
    So many beautiful pictures of your work - just love seeing your work in progress!

  13. Well done you! That's great progress!