Friday, May 16, 2014

How Did My Experiement Work Out

My experiment this week
was to work on only one project.
A project that had lost my affection.
A project that has taken hundreds of hours 
of my time and 
will probably take hundreds of more
hours to complete.

Not to worry,
 I'm not giving up.
I've put in too much work into it already.
I keep reminding myself...

I finished the big animals
that I had already started on this panel.

And then kept going and added a few plants
and lots of little birds.
There's a few more to stitch down.
The panel is 16" x 48".

One of the best things
was cutting out this pile of circles
 that will be eventually added to the blocks.

I pinned a bunch in place to help determine
 size and color placement.

It's good to get a second opinion
just to make sure your
colors are being evenly placed. 

My helper was taking his job
very seriously,
 no smiles.
He gave an honest critique.

My experiment, actually, has been pretty successful
and has made me feel less guilty for
turning my time and attention to other projects.
I'm going to do it again,
 for at least for one more week.
We'll see how it goes.

Until Next Time-


  1. Those trees must have taken a good bit of time to stitch. All those ins and outs and rounds.

  2. It is sad that our enthusiasm wanes on these labor intensive projects! However, your commitment to finish this one is commendable. Keep up the good work!

  3. Fabulous progress. Once I get grades in, I may have to try your strategy on some projects.

  4. I am impressed with how much you have accomplished, but it looks like you play before a tough audience!! : )

  5. I am proud of you to stick to it and focus on this one project ! I applaud you !

  6. The applique progress is looking lovely. Your grandson looks like he took a selfie, so serious, but very very sweet!

  7. You got a lot done in one week! I'd say it's a very successful experiment. The panel is looking wonderful and that in itself would encourage you to keep going surely. You've got a very cute helper there. I bet he rewards you with lovely smiles.

  8. don't give up - it is worth doing for sure. with a helper as cute as that how can you go wrong?

  9. Yes oh yes, sewing IS fun!! Your progress looks wonderful :0)

  10. Well done Kyle! Your little helper is so cute and I love the poster!!

  11. Yay, lovely to see your Roseville Album!! Mine has been languishing in a box for far too long too.
    Keep going with yours. I love your fabrics!
    Your assistant is adorable!

  12. This panel of your Roseville quilt is looking wonderful! It must have been because of your little helper! I used to just work on one project until I finished it. Somehow I now have five projects going at the same time. I like your idea, so this week I am concentrating on getting one finished.