Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Cinco de Mayo Treat for the Co-Workers

The Cupcakery
is always looking for a reason
to start baking.

 made us think of 
all the wonderful flavors you might find
at a fiesta.

We decided on cupcakes 
full of lime and tequila flavor
 to represent
 the classic margarita cocktail.
 We knew the co-workers, as well as the bakers,
would certainly enjoy this one.

We began with our basic classic
vanilla cupcake, but
added plenty of our two special ingredients,
the lime and tequila.
We even brushed a bit more 
of tequila on the top of each cupcake
when they were still warm from the oven.

One trick to keeping your cupcakes
moist and yummy is to not
over bake them.
Cupcakes are not that big and can
 be easily left in the oven too long.
A few moist crumbs clinging to the toothpick
will insure that the cupcakes will be perfect.
The cake should be springy,
not wet looking or jiggly.

The vanilla butter cream frosting 
needed to include
the lime and tequila as well

to combine that sweet and tart flavors
of a margarita.
With lime zest and
a sprinkle of salt
the cupcakes were ready for
our mature audience.

These cupcakes ended up being
muy bueno for
the staff's Cinco de Mayo fiesta.
It made us happy

to share our cupcake for dessert
and, of course,
the co-workers were happy too!

Until Next Time-


  1. Those sound so yummy and they look beautiful!

  2. My mouth is watering. The look delicious. Hugs

  3. Very pretty cupcakes!! They look fabulous! (I hope they were served at the end of the work day, lol)

  4. So you put Tequila in the cup cake mixture as well as the frosting? I've never thought of cooking with tequila. These cakes look so delicious especially with those twists of lime.

  5. When I would make my Pina Colada cake and take it to work, I would always tell people it had liquor in it just in case they might have a problem with that. Never had anybody turn down a piece because of that but you never know. Your cupcakes look delicious. Did you save one for me?

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. I wish I'd been there! blessings, marlene