Monday, May 19, 2014

Because One Week Wasn't Enough

I kept myself busy
last week limiting myself to
only working on 
The Roseville Album Quilt
designed by Kim McLean

I realized that 
one of the reasons I've neglected this project
is that I don't want to
 applique the last border.

I know I can change it,
it's just a pattern, not a requirement.
I just can't figure out an alternative.

One idea would be,
not to do an outer border.
It would still finish at 80" x 80".

Or possibly 
quilt the last applique design in the border instead.

find a large bold print,
that pulls all the colors together,
and add it as the final border.
(If I was good with EQ, I'd be able to show you!)
Also my fabrics are not like what's shown
in the pattern, so that may alter anyone's opinion.


come up with a pieced border.
 Would a simple design look out of place with
the intricate applique?
Or would it need to be something complicated?
Would it need to be scrappy to blend with the applique?

I'm really not sure about a pieced border,
because nothing else is pieced in the quilt.
So I've pretty much scraped this idea.

A simpler applique patten might also work.

Can you sense my lack of direction?
I've actually been mulling this over
for a long time.

My latest consideration is using 
a Chintz border fabric.
The large patterns give the appearance 
of applique
 without the stitching.
I'll be thinking more about this one.

The main thing is
I don't want it to look like 
I copped out at the end.

I want to make some more progress this week.
I have plenty of circles to applique
and I can audition pieces for the top panel,
and even start appliqueing.

The main goal
is to get it done
while my fingers still work and 
my eyes can still see.
Until Next Time-


  1. I like the solid white border. An idea that occurred to me is to do a simple pieced border, like square in a square or flying geese, using bright color prints like Kaffe Fassett with solid white.

  2. I can see that that last border shapes would take a long while to applique. When you get the last panels on I bet the quilt will tell you what it needs. From your ideas I like the solid white border too. Good lunch this week!!

  3. I think you have some good ideas about the final border. The chintz would look good. I like the idea of a solid border though too. Maybe not white though, but a darker color that would be like a frame for the appliqued center. I am sure it will 'come' to you when you are ready to do the border.

  4. I think you could definitely get away with a pieced border. What popped in my mind was some sort of X shaped pattern that would make a crisscross and pull your eye around the outside of the quilt. Using the chintz is an awesome idea too. Can't go wrong with a great chintz.:)

  5. So many of your thoughts echo mine...get it done while my hands and eyes still work is one...mulling it all over for a long time is another!! What a beautiful quilt you are making!!

  6. You certainly have plenty of options. I'm curious to see which you choose. : )

  7. I think it looks great without the border and would save the problem of trying to find something to match. If you did end at 80 x 80 its still a decent size quilt...especially if you are going to quilt it yourself!

  8. Oh that chintz is gorgeous!!! I think it depends on the size you want. It likes fine without a border. The outer blocks look as though they could be the planned border already.

  9. The main body of the quilt has so much going on that the border seems too much for my taste (though I could change my mind about that). A plain border not enough. I know you scrapped the pieced border idea but I like the idea of a narrow pieced border of triangles or diamonds or pointy things. I love the chintz. Maybe that is the solution.

  10. I would opt for the plain white border on three sides and on the fourth applique your initials and the year, just like the quiltmakers used to do. You could add a couple of the motifs from the actual border, or not, depending on your mood.

  11. I think a fabric border or a chintz border would be great. You just need to tick this one "finished"!!