Sunday, January 12, 2014

There's a Plethora of Ideas

I haven't been to a buffet restaurant in years.
My dad especially loved to go.
He'd say, "There's just so many choices."

He loved the idea of being able to fill his plate
with all kinds of food, with the amounts he wanted,
and finishing it off with one of his favorite desserts
chocolate pudding.

That's how I've looked at this week.
There's been so many wonderful quilting ideas
tempting me from so many wonderful sources.

Knowing my time,
and resources,
I've started to narrow down what I'd like to
work on this year.

One pattern that has captured my interest is 

the Noah and Matilda 1851 Album Quilt
being offer by Dawn

What's not to love about a red and green appliqued sampler.
Matilda did not worry about
the quilt police pointing out the fact
that all 4 corners of the borders are definitely "unique".
She's my kind of quilter!

Dawn is drafting the  42 eight inch blocks and
having them available on her webpage
at the beginning of each month.
There is a small charge for the patterns
but well worth it.

I've been working on getting started and 
starting on my first 4 blocks.

 I subdivided the background fabric.
I had a nice piece of French General Oyster
that will work perfectly.

Made some freezer paper templates
 and began marking and cutting pieces.

I think I'm going to stick with the same
red fabric throughout,
but mix up the greens, chrome yellow, pinks
decided to add some indigo blue,
 just to see what happens.

 The blocks are not big, so
I used my light table
  to help with the placement of the pieces
along with Roxanne's Basting glue to keep 
those stems from moving.

Here's what I've come up with so far...
 Rose of Sharon

Buds and Leaves

 Double Petaled Flower
( simplified this one)

Patterned Vase of Flowers
either this
or this
with some added chrome yellow.

Check out Dawn's blog if you are interested in
joining in the fun of recreating
a beautiful antique quilt.

Of course,
it's just one of a plethora
of new ideas 
I have for the new year.
And remember,
there's always the opportunity 
to have chocolate pudding for dessert.

Until Next Time-


  1. Wow, going to be beautiful! Cannot wait to see what you have for dessert.

  2. The quilt is beautiful. I love your color choices. I really need to get back to applique. I find it very relaxing. Hope all is well and you are enjoying the new year. Hugs

  3. Love your use of blues! I also like that you decided on a single red. So much fun to see the variety of fabric choices in all the blocks.
    A good buffet is a lot of fun!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. So glad you are doing this one - I have been very tempted too and may yet enlist! Seeing the wonderful start you have made is tipping the scales...but I have just started the Benjamin Biggs...oh the dilemma! Lovely fabric choices - this will be such fun.

  5. Wow Kyle - You're well on your way to making an Heirloom Quilt there! I'm going to love watching this one as it progresses. Your fabrics and colors are perfect and I know your applique will be flawless. Exciting!

  6. It's a great quilt and you already have a good start! I'm going to enjoy watching these quilts come together.:)

  7. That's looking so good Kyle! I shall look forward to progress reports!!

  8. I really like your Noah and Matilda blocks. I am adding other colors to mine also.

  9. Beautiful Kyle! I have just found your blog (Nancy gave me the link) and I am making Dawn's quilt too. I love your blocks so far. Great fabric choices and I love the little bit of blue you are using.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your blocks.

  10. love your fabrics! great project

  11. A quilting weekend with friends is coming up, and I'm hoping to have my Noah and Matilda blocks ready to be worked on. (I'm SO FAR behind already.) I'm checking out how you and Miriam and Nancy and the others are doing, and I'm pushing myself to shape up and get ready to stitch. For some reason this quilt really appealed to me, and I think the minimal cost is well spent on these lovely little blocks.
    I've never made a red and green quilt, so this will be my first. I'll add the yellow and maybe a touch of purple here and there. We'll see what jumps under my scissors.