Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello, Queen Victoria

 For a long time
I've had several of 
Quiltmania's books vying 
for my attention.

Life is always pulling at us one way
or the other.
Like all of us, I
have lots of obligations, commitments and
unfinished projects that 
require and tug for my attention.

But for just a moment
I needed to take a quilt making vacation
and enjoy the freedom of 
exploring something new.

I love Di Ford's book
Primarily Quilts... 19th Century Inspirations.
She used the book
Quilts and Quiltmakers,
Covering Connecticut
 as inspiration to create

 Queen Victoria's Crown
 Di Ford

Queen Victoria's Crown
Henrietta Smith Glover

Now it's my turn to interpret
this great design.
The funny thing is that I actually
had the stripe fabric Di used
in the block only in a lighter version.
It's a Marsha McCloskey Staples 
by Clothworks.
 I had bought a lot of it for 
some reason and now was the time to use it.

And look, I had to actually use scissors 
to cut it accurately
 because there was no wiggle room
between the rows.

With a marked template,
 I was able to cut each rectangle piece
with the fabric design always in the same position.
The process was slow, but 
that was the only way to get the affect I wanted.

Slow is not a bad word.
It can be a style, a mood,
a way of enjoying what you're doing,
taking time to explore different and new possibilities.
We tend to think of the word slow only in
negative terms.

I had been gifted with a nice packet of
red and green reproduction fabrics
and wanted to use those as the jumping off point
for this scrappy quilt.

I cut the pieces and
sewed a gazzilion
half square triangles.

I did all 25 blocks at the same time because
I was still using the Angler
on my machine.
  It seemed the most efficient method,

I did sew one test block.

 I like where this is heading.

 Until Next Time-


  1. what a great way to approach a new project. I love the fussy cutting of the fabric!
    a good way to look at "slow" too - I should remember that!

  2. Going to be a fabulous quilt - totally agree with you - slow approaches and patience are the new buzz words! Love the coloration in your Marsha McCloskey print. I have it in the red and a snippet of the caramel. It is great to work with. Using your treasured fabric in a Di Ford pattern - what's not to love!! Both of those books are terrific. Happy stitching!

  3. This quilt is going to be Gorgeous! Looking forward to watching your progress on this quilt !

  4. Oh, I like where this is heading too!! Love your piles of cut out pieces...and your block is wonderful! I have two Di Ford books, and really enjoy their inspiration.

  5. Your blocks are beautiful with the fussy-cut pieces! I wish I had your patience and your speed!

  6. This is going to be great! It's serendipity that you already had that stripe!

  7. I love red and green quilts, so cannot wait to see the progress photos, as this beauty comes together.

  8. What an inspiring post - you were really on fire there with all those hsts! Beautiful fabric choices and fussy cutting - it is going to be stunning.

  9. Such a beautiful project you are undertaking! I look forward to following your progress on this spectacular quilt!

  10. Such a great pattern; yours is going to be beautiful, and a true labor of love!

  11. I had some of that stripe fabric at one time....darker than yours I think.

  12. What an exciting new project!! It will be a beautiful quilt!

  13. Oh Kyle, it's gorgeous!! That fabric works soooooo well!! Well worth taking the time to cut it slowly!!

  14. Going to be another winner. Beautiful first block.