Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let It Snow

Well, it's not the Polar Express,
but this huge mass of freezing arctic air
is now 
as you probably have already heard
multiple times,
is known
as the "Polar Vortex".
I hope everyone is safe
and not dealing with frozen pipes,
furnace outages
or is stranded  somewhere cold
trying to get home.

Maybe even snowmen 
would prefer to be inside on days
like this.

Awhile back some quilty friends
and I 
stitched up this delightful pillow
using another one of Crabapple Hills
awesome designs called 
 "Let It Snow"

The black mottled background fabric was perfect

with a twinkling of stars and a moon so
 our snowmen could be dancing in the moonlight
on a cold and frosty winter's night.

Too cold for me to venture out,
but this snowy guy is enjoying the 
silence of  falling snow from a dark January sky.

I'll let him sit
on a chair in my sewing room for a while
to stay warm, but

it's all the pretend winter I want
inside for now.

 Until Next Time-


  1. That's a sweet little pillow, and the design is unique -- not just a "straight into the camera" pose from the snowman.
    Do you know if the pattern is still available? I think it's calling my name (as I look out on our snowy back yard).

  2. I love that 'pretend' weather too but I only enjoy the real winter for a very short time.:) Stay warm!

  3. That is SUCH a cute pillow! Makes me smile. Nice job!
    Stay cozy inside--stitching. : )

  4. what a cute pillow! the snowman is so jolly and fun. Love the photos!

  5. I love snowmen! This one fits right in with your current weather though I would not brave that cold of temperature to make a snowman.

  6. I love him Kyle! Perfect for this winter. :) blessings, marlene

  7. I love your snowman stitchery pillow! It turned out so darling!