Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Ready Now

 With a new grand baby on his
way in just a couple of weeks,
reality had set in.

I needed to get a new quilt made
for this newest member of the family.

Just like it takes a baby 9 months 
to get ready,
I found a group of fabrics
that had been curing for 7 years.

When I worked at the quilt shop,
I remember someone sharing this pattern
that was from a McCalls magazine.
At the time it was current,
Now it's 7 years old from February, 2007.

I had the big alphabet fabric,
 the little alphabet background fabric
which were from Lake House fabrics and
a great stripe.

All I needed to do was
 dig out of the stash 
a few bright fabrics in primary colors.

Construction was easy.
I used The Angler on my machine
to save time from drawing diagonal sewing
lines on the squares.

The pieces were pressed and folded back.

I cut only one layer of fabric, leaving the 
base fabric for stability and for more accurate piecing
if the folded over piece didn't match up exactly.
Which can happen, trust me.

The fabrics were perfect,
 Bright and cheerful.

After adding the stripe,
and wide border, and then machine quilting it
 it was time to add the prairie points which will be
fun flaps for the baby to play with
or chew on.

I machine quilted it pretty much in the ditch
and a 1/4" around the letters

and some straight line stitching in the border.

All done
in plenty of time.
4 weeks until the due date.

Until Next Time-


  1. I love it, it is perfect for baby Boy Backos #2!!! Sanford can help teach him the alphabet starting the moment he gets home :-)
    Thanks for making us something so beautiful! Love Elizabeth

  2. Wow, that was fast! And so cute! I work best under pressure and with a deadline, too.

  3. Very cute quilt. Lucky you had everything you needed after the 7 year cure period. I probably would have cut the fabric up for something else by now. It is perfect!

  4. Too cute! Once you actually got started this was a pretty quick project, huh? Hope to see the baby together with the quilt soon.

  5. What a adorable quilt ! Perfect baby quilt !

  6. What a darling quilt!! Can't wait to see the first picture of grandbaby dear Kyle!!

  7. Fast progress from start to finish. Looks like your fabric has aged perfectly. I'm sure it will be enjoyed.
    Love the prairie points for little fingers (or mouths) to explore. What a great idea!!
    Congrat's on finishing such a special quilt top.

  8. You`re so fast, Kyle! It looks adorable!

  9. Very cute! That was super fast too! Gotta love baby quilts.:)

  10. It is perfect - love it! You have done a great job - and prairie points are quite tricky to get so neat.

  11. Fantastic quilt for a child, sometimes its worth sitting on fabric until the right reason comes along to sew it up!

  12. Perfect for the baby! I noted the "him" so seems like there will be two little boys in the family. Time is getting close.

  13. Wonderful baby quilt! love the bright cheery fabrics!

  14. It is adorable, Such a wonderful quilt for such a wonder event. Hugs

  15. Wow that looks great! I smiled when you said the baby could play with and chew on the prairie points :0) Great fabrics in this one - you were prepared!

  16. What a fabulous quilt, Kyle! And done so promptly!! I'm sure he will love it.

  17. Kyle this is just darling! And heavens, seven years is no time at all. :) blessings, marlene