Monday, October 28, 2013

Learning A New Dance

 Dancing, like quilting, is an art form.
I have made many attempts 
throughout my life, trying
to make my body move to the rhythm or 
beat of the music.

I took tap dancing as a kid,
"shuffle, hop, down".
Not too good at it, but it was fun.

Then along came American Bandstand.
Those guys were good.
We twisted,

we strolled,

and danced
the watusi,
the hully gully,
the pony,
the monkey,
the swim
and even the Monster Mash.

I wasn't very good at any of them,
but it was fun.

Now in my new sewing space,
I've got to learn a new dance.
I have to create new dance steps
to stitch, press, and create.

What I mean is
I have to develop a new pattern
of moving from one area to another
to preform all the quilty steps we do.

Which means I'll have to
develop new neuron pathways
in my brain.
Which is a good thing.
It's getting the flow of the room
coordinated with the flow of me.
It's getting to feel comfortable within the space
and getting things done quickly and efficiently,
without wasted movement.

So far it hasn't really gone very well.
I've been doing more stumbling
than "strolling."

 But I'm sure it won't be long before
I'll be

 Until Next Time-


  1. Have fun developing those new neuron pathways!! And let us know how it is own pathways are totally blocked by fallen debris.

  2. I'm sure you'll be two-steppin' with the best of them before too long......just make sure we see the evidence in your posts!! Fun post!

  3. I agree, you will be dancing in no time!